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How Much Is Amber Marshall Net Worth In 2022?

Amber Marshall net worth as an actress is reckoned to be between $2 and $3 million.

Summary Table
Stage Name Amber Marshall
Legal Name Amber Marshall
Date of Birth June 2, 1988
Gender Female
Height 5’5″ (1.65 m)
Net Worth Between $2 and $3 million.
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Actress & Equestrian
Nationality American

Keep reading this article for further details of Amber Marshall net worth in 2022 and all you need to know about the Canadian actress.

About Amber Marshall

Before discussing Amber Marshall net worth, this part will discuss her brief bio.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: The actress’s legal name and stage name go by Amber Marshall.
  • Date of Birth: Amber Marshall age is thirty-three, she was born in 1988 and celebrates her birthday every June 2.
  • Gender & Height: The female Canadian actress from Ontario is 1.65 m tall.
  • Nationality: Marshall was born in London, Ontario, and she is a Citizen of  Canada.
  • Best Known for? People recognize her as a character named Amy Fleming that appear in CBC’s series titled Heartland for over a decade.
Amber Marshall Net Worth

Amber Marshall Previous Journey

After discussing Amber Marshall biography, this part will give a glimpse of her early life. Amber grew up in London, Ontario, and had a fond love of riding horses and acting from a young age. Furthermore, she also participates in the Original Kids Theatre Company. Marshall’s first big acting role as an adolescent is when she joined the movie The Elizabeth Smart Story and got a nomination for the Young Artist Awards.

  • Education:
    • There are no official records about which school Amber Marshall attended previously.
    • Regardless, she is known as a student of Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts where she learn and develop her artistic talent.
  • Personal life:
    • The Equestrian personal life as an actress becomes frequently asked questions by the public.
    • Amber Marshall married her darling husband Shawn Turner in 2013 and the couple live gracefully for all these years.
    • Marshall had pure love and adoration for animals, thus, she became a volunteer to take care of the animals outside her activities as an actress.

Amber Marshall’s Career

Amber Marshall has come a long way in terms of her career journey as an actress. Ever since she was a teenager, Marshall show her skill and ability in acting. The next few parts will explain about years of her career before we look deeper into Amber Marshall net worth as a professional actress.

Amber Marshall Acting Career

Super Rupert is the first TV show where the sweet twelve-year-old Amber Marshall shows off her acting skill. Next year, she appeared in Twice in a Lifetime for one episode only and followed with other projects including The Christmas Shoes, Doc, and Dark Oracle. Afterward, her first big prominent role is a film titled The Elizabeth Smart Story. The next chapter of her career was when she got the role of Amy Fleming and began the shooting for the series Heartland in 2007.

Amber Marshall Film and TV

Long story short, the Heartland series is currently on the fifteenth episode which marked more than a decade of Amber Marshall’s involvement in the shows that brought her name. These are also some of the movies of Amber Marshall, including Love in Harmony Valley, A Heartland Christmas, Mutant World, Travel Plans, and several television series titled The Power Strikes, Super Rupert, and some more.

Awards & Nominations

Amber Marshall has been nominated for five Alberta Film & Television Awards and won one of them for her Heartland performance. For the same television series, Marshall triumphantly got Canada’s Screen Star Award. She is also a nominee recipient for a Young Artist Awards.

Amber Marshall Net Worth

Amber Marshall net worth is reckoned with an estimation between $2 and $3 million.

  • Businesses:
    • Amber Marshall and her husband has been known to successfully take care of their hundred acres of farm ranch since many years ago.
    • There are various animals such as cats, horses, rabbits, cows, dogs, alpaca, and chickens.
    • There are times when Marshall goes by riding a horse when she wants to come to Heartland‘s set.
    • Regardless, no other reports of investment and business contribute to Amber Marshall net worth besides her major income as an actress.
  • Real estate: Property investment that contributes to Amber Marshall net worth is known as a ranch that resided in a west part of Canada called Alberta.
  • Vehicles:
    • Even though we could not provide an official number regarding Amber Marshall net worth from vehicles or cars she owns, the Heartland actress has been known to make use of RAM Trucks for her daily activities, works, or anything related to the ranch.
    • Both RAM Trucks Canada and Amber Marshall are having in partnership to benefit each other over the years.
  • Annual Salary:
    • The information of Amber Marshall net worth or annual salary she receives is unavailable.
    • What is certain to discuss is the estimated net worth of Marshall as an entirety.
  • Income from Heartland? It is reported that the approximation of Amber Marshall net worth or income from one episode of Heartland is reaching $100 thousand.
  • Income Comes From: Amber Marshall net worth or total wealth comes from the hard work she has done through the years for the acting work, brand contract, and her side activities with the ranch.

Amber Marshall Current Activities

The Canadian actress is doing great and happily married to her spouse. Although some people question her and the husband regarding Amber Marshall kids, it is explained that she does not have offspring and is not pregnant presently. Marshall is more concentrating on her work and plans to start on have kids in the future. You can catch up with Marshall or read anything related to the newest updates about the Canadian star personally from her social media or website.

There is not much to explain further about the story of Amber Marshall as she is also one of the actresses who does not involve in any controversy or drama surrounding celebrity life. This marks the end of a discussion of Amber Marshall net worth, wealth, salary, or income, plus any details related to her real life.