TJ Hunt Net Worth

nformation Details
Real Name Thomas James Hunt
Stage Name TJ Hunt
Date of Birth December 28, 1994
Place of Birth Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Profession YouTuber, Automotive Enthusiast
Best Known For YouTube channel focused on car modifications and vlogs
Nationality Canadian
Gender Male
Relationship Status In a relationship
Partner Katherine Bote
Recent Activity Creating automotive content for YouTube and social media
Social Media Accounts TJ Hunt YouTube
  TJ Hunt Instagram
  TJ Hunt Twitter

TJ Hunt Net Worth – $1.5 million

Thomas Hunt is a popular Canadian YouTuber, more popularly known by his YouTube channel’s name “TJ Hunt,” as of 2021, TJ Hunt has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. TJ Hunt is a famous YouTube personality who makes content related to cars. Though Thomas was a part of YouTube since early 2009, he started getting massive recognition and positive reviews only around 2014. Hence, his career as a YouTuber started flourishing in 2014, and from that year on, he started to make real money.

He stated somewhere that he started his YouTube channel from scratch when he was at the lowest point of his life.

Though he had a rough start and even went on a three-year-long hiatus, there was no stopping once he got back on track! And today, he is among the most successful YouTubers in 2021, he is truly an inspiration for many aspiring YouTubers!

TJ Hunt Age, Birthday, Height, Girlfriend

Net Worth $1.5 million
Real Name Thomas Hunt
Age 26 years old
Birthday 28 December, 1994
Height 6 feet/182 cm
Girlfriend Sabrina Leamon
Live In Poway, San Diego
Occupation Youtuber
Nationality Canadian

More popularly known by his YouTube channel’s name “TJ Hunt,” Thomas Hunt is a popular Canadian YouTuber. He was born in December 1994 in Montreal, Canada.

He loves cars and makes all kinds of car-related videos on YouTube. Hence, if you are a car freak and want to know all about the latest cars in town, test drives, and reviews, you’re going to love the content on his channel.

Additional Income of TJ Hunt

When it comes to his personal life, he is currently dating Sabrina Leamon, who also appeared in his YouTube videos. TJ Hunt has over 1.8 million subscribers.

As a result of his huge subscriber base, he is also a popular social media personality with around 80k followers on Twitter and 450k followers on Instagram. Additionally, he is also an active member of Snapchat, and you can find him under the name “@teeeg28.”

How Did TJ Hunt Start His Career on YouTube?

Thomas began his career as a YouTuber somewhere around 2009. His first ever video was “Dye NT Shooting,” which has over 31k views presently. Then, he went on to upload his second video titled “Dye NT Unboxing,” which also has around 17k views.

TJ Hunt Bio

Following this, he uploaded some more videos in till around 2010. However, after this, he completely stopped uploading any content and took a break for about three years.

Thomas didn’t have a really good start, but once his three-year-long break ended, he was back with a bang! After his return, he started making videos solely on cars, and his first video was on “BMW 338i Performance Exhaust & Intake (E90).”

After uploading some more similar car-related videos, Thomas began to receive positive reviews and tons of followers. Hence, he refocused the theme of his channel on car-related content alone.

During his flourishing years as a YouTuber, some of his most viewed videos were “A Little Introductory,” with over 60k views, “Making a Lexus Loud,” “MCM Meet USA in LA,” “Toyota Fest 2014,” and lots more. So far, his most popular video is “I Got a Wideboy Kit for the BRZ,” which has a total of over 3 million views.

Presently, Thomas has garnered over 1.8 million subscribers on his TJ Hunt channel, and he continues to make fun and interesting car-related videos. He also makes some Q&A videos from time to time, where he answers questions from fans.

How Much Money Is TJ Hunt Making on YouTube?

Now, we’ve come to the much-awaited part of the article that is to answer the question as to how much money TJ Hunt is making on YouTube.

As you already know, TJ Hunt has more than 1.8 million subscribers, and over the years, Thomas has received more than 480 million views on his channel so far. Out of the total, the channel gets an average of 220k views per day.

Hence, TJ Hunt makes an estimated income of about $1,100 in a single day from the ads that appear on his videos. His annual income comes roughly at around $400k.

Net Worth of TJ Hunt

Thomas is part of various YouTube programs such as Google Preferred Program, YouTube Red Program, etc.

Thus, other than the money he makes through YouTube monetized view policy (advertisements), Thomas also gets paid through such programs.

However, his final payment is influenced by several factors, including the number of ads in a video, types of advertisements, viewers’ location, type of content, ad inventory, number of skipped ads, etc.

As of 2021, TJ Hunt has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Here is a chart for TJ Hunt’s latest estimated earnings on YouTube:

Month Estimated Earnings
January 2020 $8.22k
February 2020 $5.27k
March 2020 $13.3k
July 2020 $4.35k
August 2020 $8.23k
September 2020 $4k

Additional Income of TJ Hunt

How Did TJ Hunt Start His Career on YouTube

With such a massive subscriber base on YouTube with over 1.8 million people, Thomas also has an impressive fan following on social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Currently, he has over 700k followers on his Instagram account under the name “TJ Hunt.” Hence, he gets paid from various brands and companies for collaborations and endorsement deals.

Besides that, Thomas also has a clothing brand titled “Hunt & Company,” where he sells t-shirts, stickers, hats, etc. Additionally, he makes an additional income by taking part in professional racing as well.


Where does TJ hunt live?

Thomas currently lives in Poway, San Diego, along with his girlfriend. He is a car enthusiast, which is evident in his work and videos.

What’s TJ Hunt’s real name?

TJ Hunt is a famous YouTube personality who makes content related to cars. His real name is Thomas Hunt as he mentioned on his youtube channel.

Thomas continues to make exciting car-related videos on his channel. Also, he receives new subscribers and around 220k average views daily on his videos.

Did you know?  The internet world has created several online jobs, and people are making a great fortune out of these. Among all these jobs, one of the most creative and highest-earning jobs is that of a YouTuber.

Believe it or not, people who have made it big on YouTube earn in terms of millions and are living the dream.

If you’re new to this information and find it hard to believe that YouTubers actually make millions of income, then all your doubts will be cleared after learning about TJ Hunt’s revenue.

Through his YouTube channel “TJ Hunt,” social media accounts, professional racing, and selling merchandise. As of 2021, Thomas has successfully made a net worth of around $1.5 million.