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Cordae Net Worth: The Journey of Successful Career in Music, YouTube, and Commercials

Cordae net worth and wealth are reaching impressive numbers even though he is a newcomer in rap music. Starting from a cover song on YouTube, now he is a famous rapper and producer in America.

The North Carolina-born has indeed shown his rapping talent from the start. However, this interest only emerged because he often listened to his father’s favorite song.

How much is the Cordae net worth? What was his career? Check out the following review to see how successful he is!


1 Stage Name: Cordae
2 Legal Name: Cordae Amari Dunston
3 Date of Birth: August 26, 1997
4 Gender: Male
5 Height: 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
6 Net Worth: $800,000
7 Salary/earning/income per year: $141,000 per year in the estimation
8 Profession: American rapper, singer, songwriter
9 Nationality: American

Cordae’s Biography

cordae net worth

Before talking about Cordae net worth, you must first know who he is. Briefly, he is a young American rapper who started his fame in his teens.

Cordae was initially interested in hip-hop music because he listened to his father, who played classical music of Rakim, Nas, Big I, and Talib Kweli every day.

Cordae Amari Dunston is a rapper who started his career as a teenager. Further, he likes rap music because he often listens to classic rap from various groups. Over time, the effort paid off and brought Cordae net worth at an impressive nominal.

Then, at the age of 15, he had started writing rap lyrics but did not take it seriously and considered it a hobby. Further, as time passed, he became curious and wanted to deepen his musical knowledge about hip-hop.

Starting from that, he began his rap career. Subsequently, in 2018, the young-blood teen dropped out of college. After that, he moved to Los Angeles until now.

Initially, he used YBN Cordae as a name. But over time, he removed it for branding reasons.

  • Cordae’s legal name is Cordae Amari Dunston.
  • Cordae was born on August 26, 1997. Thus, his zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • Talking about gender and body measurement, Cordae is a male with a height of 175 cm tall. Meanwhile, his weight is 150 lbs (68 kg).
  • Cordae was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, so he is American.

Life of Cordae

Cordae was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. Afterward, his family moved to Suitland, Maryland. He became a rapper because of listening to classic hip-hop songs from his father since childhood.

Moreover, with singles belonging to Nas, Big L, and Jay Z, Cordae decided to pursue a career as a rapper.


Cordae completed his education at Westlake High School in Waldorf, Maryland. Then he continued his studies at Towson University but did not finish until he graduated because of his busy life in the entertainment world.

Personal Life

When he was successful as a rapper, this African-American man lived in Los Angeles, California. Then, Naomi Osaka becomes his girlfriend.

Furthermore, she is a famous tennis player who comes from Japan.

Moreover, Cordae is very active on social media. Through Instagram under the name @ybncordae, he often shares his photos and activities.

Cordae’s Career

He is famous after covering popular songs belonging to famous singers. For example, they are Eminem and J.Cole.

Additionally, the following is his journey until he managed to get the abundant amount of Cordae net worth.

Cordae Music Career

Firstly, he started his time in the entertainment industry at 15, under the Entender label. Despite the young YBN Cordae age, his talent is undoubted.

He initially covered several songs belonging to other famous American rappers such as Eminem, J.Cole, and other influencing people.

Afterward, Cordae uploaded it to his YouTube channel and got a positive response from the American and international Hip Hop community.

His initial cover video, entitled “Anxiety”, consists of 13 songs.

Some of them include “Life”, “Questions”, “Down and Out” and “Wonders”. Meanwhile, in 2016, Cordae uploaded his second mixtape entitled “I’m So Anxious”.

Then in 2017, he released his third mixtape entitled “I’m So Anonymous”, which consisted of 15 songs. After that, his career in the hip-hop industry skyrocketed and affected Cordae net worth.

Cordae in Comercial

Cordae once starred in Coca-Cola Energy commercials at the 2020 Super Bowl. In addition, he received many endorsements from various products and many brands.

Cordae’s Awards

Throughout his time in the hip-hop music industry, Cordae has managed to get into several award nominations and even won the award, including at the Grammy Awards.

He has become a nominee for two Grammy Awards. The single ‘Bad Idea’ was the Best Rap Song. Meanwhile, in 2019, ‘The Lost Boy’ got the title of Best Rapp Album.

Cordae Net Worth

He has been getting paid in the entertainment industry since he was 15. If estimated, the total Cordae net worth is approximately $800 thousand.

Hence, that amount is not only from music contracts and work but also from endorsement and other commercial businesses.

Here are the details:

  • Nonetheless, there is no detailed information about the business that boosted Cordae net worth. He currently manages a YouTube channel.Moreover, he receives endorsements and gets involved in commercials.
  • The properties and investments are under review. However, since 2021, Cordae has been living in a luxurious mansion owned by his girlfriend, Naomi Osaka.
  • The rapper bought a classic Mercedes Benz 280 SL sports car for $350,000. Thus, this ride brings a significant contribution to Cordae net worth.

How Much Cordae Make per Year?

Additionally, YouTube is one of Cordae net worth resources. He gets about $3 to $7 per 1000 views, while his channel gets around 78k visits every day.

Added together, his estimated net worth per year is approximately $141,000. This figure does not include income from endorsements and music.

How does a Cordae Make Money?

Cordae is one of the talented rappers who entered the entertainment industry at 15. He also covers songs of famous American rappers and uploads them on Youtube and SoundCloud channels.

Over time, he developed his music and managed to achieve great fortune. Now Cordae net worth has reached $800 thousand and may continue to grow.

How much does a Cordae Feature Cost?

According to the Main Stage Productions website, the feature cost to book Cordae is approximately $100,000

Now he is in the world of hip hop, managing the YBN Cordae YouTube channel, and receiving endorsements from various brands.

Activities as a producer for music also increase Ybn Cordae net worth.