Ace Hood Net Worth – A Successful Rapper and Music Producer

As a fan of Antoine McColister, you must be curious about Ace Hood net worth and his career journey.

Therefore, in this article, you can discover detailed information about personal life, wealth, and his music career.

Summary Table:

Stage Name Ace Hood
Legal Name Antoine McColister
Gender Male
Date of Birth 11th May 1988
Height 5 feet 8 inches (175 cm)
Ace Hood Net Worth $6 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year                         N/A
Profession Singer, Music Producer                     
Nationality American

About Ace Hood

ace hood net worth

Ace Hood is a rapper from America. Besides, he is popular as a music record producer. So, here is a brief biography of this singer.

  • The real name of this rapper is Antoine McColister, but his popular name is Ace Hood.
  • Antoine McColister was born in 1988. Meanwhile, he celebrates his birthday every 11th May.
  • Ace Hood is a male. He is 5 feet 8 inches (175 cm) tall. Besides, his weight is 187,3 lbs (85 kg).
  • Since he was born in Florida, Ace Hood is an American.
  • The public recognizes Ace Hood as a rapper. Then, he gained popularity after releasing his debut entitled Gutta. Furthermore, his music career is so impressive that many people are interested in discovering Ace Hood net worth and other details about his career.

Early Life of Ace Hood

Ace Hood was born in Port St Lucie Florida, but there is no information about his parents and siblings.

When he was a child, he wanted to be a professional football player. However, he could not pursue his dream since he got an injury when he was in 10th grade.

Ace Hood studied in the Deerfield Beach High School. However, we cannot find other information related to his educational background.

Ace Hood is not married yet. Otherwise, this man has a special relationship with Shanice Tyria Sarratt.

Ace and Shanice have twin girls named Sailor Blue McColister and Lyric McColister. Sadly, Lyric McColister died soon after she was born because of health complications.

Ace Hood’s Career

Ace Hood’s career in the music industry was begun when he was 17 years old. Then, he joined a music group named Dollaz & Dealz.

Furthermore, this group released a few singles. Even he does not receive any recognition, he does not give up on establishing his music career.

As the result, he could sign a music contract and release his album. Moreover, the hard work really contributes to Ace Hood net worth and fame.

Ace Hood Musical Career

When he was 19 years old, he met DJ Khaled in the local radio station. Knowing his amazing talent, DJ Khaled signed him.

After that, in 2008, he launched his debut entitled Gutta. Therefore, this album attracted the public’s attention.

No doubt, his singles became hits. For instance, one of the most popular songs he has is Cash Flow.

Additionally, his album was successful as it is sold more than 24 thousand copies just in the first week of launching.

In the following year, he launched a second album entitled Ruthless. Then, two songs from this album, Overtime and Loco Wit the Cake, became the most adorable hits.

Moreover, he released the third album entitled Blood, Sweat & Tears in 2011. The single Hustle Hard can rank at 60th position on Billboard chart.

In addition, Ace released the fourth album in 2013. The title of this album is Trials & Tribulations.

Besides, the most successful song from this album was Bugatti. The next album entitled Body Bag 3 was released in 2014.

Moreover, many of Ace Hood became hits. Also, his album sales were so fantastic. So, it is not shocking that Ace Hood net worth is skyrocketing.

Indeed, Ace Hood’s greatest hit was Cash Flow that can rank at 36th position on the Billboard music chart.

Besides, other hits are Overtime and Loco Wit the Cake.

Even his songs were very popular, Ace Hood has never received any award yet. However, he became the nomination in several awards.

For instance, in 2011, he received a nomination as the Best Club Banger in BET Hip-Hop Award. Then, his song entitled Bugatti was also nominated for BET Hip-Hop Award.

Ace Hood Net Worth

As his albums were so successful, Ace Hood net worth is estimated at $6 million. Hence, most of his wealth is gathered from the sales of the album.

This man also accumulates his wealth from the music performance.

  • Businesses. Nonetheless, we cannot find information about a business run by Ace Hood. Perhaps, this rapper wants to focus on his music career.
  • Real Estate. Even Ace Hood net worth is great, he does not have any mansion or house. Currently, he still lives in a rental house located in Miramar, Florida.

Considering the amount of Ace Hood net worth, it is easy for him to spend it on luxurious vehicles.

For instance, this singer has a Wrangler Jeep that he rides for formal events. Besides, he also has Chevrolet Camaro for riding around the neighborhood.

Even though Ace Hood net worth is big, it is quite difficult to estimate how much his earning in a year is.

That is why no trusted source reveals Ace hood annual income.

Meanwhile, he earned $108.000 from the sales of the Blood, Sweat, & Tear album. Also, he received $65.000 from the sales of the Trials & Tribulations album.

Indeed, Ace Hood accumulates his wealth from the album sales and music performances. He also can earn a big earning from endorsement.

For instance, he can receive $156.000 when Rebook endorsed him.

At present, Ace Hood is busy performing in a lot of music concerts. He still has a busy schedule for his music tour as well as meet-and-greet event.

Moreover, to find out Ace Hood’s daily activity, you can follow his Instagram account. Then, you will know the updated information about this rapper.