Ben Askren Net Worth – A Successful MMA Fighter and Wrestler

People may only recognize Benyamin as a fighter. However, they do not know Ben Askren net worth and his career journey in wrestling and the MMA championship.

Thus, you will find out the complete story about this former amateur wrestler from this page.

Summary Table:

Stage Name Ben Askren
Legal Name Benyamin Michael Askren
Gender Male 
Date of Birth 18th July 1984
Height 5 fet 10 inches (178 cm)
Net Worth $10 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year               $500.000
Profession MMA fighter, wrestler, businessman                    
Nationality American

Who is Ben Askren? ben askren net worth

minutemediacdn.comBen Askren is popular as an MMA fighter. Subsequently, he was successful in winning most of his professional matches.

Besides, Ben is a former amateur wrestler.

  • The legal name of this martial artist is Benyamin Michael Askren. Otherwise, he uses Ben Askren as his stage name.
  • Ben was born in 1984. Then, he celebrates his birthday every 18th July.
  • Ben Askren is a male. He is 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) tall, whereas his weight is 170,5 lbs (77 kg).
  • As he was born in Wisconsin, Ben Askren is American.

What is Ben Askren Best Known for?

The public recognizes Ben Askren as a former Olympic wrestler. Also, this man becomes a fighter in the Bellator MMA organization.

Additionally, Ben Askren became a wrestling coach assistant.  Likewise, he worked at Arizona State University.

Thus, since his career in the MMA championship is amazing, many people want to know Ben Askren net worth.

Early Life of Ben Askren

Ben Askren’s father is Chuck Askren, whereas Michele Askren is his mother. He showed his interest in wrestling at an early age.

Firstly, this man started fighting when he was a child.

Ben Askren studied at Arrowhead High School. Afterward, he went to the University of Misouri.

In 2010, Ben Askren married Amy Askren. Then, this couple has three children from this marriage.

Furthermore, there is no rumor about them. It means that they have a happy married life.

Ben Askren’s Career

Ben started his career as an amateur wrestler when he was in high school. At that time, he could win the state championship.

Besides, Ben became the wrestling coach assistant at Arizona State University.

Also, he was an amateur wrestler at Missouri University. In college, he was fighting in 174 lbs weight class.

Moreover, his performance in wrestling was so impressive. He could win several championships. Therefore, his winning contributes to Ben Askren net worth.

Ben Askren Wrestling Career

Ben’s wrestling career was started in high school. Then, Ben Askren took part in a match at National Athletic Association Championship.

After that, this fighter became the winner in 2006 and 2007.

Additionally, in 2008, he could defeat Tyrone Lewis in the US Olympic Trial. This achievement brought him as one of the University of Missouri students that qualified for the Olympics.

Finally, in 2010, he could beat Fundora in the Cerro Pelado International championship. He also won the match against Dave Schultz.

Hence, his accomplishment in wrestling increases Ben Askren net worth and fame.

In 2021, Askren fought Jake Paul, a Youtube personality in a boxing match. Likewise, this show could attract more than 1,45 million views.

Ben Askren MMA Career

Ben’s debut in MMA was in 2009. Then, he took part in Bellator Fighting Championship. In this match, he could defeat Ryan Thomas.

Meanwhile, in 2019, he fought against Demian Maia. However, he lost the fight in round three.

Further, Ben got a contract with One Championship for two years. Besides, during his MMA career, he received several medals.

For instance, he got a silver medal from Cerro Pelado International Senior Freestyle. Besides, he received a gold medal in the Pan Championship Senior Freestyle.

Ben Askren Net Worth

Indeed, Ben Askren can earn a big income after winning an MMA or wrestling championship. For instance, he received $350.000 when he defeated Robbie Lawler.

Thereupon, Ben Askren net worth is estimated at $10 million.

In addition, the main source of Ben Askren net worth is the professional MMA contract. Ben proves that hard work and consistency can result in success.

Thus, his passion for martial art can provide him with wealth and fame.

Ben can earn a $500.000 annual salary from the fights. Since his annual earning is so big, it is not shocking that Ben Askren net worth can achieve $10 million.

Businesses & Real Estate

In 2011, Ben Askren started his business by founding a wrestling academy. He also owns five gyms.

Further, his income from wrestling academies and gyms also contributes positively to Ben Askren net worth.

In addition, Ben Askren has a cryptocurrency investment.

Ben Askren has a luxurious house in Wisconsin. However, he does not reveal the price of this house to the public.

How Does Ben Askren Make Money?

Still, the primary source of Ben Askren net worth is the salary from the MMA championship. He earned a big paycheck after defeating other contestants.

Furthermore, every time he won, he could get a salary from the show, a bonus, and also incentive pay.

Besides, he earns a big income from his gym and wrestling academy business.

  • Indeed, Ben earned a paycheck of $210 thousand when he defeated Jorge Masvidal.
  • Additionally, the earning from fighting against Jake Paul is considered the biggest income he received.

Moreover, at that time, he got a $500.000 salary. Thus, this income makes Ben Askren net worth skyrocket.

Is Ben Askren Retired?

Ben stated that he retired from MMA in 2019. Likewise, he had thought about this retirement very well.

Indeed, Ben decided to retire from martial art since he has a big problem with his hip. Therefore, after a long discussion with his doctor, he may require a hip replacement.

Finally, after retiring from MMA, Ben Askren now focuses on developing his business. He still expects that his wrestling business can be the biggest academy in the United States.

Besides, Ben Askren is active in crypto community.