Deadmau5 Net Worth – A Career Journey of Highest-Paid DJ

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Summary Table:

Stage Name Deadmau5
Legal Name Joel Thomas Zimmerman                          
Gender Male
Date of Birth 5th January 1981
Height 5.8 feet (185 cm)
Deadmau5 Net Worth $80 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year                             N/A
Profession DJ, Music Producer
Nationality Canadian 

Who is Deadmau5? (Biography)


deadmau5 net worth

Deadmau5 is a DJ or music performer from Canada. Besides, this man becomes a music producer.

Furthermore, this disk jockey was very popular in the 2000s. Due to his great performance, he was nominated for Grammy Awards.

  • The real name of this DJ is Joel Thomas Zimmerman. But, he uses a stage name Deadmau5 when he performs.
  • Deadmau5 was born in 1981. Then, this music producer celebrates his birthday every 5th January.
  • Deadmau5 is a male. He is 5 feet 8inches (185 cm), whereas his weight is 127 lbs (58 kg).
  • Joel Thomas Zimmerman’s nationality is Canadian.

What is Deadmau5 Best Known For?

Deadmau5 is widely known as a DJ who always wears a mouse-like helmet at every concert. Besides, he is a successful music record producer in Canada.

Indeed, Deadmau5 is considered one of the biggest-earning producers and highest-paid disk jockeys in the world.

No doubt, the public is curious about Deadmau5 net worth.

Early Life of Deadmau5

Deadmau5 was born in Ontario. Then, his father, Rodney Thomas Zimmerman, worked in the General Motor Company.

Meanwhile, his mother, Nancy Zimmerman, was an artist.

Moreover, Deadmau5 has a brother named Chris Zimmerman and a sister named Jennifer Zimmerman.

Firstly, Joel Thomas has shown his interest in music since he was a teenager. On his birthday, he received a keyboard.

Thus, this present increases his motivation to learn music.

Nonetheless, there is not much information about Deadmau5 educational background. Likewise, several sources only present that he was a student of the Westlane Secondary School.

Deadmau5 has several relationship stories in his life. First, he dated an actress and model named Elle Evans.

After breaking up with Elle, he engaged to a TV personality and musician named Katherine Von Drachenberg in 2013.

Finally, in 2007, this disk jockey married Kelly Fredonia.

Deadmau5’s Career

There is a funny story about why Joel Thomas uses Deadmau5 as his stage name. When he was young, he smelled burnt wires from his computer.

Surprisingly, there was a dead mouse inside.

Later, he uses the name Dead Mouse or Deadmau5 as his alias and stage name. Subsequently, he always wears a helmet with a mouse’s head shape whenever he performed.

Further, Deadmau5’s career in the music industry is so incredible. Instead of being a popular DJ, he becomes a music producer as well.

Hence, considering his success, Deadmau5 net worth must be fantastic.

Deadmau5 DJ Career

Additionally, Deadmau5 has launched 30 music albums throughout his music career. His debut was in 2005 when he released an album entitled Get Scraped.

Meanwhile, in 2006, he released a second album named Vexillology.

In 2007, he also established his own music record company and released the third album named Random Title album.

Moreover, other albums he launched are 4×4=12 and Album Title Goes Here.

The others are For Lack of a Better Name and While (1<2). Then, after releasing this album, he focused on working from his record label named Mau5trap.

In several years, he took hiatus because he suffered from depression. But, in 2016, he came back by releasing an album entitled A:/2016Album/.

After that, he also launched two albums named Mau5ville: Level 1 and Where’s the Drop.

Finally, his music albums were so successful that they can contribute positively to Deadmau5 net worth.

Record Producer Career, Masterclass, Awards & Nominations

DeadMau5 has a record label. The album entitled 4×4=12 was produced by his own label, Mau5trap.

Furthermore, the songs ranked on the music charts in some countries such as the US, United Kingdom, Netherland, and Australia.

Deadmau5 also established a music class named Masterclass. Then, this music class is open for those who want to learn music at any level.

In addition, through this music class, the participants can learn about music technical tips and advice from the most successful music producer, Deadmau5.

Deadmau5 received many nominations and won awards during his career. He has become a nominee of Grammy Awards six times.

Besides, Deadmau5 received 5 Beatport Music Awards. He also won DJ Awards for Best International Disc Jockey.

Deadmau5 Net Worth

Regarding his successful career as a DJ and record producer, Deadmau5 net worth is estimated at $80 million.

Hence, he earns this wealth from the sales of music albums and his performance as a DJ.

Therefore, since he becomes one of the highest-paid music performers, it is not shocking that Deadmau5 net worth is so big.

  • Businesses. The source of Deadmau5 net worth also comes from his business. Likewise, he has a record label, Mau5trap that produces a lot of successful music albums.
  • Real Estate. It seems that Deadmau5 net worth is spent on property investment. Subsequently, in 2004, he bought a luxurious house in Ontario which cost $5 million.
  • Sport Cars. In 2013, Deadmau5 purchased a sports car Ferrari 458 Spider. However, he was banned by Ferrari after replacing the car’s floor mat using the Purrari graphic. Thereupon, he cannot buy Ferrari since he is on a blacklist now.

How Does Deadmau5 Make Money?

Indeed, Deadmau5 accumulates his wealth by performing as a DJ. Besides, he earns a big income from the album sales.

So, through various income sources, Deadmau5 net worth can be increased easily.

Then, let us talk about Deadmau5’s income per year. Further, a certain source states that he can earn an $11.5 million salary per year.

However, Deadmau5 denies that statement.

Is Deadmau5 Retired?

Still, DeadMau5 does not give any statement about retirement plans from the music industry.

Deadmau5 is still actively doing his music career. Further, some sources state that he is now preparing a new album.