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Top 20 best YouTube Fitness Channels, Especially Recommended For You

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels

Have you finally decided that you need to start a fitness routine? If you have, then here are the top 20 best YouTube fitness channels that will get you going.

Table of Contents

1.Nick’s Strength and Power

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - Nick’s Strength and Power

For all the fitness freaks and newcomers, Nick’s Strength and Power is one of the best channels on YouTube. No wonder it ranks first in the top 20 list. He is a professional bodybuilder, and he guides you through his routine and how you can use it for yourself.


Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - HASfit

If you are looking for free exercise routines and tutorials, HASfit is the best channel on YouTube. You can find anything from full length work out plans to nutrition advice, which can help save your gym problems. And even though they are for free, their contents are beneficial and useful.

3.Love Sweat Fitness

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - Love Sweat Fitness

Fitness is not always about exercises, but there is also an inspirational element to it. And no one shows that better than Katie, the fitness trainer that runs the YouTube channel Love Sweat Fitness. She shares her journey on how she finally lost weight, and her contents are informative and useful for everyone. You will find valuable tips and recipes on her channel.

4.Joanna Soh Official

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - Joanna Soh

If you want a fitness trainer but don’t want to step out of your house, Joanna Soh is the perfect person. She has some excellent workout content and is also a personal vlogger. And her workouts are always exciting and challenging, which are useful and yield results.

5.BodyFit by Amy

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - BodyFit by Amy

Amy is another excellent inspirational fitness trainer who runs the YouTube channel BodyFit. And the best thing about her channel is the focus on kettlebell training, where she shows you every exercise you can try with your kettlebell. There are some great routines that you can follow, and she uploads them consistently.


Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels -OfficialBarStarzz

If you don’t have a gym membership or you don’t want to go to one, OfficialBarStarzz has all you need. The contents are all about calisthenics, and they show you all the essential basics which can transform your body. There is always something to learn from every video content, so you should check them out.

7. OriGym Personal Training Careers

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - OriGym

OriGym Personal Training Careers is another YouTube channel that has everything you need to know about fitness. You can get tons of routines and diet advice that can help you get the results you want. There are plenty of gym motivation videos as well, and you get tips from trained professionals.

8. XHIT Daily

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - XHIT Daily

XHIT Daily has a massive following on YouTube with over 3 million subscribers. And the contents are useful for everyone whether you are a beginner or not. So you can get everything from helpful tips to how to perform specific exercises.

9. MattDoesFitness

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - MattDoesFitness

MattDoesFitness is another excellent natural bodybuilding channel on YouTube. And if building muscles is your thing, you will find some fantastic workout content on this channel. He has some of the best fitness tips for building mass and shaping up your muscles, and you should check him out.

10.The Fitness Marshall

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - The Fitness Marshall

If you are looking for some cardio routines, The Fitness Marshall is one of the best YouTube channels to check. The contents are creative, and the routines are fun and filled with dance moves. So it is a combination of exercise and entertainment.

11.The Lean Machines

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - The Lean Machines

The Lean Machines is a YouTube channel run by two guys, Leon and John. They are health coaches and personal trainers who run one of the most informative fitness channels on YouTube. Regardless of how little you know about fitness in general, you will find all the things you need to know about health, diet routines, and workouts.

12.Molly Bailey

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - Molly Bailey

Fitness is not all about workout routines; but it is also about lifestyle. And no other YouTube channel gives advice better than Molly Bailey. She is a fitness vlogger who uploads useful content consistently on losing weight, what food to eat, which meals to prepare etc. 

13.Scott Herman Fitness

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - Scott Herman Fitness

If you are very serious about fitness and ready to put in all the grind and hard work, Scott Herman Fitness is the YouTube channel to check. He posts videos twice every week and guides you through some of the most effective exercise routines, including tips like what to avoid and where to focus on, etc.

14.Kali Muscle

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - Kali Muscle

Motivation is crucial for anyone trying to hit the gym. And if you want some of it, there is no better place than checking out Kali Muscle on YouTube. It is by far one of the best fitness motivation channels with some intense workout routines.


Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - MadFit

There is nothing like doing things in the comfort of your home. And if that is what you love, MadFit is one of the best YouTube channels providing you with everything related to fitness. This channel has all the exercises you can do at home without having to go to a gym.

16. NateBowerFitness

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - NateBowerFitness

Are you bored with the regular workout routines? Then you should check out NateBowerFitness for something different. He is a professional boxing instructor who incorporates boxing into your workout routines. You can learn the basics and move up to more intense exercises.

17. FitnessBlender

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - FitnessBlender

FitnessBlender is an excellent channel run by a husband and wife duo. Their contents are full of pure motivation and excellent routines that can make you want to start trying them right away. You can find everything like cardio exercises, fat burning, stretches, you name it.

18. Tone It Up

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - Tone It Up

Tone It Up is another excellent fitness channel. You can find some great workout routines and recipes that you can make at home. And there are motivational videos for you as well. However, despite the excellent content, it is worth noting that not all of their contents are for free.

19. The Body Coach

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels

This YouTube channel by the UK-based fitness trainer Joe Wicks has some of the best HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) routines you can find on YouTube. And he uploads them every week, so there is something to learn and keep you busy.

20. POPSUGAR Fitness

Recommended YouTube Fitness Channels - POPSUGAR Fitness

If you are into bodyweight loss exercises, POPSUGAR Fitness is the best YouTube channel with unique free content. You will need minimal equipment to try their excellent routines. The workouts are easy, fun, and useful.