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Adam Vinatieri Net Worth – The Best American Football Kicker

If you are curious about Adam Vinatieri net worth, so this page becomes the right place for you.

Also, you will get lots of information from this page about this American professional football player.


Stage Name Adam Vinatieri
Legal Name Adam Matthew Vinatieri                
Date of Birth 28 December 1972
Gender Male
Height 6 ft (183 cm)
Adam Vinatieri Net Worth           $25 million
Profession Football Player
Nationality American

Adam Vinatieri’s Personal Profile

Adam Vinatieri is the best American football placekicker in the National Football League (NFL).

Also, he played for the Indianapolis Colts.

In addition, Adam Vinatieri joined the Super Bowl match five times.  Likewise, he had one match with the Colts.

Meanwhile, he played with the New England Patriots four times.

  • Legal Name: Adam Matthew Vinatieri
  • Stage Name: Adam Vinatieri
  • Date of Birth: 28 December 1972
  • Gender & Height: Adam Vinatieri is a male. He is 6 feet (183 cm) tall. Meanwhile, his weight is 203 lbs (92 kg)
  • Nationality: Adam Vinatieri was born in Yankton, South Dakota. Hence, he is an American.

What Adam Vinatieri Best Known About?

Well, some time ago we discussed an American football player who was quite famous and legendary.

Furthermore, on this page, we are going to talk about a character who is in the same field just like the previous one.

This football player has a name and fame in society. Yup! He is Adam Vinatieri.

Indeed, this man is famous for being the best kicker all of the time. Also, Adam Vinatieri is high-quality recognized for being the team’s placekicker.

He has powerful statistics, indeed.

In addition, while playing in the National Football League, he set the first record for the most number of goals in NFL history.

Early Years of Adam Vinatieri

adam vinatieri net worth

Adam Matthew Vinatieri best known as Adam Vinatieri was born on December 28th, 1972 in South Dakota, America.

His father, Paul Vinatieri originally comes from Italy whereas his mother’s name is Judy M.

In addition, Adam grew up with three siblings of him in the Rapid City environment. When he was little, he had difficulty in reading.

Thus, at an early age, he has been fond of sports. Additionally, Adam played all types of sports including basketball, soccer, and wrestling.

Moreover, he showed superb athleticism and intelligence since childhood.

  • Education:
    • For elementary level, Adam Vinatieri was enrolled in a certain school because he was difficult to read.
    • Then, he studied at Central High School. It was in Rapid City.
    • Furthermore, after enrolling himself in US Military Academy, Adam Vinatieri registered at South State University.
  • Personal Life. After getting together for a couple of years, Adam Vinatieri and Valeri Vinatieri got married in 2001. Additionally, this couple had two children. They are AJ and Allison. Also, his eldest son is into football and being a member of Adam’s high school football team.

Adam Vinatieri’s Career

Adam Vinatieri had shown his ability since an early age. Additionally, he was a talented multi-sport athlete at his school.

Therefore, that might be the reason why he is best known as the best kicker all of the time.

Adam Vinatieri College Career

Remembering the days that have passed, Adam confirmed that he had in no way notion that he could play like a pro for such a prolonged length.

Moreover, he never felt that he had managed to become the top scorer.

However, while joining the Military Academy for several days, Adam Vinatieri changed his mind.

Thereupon, he attended the state university.

Then, he completely drilled to play professionally as well as performed for the college team in 1995.

Adam Vinatieri Championship Ring

During his career, Adam Vinatieri won four championships. The first match that he won was with Indianapolis Colts.

Meanwhile, he became a winner three times when there was a match with New England Patriots.

Adam Vinatieri Hall of Fame

Judging from all the achievements he has given and the skills he has, Adam Vinatieri is one of the best football players in the NFL.

Therefore, he might be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2025, and two other natural kickers are in Canton (Jan Stanerud and Morten Andersen).

Adam Vinatieri Net Worth

Additionally, according to a trusted source, Adam Vinatieri net worth is about $25 million.


In 2007, it was revealed that Adam Vinatieri had a home in Rapid City, although it was registered under his LLC name.

Meanwhile, in 2020, it was said that Adam Vinatieri had listed his house in Carmel, Indiana for $2.25 million, having at the start bought the house for $1.3 million in 2012.

This shows a huge earnings margin. Thus, no wonder Adam Vinatieri net worth is quite impressive.

Cars & Trucks

Based on several sources, apparently, Adam owned several collections of cars and some of them are antique cars.

For instance, the cars include Indianapolis colts cars & trucks, 60s Mitsubishi colts Australia, Toyota, Edgerrin James hall of fame, and 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia.

Again, all of these cars were also a part of Adam Vinatieri net worth.

How Much Does Adam Vinatieri Make Per Year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

All through his NFL career, Adam Vinatieri earned a tremendously paltry $25 million in overall profits.

Therefore, that is what he got when he signed his first-year contract with Indiana Colts, which included a $200 signature bonus and a $200 guarantee.

So, his annual salary is around $3,875,000 per year. No wonder Adam Vinatieri net worth is pretty impressive, right?

How does Adam Vinatieri Make Money?

Indeed, Adam Vinatieri net worth is about $25 million this year. Being a professional football player also has helped him earn such significant wealth.

Besides, he was a part of two upper NFL teams, New England Patriots and Indiana Colts. Thus, Adam Vinatieri net worth is very impressive.

Adam Vinatieri Autographed Jersey Worth

Talking about Adam Vinatieri autographed jersey includes a $220 autographed mini helmet, a $147 photo AFC championship, a$161 signed Adam Vinatieri photo, and others.

So, there are a lot. Then, you could find them in trusted online stores.

For every sale, Adam is also entitled to severance pay, which is why Adam Vinatieri net worth is increasing day by day.

Is Adam Vinatieri Still Kicking?

After a 2019 campaign marked by unusual struggles and lingering injuries, it was reported that Adam Vinatieri did not play in 2020.

In addition, Adam Vinatieri had stated that he would retire after playing for more than twenty years.

Otherwise, Adam Vinatieri does not give an official statement about his retirement yet.

According to the latest news, Adam is still kicking. Also, he hopes to be able to participate in the next season.

However, there is no accurate news about his busy life this year.