Using Copyscape to Increase Online Earnings: Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties using This Simple Online Tool

Freelance writing online is a difficult profession where optimizing income can be challenging. Rewriting original content is one way to create multiple streams of income for the same subject matter.

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Using Copyscape Is Easy and Inexpensive

Paid registration at Copyscape is required in order to check content for online duplication. Without paying, only URL’s can be checked, and the very low per day limits set on these sites make it a senseless quest. Paid membership at Copyscape is inexpensive, and pays for itself quickly. Payment from PayPal is accepted, making it much simpler for online content writers to purchase a paid subscription.

How to Use Copyscape to Check Rewritten Material

For content to pass Copyscape, it must be substantially written, with 50-75% of the text changed. Longer key phrases which can be restated should be, because those will show up as duplicate content online. Lists of items should be shuffled so they are not identical to the original content.

After logging in to Copyscape, the written content should be copied and pasted into the text box, and the “Check” button clicked.

If Copyscape finds no duplicate content, the content is sufficiently rewritten to be submitted elsewhere. If the original content shows up, the parts that are duplicated will be highlighted.

These results should be studied carefully, and duplicated phrases or sentences rewritten to be as different as possible. Once the duplicate content has been corrected, it should once again be copied and pasted into into the text box, taking care that the material already in the text box is deleted first. Failure to delete the original content will bring up the exact same results as before.

The process may need to be repeated if additional duplicate phrases are found. Eventually, there should be a message that says that no duplicate content was found, and the content can then be submitted for resale elsewhere.

The Benefits of Rewriting Content

Rewriting takes much less time than original content writing. When rewriting, research doesn’t need to be done, so an article can usually be rewritten in one-third to one-half the time required for the original article.

There truly is nothing new under the sun, and every topic has been written on many times. Rewriting content is a good way to manage writing time wisely, while maximizing potential income. This is especially true when writing for both online and offline media. Converting an offline article to an SEO article for online submission can be very rewarding financially.

Rewriting Does Not Mean Rules Don’t Apply

Of course, Terms of Use have to be followed for each publication or site. If an article is sold for full rights, the contract may require that rewrites may not be submitted elsewhere for the same subject matter. Some require only first rights, with a time period after which you may republish the content elsewhere online. A print publication may require full offline rights, leaving online publication unfettered. Each entity has different rules, so always reading the Terms of Use carefully for every outlet, and asking questions beforehand, may save trouble later on.