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Dej Loaf Net Worth – How a Rapper Gains Fame and Wealth

Most people may only recognize this woman as a rapper but they do not know Dej Loaf net worth and how she achieves her success.

Dej Loaf is popular as a rapper who started her career in 2011. Thus, she has launched a lot of singles.

For instance, she released a single entitled Just Do It. Afterward, she got huge recognition after releasing a single, Try Me.

Moreover, since many of her songs become hits, her fans are curious about Dej Loaf net worth.

Therefore, keep scrolling down this page to discover the story about Dej Loaf’s personal life and music accomplishment.

Summary Table:

Stage Name Dej Loaf
Legal Name Deja Trimble
Gender Female
Date of Birth 8th April 1991
Height 5 feet 6 inches (170 cm)
Dej Loaf Net Worth $3 million
Profession Rapper
Nationality American

Who is Dej Loaf?

dej loaf net worth

Dej Loaf is a popular R&B singer. Furthermore, she has released many mixtapes and collaborated with various hip hop artists.

  • This rapper was born with the name Deja Trimble. Otherwise, she uses Dej Loaf as her stage name.
  • Deja Trimble was born in 1991. Then, she celebrates her birthday every 8th April.
  • This R&B singer is a female. Dej Loaf is 5 feet 6 inches (170 cm) tall, whereas she weighs 143 lbs (65 kg).
  • As she was born in Detroit, Michigan, Dej Loaf is an American.

Early Life of Dej Loaf

Deja Trimble was born to Sidney Fritzgerald Trimble and Latrice Hudson Trimble. She was born and raised in Detroit.

Further, Deja Trimble was interested in learning music when she was young.

Dej Loaf completed her study at Detroit’s Southeastern High School. Then, she went to Saginaw Valley State University to study nursing.

Otherwise, she dropped out as she wanted to pursue her music career.

In 2014, Dej Loaf started a relationship with Lil Durk. However, in 2016, they broke up because they are too busy with their own performance schedule.

At present, Dej Loaf is still single.

Dej Loaf’s Career

Dej Loaf career as a hip-hop singer was begun in 2011. Hence, she has released a lot of mixtapes and music albums.

Thereupon, many of her songs are popular and ranked in the Billboard chart.

This woman becomes a successful rapper, so she gains popularity and wealth effortlessly. Therefore, no doubt, Dej Loaf net worth is increasing gradually.

Dej Loaf Music Career

Firstly, Dej Loaf launched her initial mixtape entitled Just Do It. Then, in 2014, she launched a second mixtape entitled Sell Sole.

After that, the third mixtape named All Jokes Aside was launched two years later.

Meanwhile, in 2017, Dej Loaf collaborated with Jacques to release a mixtape entitled Fuck A Friend Zone.

She launched a debut album entitled Liberated while having a contract with Columbia Record. Furthermore, her single which is entitled Try Me received gold certification from RIAA.

After that, she released new single entitled Detroit vs Everybody featuring with Trick-Trick, Big Sean, Eminem, Royce da 5’9’’, and Danny Brown.

Meanwhile, Dej Loaf collaborated with Lil Wayne to release a remix Me U & Hennessy. Thereupon, she got a platinum-certification while releasing a single entitled Back-Up.

Moreover, Dej Loaf often appeared as a featured artist. She appeared in the singles of many artists. For instance, they were Lil Durk, Lid Ink, Dreezy, and Elijah Blake.

Thus, her accomplishment in hip-hop music enables her to get a big income. So, Dej Loaf net worth is skyrocketing.

This rapper was nominated for several awards. For example, they included Soul Train Awards and MTVU Woodie Awards.

Furthermore, Dej Loaf received BRT Hip Hop Awards for her single, Try Me. Then, she was also nominated for BET Awards four times.

Dej Loaf Net Worth

Indeed, since she got a huge success in her mixtapes and record albums, Dej Loaf net worth is estimated at $3 million.

Additionally, her album sales are marvelous since she received one platinum and two gold certifications for her singles.

Moreover, she signed contracts with major music labels such as Columbia Record and IBGM.

Hence, it is such a valuable contract. Besides, she earned a big income from her music tour and performance.

In addition, without a doubt, Dej Loaf net worth is impressive.

Thus, with a lot of achievements she made during her music career, Dej Loaf is considered the most famous female rapper.

Finally, she released several hip-hop music albums successfully. Besides, she can collaborate with popular artists.

  • Businesses. Nonetheless, Dej Loaf does not run any business since she wants to focus on establishing her existence in the music industry.
  • Real Estate. Even Dej Loaf net worth is fantastic, there is no information about the luxurious house or apartment owned by this rapper. Perhaps, Dej Loaf is still not interested in spending her money on property investment.
  • Sport Cars. Nevertheless, there is no trusted source that reveals the car model that Dej Loaf drives. Hence, we will update this information soon.

How Does Dej Loaf Make Money?

Since Dej Loaf net worth is so impressive, you must be curious about how she can accumulate her wealth.

Indeed, this singer can earn income from the album sales. Besides, she got a big salary from a contract with the major music label.

In addition, Dej Loaf’s earnings from her music performance are amazing. She also has a busy schedule for concerts and other live performances.

Furthermore, she also earns money from her Youtube channel.

Dej Loaf confirms that she is still not retired from her music career. However, she may not release a new song after launching her independent album entitled Sell Sole II.

For your information, in 2019, Dej Loaf quit Columbia Records. Then, in 2020, she released her album independently by featuring Gunna, Big Sean, Lil Uzi Vert, and Rick Ross.