David Attenborough Net Worth, Life, and Career: Still Gold in Old

David Attenborough net worth is still growing at the age of one century. He is known as a writer, broadcaster, biologist, and naturalist.

Sir David Attenborough is an English broadcaster.

Besides, he becomes a writer, biologist, and natural historian. He was notable because of his works in the BBC Natural History Unit on natural history, a part of “The Life Collection” series.

This contribution made him notable until now.

Hence, how did he start his career, and how much is David Attenborough net worth? Let us see the explanation below.


1 Stage Name: David Attenborough
2 Legal Name: David Frederick Attenborough
3 Date of Birth: May 8, 1926
4 Gender: Male
5 Height: 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
6 Net Worth: $40 million
7 Income per year: $3 million per year in the estimation
8 Profession: English author, biologist, broadcaster, and natural historian.
9 Nationality: English

Who is David Attenborough

david attenborough net worth

The abundant amount of David Attenborough net worth comes from his hard work since he was young.

His name became widely known to the public through the animal life program contract that he filmed on BBC educational television.

Besides, he is a writer and narrator for a program on TV.

  • David Attenborough’s legal name is David Frederick Attenborough.
  • David Attenborough was born on May 8, 1926. Hence, his zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • Talking about gender and body measurement, David Attenborough is a male with a height of 5.8 feet (178 cm) tall. Meanwhile, his weight is 154 lbs (70 kg).
  • David Attenborough is English
  • This man was a writer, broadcaster, and naturalist who contributed to science. He is also the brother of actors John Attenborough and Richard John Attenborough. In addition, he becomes a writer and narrator at the BBC.

Early Life of David Attenborough


David Attenborough was born in Isleworth, London, England, on May 8, 1926. Frederick Attenborough and Mary Attenborough raised him as parents.

David Attenborough is the brother of actor John Attenborough. Besides, his siblings are Irene Bejach, Helga Bejach, and Richard Attenborough.

Furthermore, David has an interest in natural sciences and green planet, especially in natural history.

Therefore, he wants to deepen his knowledge in school and colleger. David completed his education at Clare College, Cambridge, and then continued to the London School of Economics.


David studied at Clare College, which then continued to Cambridge University and successfully graduated in 1947.

After graduating, he briefly worked at an educational publisher in 1949.

Meanwhile, in 1952, he completed a training program at the BBC. Then, this man became a television producer for the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Personal Life

David Attenborough is the son of Frederick Attenborough and Mary Attenborough. He had two siblings, namely Richard Attenborough and John Attenborough.

Moreover, they both are famous actors.

However, David Attenborough did not want to follow in the footsteps of his two brothers and chose to become a broadcaster.

David married Jane Ebsworth Oriel in 1951 and had two children, Richard Attenborough and Susan Attenborough.

However, in 1997, his wife died.

David Attenborough’s Career


David Attenborough has had a career since 1951 until now and produced many works. Thus, here are the details of his journey:

David Attenborough Start of Career

Before gaining the abundant amount of David Attenborough net worth, his career as a broadcaster of educational programs about nature began in 1954.

Firstly, he became a presenter in the Zoo Quest program with Jack Lester. It was about the life of animals and plants in the wild and zoos.

David Attenborough TV Career

With the success of Zoo Quest, David Attenborough became the controller of the BBC’s second television channel, BBC2.

Likewise, David helped launch the dramatic program “The Forsyte Saga”.

He acclaimed cultural education series. For instance, the programs included Kenneth Clark’s “Civilization” and Jacob Bronowski’s “The Ascent of Man”.

Furthermore, Monty Python’s Flying Circus was the comedy series that David aired.

Being the director of BBC television programming from 1968 to 1972, he resigned as a writer and produced television series independently.

Later he wrote and narrated anthropology and natural history programs. For example, one of them was “Life: Life on Earth” (1979).

Moreover, the others were “The Life of Mammals”, “The Living Planet”, and “The Life of Bird”.

Meanwhile, David’s other television works include “Are We Changing Planet Earth?”, “The State of Planet”, and “The Blue Planet”.

David Attenborough Navy Career

After completing his studies, David Attenborough joined the Royal Navy. However, he was only on an aircraft carrier in the Firth of Forth as the place of duty.

David Attenborough only lasted three years and then left and joined a book publisher and editor for children’s education science books.

David Attenborough Awards

Additionally, aside from the abundant amount of David Attenborough net worth, he has won many awards since 1972 until now.

For instance, some are BAFTA Fellowship, the Royal Geographical Society’s Cherry Kearton Award, and Knight Bachelor in the 1985 Birthday Honours.

David Attenborough Net Worth


Moreover his profession as a British broadcaster, writer, biologist, and naturalist contributed to David Attenborough net worth of $40 million. Here are the details:

  • David Attenborough has his own company, which is engaged in broadcasting.
  • He has bought a house with his brother in Bushey, Hertfordshire. It is approximately 3.5 hectares and become an investment to boost David Attenborough net worth.
  • Much of David Attenborough net worth comes from his involvement in the many television programs and the company he founded. Thus, the amount is approximately £2.1 million (nearly $3 million).
  • His dedication to television was recognized in 1985 when he was knighted and became Sir David Attenborough. Since that, his wealth was because of his involvement in television and book writings.

Although he has not appeared much in public, he has never announced his retirement.

He is still active in broadcasting, running his company, and writing books. Therefore, activities boost David Attenborough net worth despite his old age.