Amber Frey Net Worth and Career: A Massage Therapist Who Trapped in Sadistic Murder

Amber Frey net worth did increase after she turned into a book writer. The story of Scott Peterson’s murder of his wife, Laci Peterson, earned her popularity.

Amber Frey is Scott Peterson’s ex-girlfriend. However, this woman, who works as a therapist, at first, did not know that she was dating a married man.

Everything gets complicated when a murder occurs and forces her to be an eyewitness in this case. How is her life story, and how does this case affect Amber Frey net worth?

Here are the quick facts!


1 Stage Name: Amber Frey
2 Legal Name: Amber Dawn Frey
3 Date of Birth: February 10, 1975
4 Gender: Female
5 Height: 5 ft 8 in (175 cm)
6 Amber Frey Net Worth: $500 thousand
7 Salary/earning/income per year: $50,000 per year in estimation
8 Profession: American author
9 Nationality: American

Amber Frey Biography

Initially, Amber Frey was a regular massage therapist until she met Scott Peterson. After that, they began to be in a relationship.

But what Amber Frey did not know at that time was that her lover was already married to Laci Peterson, and tragedy began to occur.

Laci Peterson suddenly disappeared in December 2002, and the police began to suspect her husband. They inquired from Amber Frey, who let her know that Scott was married.

Amber Frey was then willing to help the police uncover the case. This experience made Amber Frey start writing a book about her involvement in the case.

The book was quite successful work and contributed to Amber Frey net worth. After that, she started to build her spa business, even though it eventually went bankrupt.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Amber Frey’s legal name is Amber Dawn Frey.
  • Date of Birth: Amber Frey was born on February 10, 1975.
  • Gender & Height: Amber Frey is a female with a height of 175 cm tall. Her body measurement is 143 lbs (65 kg).
  • Nationality: She was born in Los Angeles, California, U.S, and she is an American.
  • What is Amber Frey Best Known for?
    • Amber Frey became popular after her status as Scott Peterson’s mistress was revealed. However, she admitted that she did not know about her lover’s marital status.
    • She also later became a witness in Scott’s murder case against his wife, Laci. Amber Frey even helped the police investigate the case to the end.
    • In the end, she shared her experience involved in the Laci Peterson murder case through her book, Witness for Prosecution of Scott Peterson (2005 and 2006), and contributed a lot to Amber Frey net worth.
    • Because the murder case was in the spotlight because of its sadism, this book was very popular and contributed a significant amount to Amber Frey net worth.

More life Details About Amber Frey

Amber Frey is the daughter of Ron Frey and Brenda Frey. Unfortunately, his parents divorced when she was five years old.

Since she was a child, Amber had to live a difficult life because of her incomplete family. When adult, she started the profession as a massage therapist.


Despite the difficult time due to her parents’ divorce, Amber Frey still attaches importance to education. She managed to graduate from Clovis High School well.

After that, she underwent training at Golden State College. Amber Frey also graduated from Freno City College after studying in the field of child development.

Personal Life

In addition to Amber Frey net worth, her long love story has also become the public spotlight. One of them is related to her relationship with Scott Peterson, who was later involved in the murder of his wife.

In 2002, the two became acquainted through mutual friends. Until they finally meet and fall in love. This man seemed to agree to be Amber Frey husband.

Amber Frey, at that time, already had a child named Ayiana Frey. But she did not know that Scott had married Laci Petterson and was expecting a child.

One of Amber Frey’s best friends then learns that Scott is married and threatens to reveal it. But the man then said that he would later be honest with Frey.

Later, the murder of Laci Peterson and her unborn baby came into revelation, and Scott was the perpetrator. That is when the relationship with Amber then ended.

After that, Amber Frey returned to living a normal life. Over the years, Anthony Flores has provided Ayiana with $175-a-month child support.

But after almost four years, the truth came. DNA test results revealed that Anthony Flores was not Ayiana Frey’s biological father.

Data shows that the child has a 99.9 percent resemblance to Christopher Funch. Flores admitted that he was relieved to know this fact even though admit to feeling cheated.

Amber Frey married Robert Hermandez in 2006 but ended in divorce.

In addition, she also had a relationship with Dr. David Markovich. From this relationship was born a child named Justin Markovich.

Amber Frey’s Career

amber frey net worth

Before taking profession as a massage therapist, Amber Frey had a career as an American author. Her first book was titled 20/20.

But apparently, it was not enough wealth to pay for her life. Therefore, Amber Frey decided to become a massage therapist. Until then, she met Scott Peterson.

The story of the murder of Laci Peterson eventually inspired Amber Frey to write a book called “Witness For Prosecution of Scott Peterson”.

It was indeed popular and contributed significantly to Amber Frey net worth. She had signed a contract to write a sequel to her story with Scott Peterson, but the book was never published.

The reason was, at that time, a lawsuit emerged from Robert Reynosa accusing Amber Frey of violating copyright because she did not include her name in various writings.

Amber Frey Net Worth

Amber Frey net worth is approximately $500 thousand. Most of it came from selling books about the murder of Laci Petterson.

She also earns money from the day spa business.

  • Businesses:
    • After the Scott Peterson case, Amber Frey had opened a day spa in California.
    • But for some reason, the business did not do well and went bankrupt in 2015.
  • Real Estate: The properties and investment are under review.
  • Cars: The assets are under review.
  • Income: As a massage therapist, Amber Frey makes approximately $50,000 per year in estimation.
  • How does Amber Frey Make Money? Apart from having written a book about the murder of Laci Peterson, her profession as a massage therapist has contributed to Amber Frey net worth.

Is Amber Frey Still a Therapist?

Amber Frey last released her book titled “Witness for Prosecution of Scott Peterson” in 2006 and has not written anything yet after that.

Meanwhile, she is still active as a massage therapist.

Despite her bankruptcy in 2015, she is still working as a massage therapist.

This profession is the main source of Amber Frey net worth. Apart from that, she is also living a normal life with her two children.