Billy Gardell Net Worth – Popular American Stand-up Comedian

Well, this cute man has started to perform his stand-up comedy since the late 90s and has contributed to the recent Billy Gardell net worth.

Moreover, we are going to provide lots of information to tell about this popular American stand-up comedian.


Stage Name Billy Gardell
Legal Name William Gardell Jt.
Date of Birth August 11th, 1969
Gender Male
Height 5 ft (168 cm)
Billy Gardell Net Worth                 $10 million
Profession Comedian, actor, voice actor                     
Nationality American

Background Information of Bill Gardell

Well, most people notice him as Billy Gardell. However, those who from the beginning followed him would know that he is William Gardell Jr.

Billy Gardell is an American actor, voice actor, and stand-up comedian. In addition, one of his most famous acting characters was on the sitcom ‘Mike & Molly’.

  • Legal Name: William Gardell Jr.
  • Stage Name: Billy Gardell
  • Date of Birth: August 20, 1969
  • Gender & Height: He is a male whose height is 5 feet (168 cm) tall. Meanwhile, his weight is 202 lbs (92 kg).
  • Nationality: American.

What Makes Billy Gardell Best Known?

Firstly, Billy Gardell is famous for his acting in Mike & Molly. Further, the other programs are Chicago police officer and Mike Biggs.

Moreover, he has earned a lot of fame and name in the industry with the help of his ability and his outstanding nature.

What do you know about Billy Gardell? For instance, how old is he? Where does he live, moreover his net worth?

Therefore, we have rounded up more information about his personal life and Billy Gardell net worth.

Early Stages of Billy Gardell

billy gardell net worth

Billy Garden was born in Swissvale, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Since his parents divorced, this man went to Florida.

Furthermore, he only visited Pennsylvania during the summers. Hence, he has stated that dwelling in Florida was a high-quality revel in.

Firstly, this 15-year-old boy worked in a branch save warehouse.

Meanwhile, in 1987, he began cleaning lavatories, seating human beings, and answering telephones at a neighborhood comedy club, Bonkerz.

Moreover, on 28 December 1987, he started to act in the comedy club’s open.

  • Education. Further, talking about Billy Gardell’s education, he attended Winter Park High School, Florida.
  • Personal Life. Billy Gardell married Patty Gardell in 2001. In addition, he got a son. His name is William Gardell. However, there is a rumor that Billy Gardell divorced. Otherwise, the news seems to be false since there is no official statement from this comedian.

Billy Gardell’s Career

Previously, before being a comedian, Billy Gardell worked several different types of jobs.

For example, his works were cleaning lavatories, seating human beings, and answering telephones at a club.

Then, he started performing at the club followed by openings for comedians. For instance, they are Dennis Miller and George Carlin.

Billy Gardell Movies

Although Billy Gardell is well-known as a comedian, he also has starred in some movies. For example, some of them are Mike & Molly, Chopped Junior, and Sullivan & Son.

Furthermore, his acting is in New Girl and Sun Records. Additionally, the other movies are Young Sheldon and Bob (Hearts) Abishola.

However, there are still many others that we cannot mention all one by one here.

Billy Gardell TV Shows

In addition, Billy Gardell appeared on several TV programs. For instance, one of them was Road Dogs Chicago.

Furthermore, another TV show was Lucky. Moreover, the other shows include Judging Amy, and Bones.

Billy Gardell Stand-up

Firstly, one of his stand-up programs is Comedy Central Presents Billy Gardell. Further, another show is Billy Gardell: halftime.

In addition, The Very Funny Show, Billy Gardell Presents Road Dogs: Chicago, and Atlanta are the other stand-up shows.

If we see the many movies and TV shows that he has been starring in, thus, the results of his hard work must have contributed to Billy Gardell net worth.

Billy Gardell Net Worth

Indeed, according to a trusted source, Billy Gardell net worth is about $10 million.

  • Billy Gardell Restaurant

Billy Gardell and his brother, Brian opened up a pizza restaurant in 2015. This restaurant operated for approximately one year before being closed.

In addition, there is no clear clarification why they decided to close their pizza restaurant. However, if it were open, Billy Gardell net worth would be higher.

  • House

Moreover, Billy Gardell lives in a house in Los Angeles, California. However, there is no detailed information regarding his house is found.

  • Classic Car

Indeed, Billy Gardell was found posing on his Twitter account stating that he has a red classic car.

Moreover, he wrote, “For those asking, yes that’s my car in the commercial. 69 Olds cutlass supreme, only plays classic rock”.

Billy Gardell’s Earning Per Year

Indeed, based on his entire career, he was able to earn almost $4.00.000 per year. Thus, this is the accumulation of Billy Gardell net worth.

How Billy Gardell Makes Money

Billy Gardell net worth is still over $10 million as of January 2022. Likewise, his wealth comes from his character as a comedian and an actor.

Furthermore, he has been able to play in various movies that make it possible for him to get highly paid.

Also, he gets payment from numerous comedy shows, which is still part of Billy Gardell net worth.

Is Billy Gardell Still On The Show?

There are still many comedy shows, TV programs, even movies that are very likely to star Billy Gardell.

For instance, he is now being a co-host in one of the TV shows.

Billy Gardell may want to return to network TV next fall as the megastar of a brand new sitcom.

CBS declared Friday that it has dedicated to a pilot manufacturing of a proposed series, “Bob Hearts Abishola”.

It is an “instantaneous main contender” for the broadcaster’s 2019-20 season schedule.