Clive Davis Net Worth: The Popular American Producer

Most people might want to know this famous American producer. How much Clive Davis net worth by being a music industry executive, and lawyer at the same time?


Stage Name Clive Jay Davis
Legal Name Clive Davis
Date of Birth 4 April 1932
Gender Male
Height 5 ft (173 cm)
Clive Davis Net Worth           $850 million
Profession Record Producer, Music Industry Executive, A&R Executive, and a Lawyer      
Nationality American

Personal Background of Clive Davis

clive davis net worth

Clive Davis is an American music producer, music industry executive, A&R executive, and lawyer.

  • Legal Name: Clive Jay Davis
  • Stage Name: Clive Davis
  • Date of Birth: April 4, 1932
  • Gender & Height: Clive Davis is a male. He is 5 feet (173 cm) tall, whereas his weight is 127 lbs (58 kg).
  • Nationality: American.

What is Clive Davis Best Known for?

Clive Davis has received five Grammy Awards. Then, in 2000, he was inaugurated as a non-performer in the Rock and Roll of Fame.

Apparently, in 1967, Clive became the president of Columbia Records for six years. Then, from 1974 to 2000, he was the founder and the president of Arista Records.

Next, he has authorized many historical artists over the years.

For instance, some of them are Bruce Springsteen, Santana, Janis Joplin, Chicago, Westlife, Billy Joe, and many more.

Furthermore, his biggest achievements that he worked intently with for decades were Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston.

Thus, all of his achievements could be one of the factors that adds to Clive Davis net worth.

More About Clive Davis’s Life

Clive Davis was born in Brooklyn, New York. In addition, he got a scholarship at Harvard law faculty and graduated in 1956.

Four years later after graduating, Clive Davis arrived at Columbia Records as a lawyer before being a vice president of label administration in 1965.

Meanwhile, in 1967, he pushed the corporate full velocity beforehand into rock ‘n’ roll, with artists like Joplin and Carlos Santana leading the percent.

He guided Columbia to super achievement until 1973 when he was discharged after being accused of tax evasion and misusing agency finances.

After that, he led Columbia to excellent acquirement until 1973 when he was dismissed after being accused of tax evasion and misappropriating agency finances.

  • Education

Clive Davis achieved a scholarship at New York University in 1953, Harvard Law College.

Besides, he attended the prison department of Columbia Records in 1960.

  • Personal Life

Firstly, Clive Davis married Helen Cohen in 1956. However, they divorced in 1966.

A few years later, Clive Davis married Janet Adelberg in 1965. Again, they divorced in 1985.

Further, he has four kids. Fred is Clive’s first son. His second daughter is Lauren, born in 1962.

Then, Mitchell is the third, born in 1970. Last, Doug Davis is the fourth, born in 1974.

Additionally, at some stage in the talk show Katie, hosted by Katie Couric, Clive Davis was hoping his coming out would cause “extra information” of bisexuality.

Clive Davis’s Career

Moreover, according to the latest news, Clive Davis is the head creative officer of Sony Music Entertainment at the moment.

Therefore, it could be the main reason why Clive Davis net worth is still quite impressive even though he is not young anymore.

Furthermore, in the RCA Music Group, Clive Davis became the Chief Executive Officer.

Clive Davis Biggest Artists

Arista launched the careers of Whitney Houston, Patti Smith, Sarah McLachlan, Barry Manilow, Monica, and Dido under Clive Davis’ leadership.

Additionally, the label attracted such crucial artists. For instance, one of them was Alicia Keys.

Further, the other artists were Westlife, Carly Simon, Aretha Franklin, Lou Reed, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Dionne Warwick, and The Kinks.

The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

In addition, the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music has emerged as one of the satisfactory holistic music packages in the USA, consistent with Billboard.

Thereupon, it is very possible to increase Clive Davis net worth.

Awards and Nominations

Clive Davis became the winner and got several nominations from the Annual Grammy Awards since 1975.

Besides, he was a nominee of the Best R&B Album and Record of the Year. Meanwhile, he won the Best Pop Vocal and Rock Album.

Clive Davis Net Worth

Indeed, Clive Davis has plunged into a long profession in the music industry for nearly three decades.

Then, of all that he has done so far, with his hard work, he has been able to accumulate a big fortune.

Hence, Clive Davis net worth is about $850 million.

Music Industry

Although we have known about Clive Davis net worth, there is no further explanation about what businesses he is running at this time.

Since he has been a part of the music industry in America for decades, he does not need to work any harder cause he is already crazy rich.


Clive Davis owns some properties in New York City, indeed.

He also has at least five units in a Manhattan building at 465 Park Avenue which automatically becomes parts of Clive Davis net worth.

However, as of today, he is trying to take off at least one of these units. He registered one of his units for $7.8 million.

Then, Clive Davis ended up connecting them into one unit. Afterward, he bought this unit for his son.

How Much Clive Davis Make Per Year?

Indeed, Clive Davis is estimated to earn $4,00,000 per year.

Indeed, Clive Davis earns a lot of money because he has been working in the Music Industry field.

Besides, he is also a lawyer. Thus, Clive Davis net worth comes from the fields he has been working on.

Is Clive Davis Still On Business?

At the age of 89 now, Clive Davis, who is presently a leader of creative officer for Sony Music, has no idea to retire.

No wonder, Clive Davis net worth is still one of the hottest topics worth it talking about.

Clive Davis is in good health. Besides, he is still an active member of the music or entertainment industry.