Amy Fisher Net Worth – A Controversial American Writer

Apart from the controversy, Amy Fisher net worth still makes people wonder how this controversial woman makes money.

If we look back on, she was involved in the shooting of a woman that took place 30 years ago.

So, here is the short review to read.


Stage Name Amy Fisher
Legal Name Amy Elizabeth Fisher
Date of Birth                      21 August 1974
Gender Female
Height 5 ft (163 cm)
Net Worth $13 million
Profession Journalist, writer, pornographic film actress, and model               
Nationality American

Who is Amy Fisher? (Biography)

amy fisher net worth

Well, those who know ‘Long Island Lolita’ might have known who Amy Fisher is.

Amy Fisher is a famous American writer, a model, and a pornography actress. Also, she is famous for shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco, Joey’s wife.

Legal Name & Stage Name

Legal Name: Amy Elizabeth Fisher

Stage Name: Amy Fisher

Date of Birth

21 August 1974

Gender & Height

Amy Fisher is a female. She is 5 feet (163 cm) tall, whereas her weight is 101 lbs (46 kg).


Amy Fisher was born in Merrick, New York. Thus, she is American.

What is Amy Fisher Best Known for?

Indeed, Amy Fisher is a talented woman. Also, she became a book writer due to her good talent in writing.

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For instance, some of the books she has written are ‘If I Knew Then..’, ‘My Story’, ‘The Monster that Controlled My Life and Stole My Innocence’, and many others.

Well, she managed to sell all her works and some of them are among the best sellers in America, the proceeds of these sales also contribute to Amy Fisher net worth.

Additionally, all the books that she has written are inspired by experiences and life stories from his childhood to adulthood.

Although the sales of her books contributed to Amy Fisher net worth, the work she had presented was not as well-known due to the case involving her some 30 years ago.

What case? Well, it was about getting rid of Mary Jo Buttafuoco out of jealousy.

Early life of Amy Fisher

Amy Fisher is the daughter of Roseann and Elliot Fisher. Moreover, there is no detailed information available regarding this family.

Furthermore, in “Amy Fisher: My Story,” this woman wrote that she suffered childhood trauma.

Also, it happened after Amy’s family member sexually abused her many times. Then, a man who worked at her house raped this 13-year-old girl.

Meanwhile, in her early teens, she was sexually active, which eventually resulted in unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

Thus, the abuse she suffered as a child seems to spur her promiscuous behavior, later today.


Well, Amy Fisher studied at Kennedy High School in Bellmore, New York. Indeed, this is the only school record she has ever been in.

Personal Life (Family, Spouse, Kids)

As rumors go, Amy Fisher married Lou Bellera in 2003. However, there is a rumor that this couple divorced.

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Furthermore, there is no official clarification from both. Anyway, this couple got two kids. They are Brett and Ava Rose Bellera.

Amy Fisher’s Career

After getting out from prison for killing Mary Jo Buttafuoco, Amy Fisher worked as a columnist for the Long Island Press.

Furthermore, Robbie Woliver wrote her biography. The title was “If I Knew Then…,”. Then, this work became a New York Times best-selling after launching in 2004.

Meanwhile, on January 12, 2009, Amy Fisher launched a pay-per-view file. Also, she released it for her adult film.

Then, the title was Amy Fisher: Completely Naked & Exposed.

Afterward, Amy Fisher signed a deal with Lee Entertainment. Likewise, she became a stripper who performed a club show every month.

It was also one of her ways of earning money and accumulating Amy Fisher net worth.

In short, Dreamzone Entertainment announced another adult film, Amy Fisher’s Making: Pornstars, in July 2010.

Otherwise, in June 2011, this woman admitted to stop being an actress for adult films. So, everything she did was just for money and collected Amy Fisher net worth.

Amy Fisher Net Worth

Moreover, according to a trusted source, Amy Fisher net worth is about $13 million.


However, not many people talk about this woman about her personal life on the internet including whether she has a business or not.

Although there is no information regarding the business she runs, Amy Fisher net worth is still very impressive.

Amy Fisher Net Worth from Real Estate (Mansion/House/Home/Apartment)

Indeed, the newspaper reported that Amy Fisher’s mom, Roseann Fisher, paid for the family’s home.

Furthermore, it consists of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, nestled in a suburban community and shielded with foliage.

Meanwhile, according to Daily Mail, Amy Fisher and her family had lived in Palm Beach, Florida.

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Additionally, this property is about $575,000. In other words, the house is also part of Amy Fisher net worth.

Sport Cars / Yacht / Vehicles

Although we have known Amy Fisher net worth and real estate, there is no more detailed information about the car she usually drives.

How Much Amy Fisher Make Per Year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

During her career, Amy Fisher is estimated to be paid $4,00,00 per year, $32,000 per month, and $8,000 per week which also contributed to Amy Fisher net worth.

How does Amy Fisher Make Money?

Well, Amy Fisher was well-known as a porn star before she decided to quit. Thus, she made more money from being a model and pornography actress.

In addition, Amy Fisher also made several books and she published then sold them. Besides, one of her books, “If I Knew Then…” became a New York Times best-selling.

So, that is also a source of income for Amy Fisher besides being a porn star. The results of her income also became part of Amy Fisher net worth, indeed.

Is Amy Fisher Retired?

Finally, Amy Fisher announced her retirement in June 2011. Without a doubt, she is retired from being an actress for adult films.

What Is Amy Fisher Doing Now?

Indeed, before returning to New York, she stayed inside the house and executed on webcams from her bedroom.

Furthermore, she is just doing some kind of personal Vlog that makes money and will automatically increase Amy Fisher net worth.

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