Wes Bergmann Net Worth In 2022 And All You Need To Know

Wes Bergmann net worth or wealth is calculated to be $500 thousand as a popular contestant from TV shows.

Summary Table
Stage Name  Wes Bergmann
Legal Name  Weston Bergmann
Date of Birth  September 10, 1984
Gender  Male
Height  5’ 10” (1.78 m)
Net Worth  $500 thousand
Salary / earning / income per year  Unknown
Profession  Reality TV personality
Nationality  American

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Wes Bergmann Detail Personality

Before we get to know more about Wes Bergmann net worth, let’s take a short look at his brief biography first.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Weston Bergmann is publicly known for Wes Bergmann.
  • Date of Birth: Born in 1984, Kansas, US. The 35-year-old guy celebrates his birthday on September 10 every year.
  • Gender & Height: Wes Bergmann is a 1.78 m male.
  • Nationality: Wes is a Citizen of the United States of America.
  • What is Wes Bergmann Best Known for? He is best known as the victor of The Duel and Rivals II and a participant of The Real World: Austin. 

Wes Bergmann’s Beginnings of Life

Wes Bergmann was born to parents Cindy and Doug Bergmann in a part of Kansas City called Leawood. Although it is known that Wes was raised in a conservative household, he expressed a few things about his beliefs including the fact that the guys truly support Black Lives Matter. There is not much to inform about the early life of Wes Bergmann aside from what we have mentioned.

  • Education

Wes Bergmann is known to attend Arizona State University and graduated in 2008 with Magna Cum Laude. He became part of Phi Kappa Psi during his university days.

  • Personal life

Before Wes married his lovely wife, he used to date two participants from The Real World for a short period. Many years later, Wes Bergmann tied the knot with Amanda Hornick in Kansas City in June 2018. The couple lives gleefully with their beloved dog named Bootstrap in Kansas City. Unfortunately, we could not find more details about Wes’s personal life.

Wes Bergmann’s Career

Sometimes our career path can change in a blink of an eye. The same thing happened to Wes Bergmann unexpectedly. In 2005, he appeared on the television screen for the first time through The Real World: Austin. The next year, he continued his work and showed up on The Challenge for the first time and remains to stay for a few seasons. Through his television career, Wes Bergmann is rivaling Johnny Bananas.

This is the complete list of Wes Bergmann appearances on television:

  • Alisters (TV Series)
  • The Real World (TV Series)
  • The Challenge (TV Series)
  • Spring Break Challenge 2010 (TV Mini-Series)
  • The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars (TV Series)
  • We Heart Diem (TV Movie Documentary)
  • The Challenge: After Show (TV Series)

Having a career in the entertainment industry means that you have the responsibility to connect and interact with the fans. Throughout his entire career, Wes had been able to build immensely fandom and socialize with them through his Cameo account. Aside from his career as a reality star, Wes maximizes his knowledge from the university to be involved in the Startups industry, which will be explained later in the article.

Why did Wes leave the challenge?

After years of work, Wes Bergmann announced personally through his social media that he passed his time on MTV’s The Challenge because there are pivotal things change in his life and he is impatiently wanted to share the exciting news in times ahead.

Wes Bergmann Net Worth

As mentioned above, Wes Bergmann net worth or wealth is reckoned to be $500 thousand throughout his entire career in the entertainment industry as well as the business sector. On the Double Agents many years back, Wes admitted that he is rich.

  • Businesses

Wes Bergmann studied Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing when he attended university. Even though he is famously known for his work in television, Wes also participates in BetaBlox, a Venture Capital & Private Equity, which based in the Kansas area. Wes is taking part as an Investor at BetaBlox Business Incubator since 2008 because he has put curiosity and interest in early-stage ventures. Wes’s successful career in BetaBlox is proven by his ability to possess KC metropolitan’s part of more than 70 in-business Startups.


The company itself is concentrated on Entrepreneurship, Business Planning, Startups, and Mentoring. They stated that BetaBlox will help businesses by introducing themselves as an accelerator and becoming an incubator afterward. It has been Wes’s ambition to help and create jobs for other people. His involvement in this business is also contributing to Wes Bergmann net worth and salary in general, aside from his career in TV shows.

  • Real estate

It remains unknown if there are any property investments that contribute to Wes Bergmann net worth or not. Regardless, he and his family are known to reside in Kansas City.

  • Cars

We could not provide detailed information regarding Wes Bergmann net worth from cars or vehicles he had. Yet, he is rumored to drive a BMW.

  • Income Detail

The information about how much Wes Bergmann net worth or salary gained per year is unavailable.

Wes Bergmann net worth or income came from his work as a Reality TV Star alongside another business he had.

Wes Bergmann Now Days

Wes Bergmann might be retired from his work in television at this point. However, he is presently focusing on work in BetaBlox and it is plausible that Wes will make a return on television one day.

Wes Bergmann is doing just fine with his wife and their dog and based on his LinkedIn profile, it seems that he had been concentrating on building his company to help other Startups. It is unclear if Wes Bergmann is doing business or investment aside from any information we have found. After resigning from The Challenge, he seems very content with everything that comes from Wes Bergmann net worth, income, or salary through years of hard work on the TV screen.

You can keep up with Wes Bergmann’s updates through his social media Instagram and Twitter.