Tyler Toney Net Worth, One of the Founders of Dude Perfect

Tyler Toney net worth ranges from $6 to $25 million. The YouTube star is known as the guy from Dude Perfect, a popular YouTube channel consisting of five members.

Summary Table
Stage Name Tyler Toney
Legal Name Tyler Nathan Toney
Date of Birth March 24, 1989
Gender Male
Height 5’9’’ (1.75 m)
Net Worth Ranges from $6 to $25 million
Salary/earning/income per year
Profession YouTube Star & Actor
Nationality American

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Tyler Toney Individual Identity

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Tyler Toney’s nom de guerre or aliases are “Ty,” “TT,” T,” “TnT,” and “Beard.” However, his actual name is Tyler Nathan Toney.
  • Date of Birth: The 32-year-old Dude Perfect member was born in 1989. He celebrated his birthday every year on March 24.
  • Gender & Height: Tyler Toney is a male YouTuber with an exact height of 1.75 m.
  • Nationality: Tyler Toney is a US Citizen.
  • What is Tyler Toney Best Known for?: Tyler Toney is best known as one of the trailblazers and creators of a sports entertainment channel on YouTube, Dude Perfect.

Formative Years of Tyler Toney

The bearded guy was born in Prosper, Texas, to a Christian family. Tyler Toney’s beloved parents are Jeff Toney and Pam Toney. His father is a well-known pastor in a church located in Austin. Although there is not much to discuss the early life of Tyler Toney, his life changed drastically when he encountered friends at the university and started their careers together through YouTube.

  • Education

Tyler Toney graduated from Prosper High School in 2007. During that time, he was an athlete at the school and joined the football team as a quarterback. Later, he attended Texas A&M University where he played basketball and studied Fisheries & Wildlife.

  • Personal life

Tyler Toney’s wife is a former pageant queen named Bethany Briscoe. His wife owns a cookie company called The Cookie Doe, which sells varieties of custom-made cookies. The couple has already been married since 2011 and had three lovely kids, Barrett Nathan Toney, Rhett Silas Toney, and Colton James Toney. The Tyler Toney family lives happily together in Texas with their cute dogs.

Tyler Toney’s Career

In conclusion, Tyler Toney’s career and the history of Dude Perfect began with YouTube. It all started when Cory Cotton, Coby Cotton, Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, and Garrett Hilbert played basketball in a backyard. They simply recorded the whole game and uploaded it on their channel in 2009.  The video that gained 200k views in a week is now being watched 43.490.238 times by people all around the world.

  • High School Football
    • As a teenager, he spends a lot of time in church as well as being a young athlete.
    • As mentioned previously, he joined the Football team at Prosper High School and used to play quarterback for the team.
  • Tyler Toney NFL Career
    • Tyler Toney and the rest of Dude Perfect doing a battle with the National Football League in AT&T Stadium, in Arlington, TX.
    • The video was uploaded on August 1, 2016, with a total amount of views of 36 million.
    • However, there is no further information regarding Tyler’s NFL Career.
  • Dude Perfect
    • The whole Dude Perfect’s members were basketball players in college. Nevertheless, they became friends through the same faith and hobby, while the rest is history. The first video they created was purely for fun without another intention. After that, they gained popularity by posting a bunch of entertainment and sports videos, likewise trick shots. Dude Perfect’s most notable video is “Water Bottle Flip 2,” with a total of 418 million views.
    • Fast forward, they began to do endorsement contract with prominent figures like players from Chelsea F.C, Arsenal F.C,  actor Paul Rudd, NBA star Chris Paul, Volleyball star Morgan Beck, singer Luke Bryan, Serena Williams, and many more. Further, they were also doing collaborations with ESPN’s: 60 for some television shows like Sports Nation and Pardon the Interruption. To add, Dude Perfect net worth is considered to be around $50 million. Because of this, all the members of Dude Perfect live their life with such a great amount of fortune or wealth.

Tyler Toney Net Worth

Based on various sources, we could not provide the exact number of Tyler Toney Net Worth. Nevertheless, we can estimate that Tyler Toney net worth ranges from $6 to $25 million.

  • Businesses
    • There is no report about Tyler Toney net worth from businesses, because, apparently he is only focusing on Dude Perfect for now.
    • In addition, Dude Perfect itself is also having businesses, including launching a game called “Dude Perfect” and doing a TV Series titled “The Dude Perfect Show” in 2015.
  • Cars:
    • The forefront member of Dude Perfect, Tyler Toney net worth is coming from a posh car, Ford Ranger F-250.
  • How does Tyler Toney make money?
    • Tyler Toney net worth primarily came from his work as a member of Dude Perfect.
    • By creating content in the platform for many years, they also had two other channels called “Dude Perfect Gaming” and “Dude Perfect Plus.”
    • In addition, he gained his wealth or income from endorsements or any contracts with different parties.

Who is the richest in Dude Perfect?

Tyler Toney is rumored to be the richest member of Dude Perfect, despite the fact that there is no official report or precise number about Tyler Toney net worth or any member from Dude Perfect.

Is Tyler Toney leave Dude Perfect?

Tyler Toney does not have a plan to leave Dude Perfect presently. In fact, we can see from his social media account that he is still part of the group and additionally put “Bearded Guy of Dude Perfect” on his Insta bio.

  • What is Tyler Toney doing now?

As per usual, he is living his life with his beloved family and continuing his career with Dude Perfect.