Darius McCrary Net Worth – Stories behind the Great Multitalented Artist

You might have known this multitalented actor pretty well, but do you know how old is he? Where does he stay? And how much is Darius McCrary net worth in 2022?

Therefore, we have prepared this page with short info but details about Darius McCrary. So, let’s start!


Stage Name Darius McCrary
Legal Name Darius Creston McCrary
Date of Birth May 1st, 1976
Gender Male
Height 6 ft (190 cm)
Darius McCrary Net Worth           $200 thousand 
Profession Actor, singer, and producer             
Nationality American

Personal Background of Darius McCrary


Darius McCrary is an American singer, producer, actor, and rapper. He was born in Walnut, California.

Hence, this man is such a multitalented artist, isn’t he? No wonder Darius McCrary net worth is one of the hot topics people talk about.

  • Legal Name: Darius Creston McCrary
  • Stage Name: Darius McCrary
  • Date of Birth: 1 May, 197
  • Gender & Height: Darius McCrary is a male. He is 6 feet (190 cm) tall, whereas his weight is 157 lbs (71 kg).
  • Nationality: He was born in Walnut, California. So, he is an American.

What is Darius McCrary Best Known for?

Well, Darius McCrary is an American actor. Likewise, he is famous for his character of Edward Winslow.

Besides, this man becomes a producer, singer, and rapper.

Additionally, he is regarded for his voice character of Jazz in the 2007 technology fiction movie ‘Transformers’.

Moreover, Darius McCrary is best known for his character in the famous sitcom “Family Matters”, which premiered between 1989 and 1998.

Also, he is the founding father of FathersCare, a non-profit business enterprise assisting fathers to enhance their relationships with their kids.

Automatically, the business also contributes to Darius McCrary net worth.

Personal life of Darius McCrary


Darius Creston McCray better known as Darius McCrary was born on May 1st, 1976, in California, USA.

In addition, his father, Howard, was a singer, a music director, and a composer.  Also, he has a brother, Donovan McCray.

Furthermore, he did not share about his mother just like he shared about his father and brother. There is no further explanation.

  • Education

Often celebrities who have very big names immediately reveal details of every minute of their lives on the media or social media.

Moreover, early school history or educational background is a topic that is often found from authentic sources of information, but Darius McCrary is an exception.

Nonetheless, there is not any source that explains where he got his education.

  • Marriage

Well, Darius McCrary has been thrice in his life. Then, all of those three times marriages were failed.

Firstly, he married Juliette Merril Vann in 2005. But the following year, they got divorced.

Second, McCrary married an American author, Karrine Steffans. Again, three years later this marriage ended up being apart.

No matter how big a person’s celebrity is, marriage failure always devastates and destroys someone’s mentality, indeed.

After that, in 2014, Darius McCrary tried out his luck by marrying an American actress Tammy Brawner.

Again, this marriage fell off in 2017.

Darius McCrary’s Career

Darius McCrary has had better lines and has been associated with many industries. In addition, he is an outstanding artist.

Also, has starred in several films and TV shows.

Part of that, his statement also draws from the fact that he is a great singer, producer, and rapper.

Automatically, Darius McCrary net worth is a form of income from various fields he has worked on so far.

  • Darius McCrary Acting Career
    • Well, Darius McCrary started his career as a little actor. In addition, the McCrary movie was released in 1987.
    • Likewise, his debut was in the comedy film entitled “Big Shots”.
    • Furthermore, in1988, he showed himself as a guest star in ‘Mississippi Burning’. After that, he took part in “Family Matters’ one year later.
    • In 2000, Darius McCrary was the cast of “Something to Sing About”. He acted as Tommy, the main character in this film.
    • Additionally, in 2007, he was a voice actor in ‘Transformers’. Thus, Darius McCrary became the voice of Jazz in this popular film.
    • He also joined the cast of “The Young and the Restless”. In this movie, he acted as Malcolm Winters.
  • Darius McCrary Music Career
    • Apart from being a professional actor, Darius McCrary is also a great singer. His music career is quite good.
    • Thereupon, he has launched several R&B songs throughout the years. Besides, his aunt was one of the most popular singers in its era.
  • Awards & Nominations
    • Well, Darius McCrary has not been awarded officially, but he has been nominated for some movies and series.
    • In 1988, he was a nominee of the Young Artist Award due to his ‘Big Shots’ comedy series.
    • After that, in 1989, Darius McCrary got the same nomination since he took part in ‘Mississippi’ drama series.
    • Moreover, he got the same award for ‘Family Matters’ sitcom four years later.

Darius McCrary Net Worth


Indeed, Darius McCrary has had an impressive career in many industries as he is a singer, actor, producer, and rapper.

As of 2022, it was reported that Darius McCrary net worth is about $200 thousand.

  • Production Company

Meanwhile, according to the latest news, Darius McCrary is recently developing his own television and film production company launch, which is slated for a 2021 release.

  • House

Furthermore, Darius McCray lives in Woodland Hills, California, USA.

However, in 2006, he sold his house which has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms for $960K. Moreover, this was still a part of Darius McCrary net worth.

Unfortunately, nobody knows his latest house.

How does Darius McCrary Make Money?

Well, Darius McCrary has been being a part of plenty of successful movies.

For example, the movies are Kingdom Come, Vampires, Family Matters, The Breaks, Park Day, and many more.

Additionally, he is a successful actor who began acting at a very young age. No wonder Darius McCrary net worth is quite fantastic.

Also, his star continues to shine throughout his career by seeing the many series and films that he has starred in.

  • How Much Does Darius McCrary Make Per Year? Well, his annual salary is around $4,00,000 per year which also contributes to Darius McCrary net worth.

Is Darius McCrary Still Active?

Darius McCrary Net Worth

If we look at his busy life now, this 46-year-old man still has no signs of retiring considering he has several hectic activities for years to come.

Indeed, Darius McCrary’s existence in the film and television industry lives on under CGEM Talent by Chris Giovanni.

Moreover, he recently has played James Brown on the BET series American Soul.

Then, he is currently working on the launch of his television production company and his film will be released this year.

Hence, can you imagine how much salary he will get from his latest project? Will Darius McCrary net worth increase? Let’s see!