Online Money Earning Opportunity: Freelance Writing

Freelance writing can be a rewarding career for those who have a natural flair for writing. With the advent of internet technology and evolution of online marketing, writing for the web has turned out to be an online money earning opportunity for both armature and seasoned writers.

However, web writing is not similar to writing for the print medium. The approach, the style, the audience all are different when it comes to online writing. Plus, it takes a lot of patience to earn descent money from freelance writing. The process can be difficult, but not impossible. Here is some useful information on how to succeed as a freelance writer.

How to Get Ideas for Articles

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Many writers are strike with a writer’s block or lack of ideas after publishing 10 or 15 articles. There is no need to panic in such situations. A writer can take a look around himself/herself to find new topics for the next article. Generating ideas from old articles is also useful. If a writer has written a long 1000 words article, the best idea is to break it down into 2 short articles of 400-500 words each with unique titles. Writing on topics of one’s expertise is always a good idea as it takes minimum time. Articles with authentic information and creative ideas are always welcome to readers and generate more page views.

Legit Websites to Publish Articles

There are many legit websites where original articles can be published. Freelance writers should take a close look at each of the websites and decide which one suite them best instead of jumping on each of the freelance writing sites they come across.

E-how, Hub Pages are reputed sites for freelance writing.

Increasing Page Views Through Inbound Links

To increase page views, writers can include inbound links to their articles. Inbound link is a link from another website that is directed to the article page. Inbound link is a popular way to increase traffic to articles. Authors can consider personal blogs, personal websites, trade and industry associations, and social bookmarking sites to provide inbound links to their articles.

Importance of Keywords

Incorporating good keywords in articles are extremely necessary in web writing for search engine optimization, better page rank, and better chance of visibility of the article. Keyword research is to be done before writing the article and not after writing the article. Keyword is the basis of good web writing, so it should never be neglected while writing for the web. Google Adwords is one of the best places to do keyword research.

Promoting Articles

Promoting articles is important to generate more views that will probably bring more revenues. Once an article is published, posting the links to social networking and bookmarking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc are always useful. Success as a freelance writer is no magic. It takes a lot of time even over a month to get the first payout. Writers should informative articles on a regular basis and with a little of luck and patience anyone can become a successful freelance writer.