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Tom Kenny Net Worth

Tom Kenny is a household name, having provided the voice of Spongebob Squarepants for over two decades. He’s also been involved in a range of other popular franchises like Adventure Time and Power Puff Girls.

His success as an actor has made him as wealthy as Scrooge McDuck, but just how much money does he have? In this article, we’ll dive deep into Tom Kenny’s net worth.

Tom Kenny has been making his mark in the entertainment industry for years. With his iconic voice roles and impressive filmography, he has earned himself considerable wealth. From his time on Spongebob to his more recent work in films like The Lego Movie 2, he’s had a long-standing career that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

We’ll take a look at what makes up Tom Kenny’s net worth and how it all came to be.

Overview Of Tom Kenny’s Career

Tom Kenny has been an integral part of the animation industry for over 25 years.

After taking acting lessons in his native Syracuse, New York, Kenny moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in voiceover work.

His first big break came in 1993 when he was cast as the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants for Nickelodeon’s hit show.

Since then, he’s lent his iconic voice to countless other animated projects, making him one of the most recognizable figures in the animation world today.

Kenny’s success has allowed him to accumulate a net worth estimated at around $20 million dollars.

He continues to be highly sought after by studios and directors alike who are looking for that unique sound that only Tom Kenny can deliver.

With no sign of slowing down anytime soon, it’s safe to say that Kenny will remain a force in the animation industry for many years to come.

Voice Acting

Tom Kenny has been one of the most sought-after voice actors in the industry, lending his talents to projects like SpongeBob SquarePants and Adventure Time. His work in the world of animation has earned him a net worth of $30 million dollars.

Voice casting is something Kenny has mastered over the years, allowing him to lend life to some of his most famous characters. He’s also become an expert at adapting his voice for different characters and animation techniques. Drawing on aspects from both comedic timing and inflection, he strikes a delicate balance between each project he works on.

His ability to understand and execute the nuances required in animation makes him stand out as one of Hollywood’s prized voice actors.

Kenny continues to be a mainstay in Hollywood, adding more impressive titles to his resume with each passing year. From television series to feature films, he’s set himself up as one of the elite voices that brings a unique flavor to any project.

With such an impressive track record, it’s no wonder why Tom Kenny’s net worth is so high!

Live-Action Work

In addition to his voice-acting career, Tom Kenny has also found success in live-action work. He has appeared in many comedy roles, including a recurring role on the show Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. He has also appeared on a variety of reality shows, such as Wife Swap and Punk’d.

Tom Kenny’s net worth is not only due to his voice-acting work but his live-action work as well. Here are some of the highlights of this part of his career:

  • Appeared in recurring role on Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist
  • Played characters on several popular sketch comedy shows
  • Made guest appearances on a number of sitcoms
  • Had roles in multiple feature films and made for TV movies
  • Starred in various reality shows like Wife Swap and Punk’d

Tom Kenny is one of the most recognizable faces and voices in entertainment, with an impressive net worth to show for it. The financial success he’s gained from both voice acting and live-action work demonstrate that he’s made a name for himself in both aspects of the industry and continues to be sought after for new projects.

Writing & Directing

Tom Kenny has a well-rounded career in the entertainment industry, with success as both a writer and a director. His efforts have earned him considerable acclaim, as well as a net worth estimated to be around $10 million.

Kenny is best known for his voice acting roles, especially those of cartoon characters like SpongeBob SquarePants. But he also works behind the scenes in animation and film scoring.

Kenny has directed episodes of The Powerpuff Girls and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, among other shows. He’s also co-written several episodes for various series, including SpongeBob SquarePants and Rocko’s Modern Life.

His experience with animation techniques and film scoring helps him bring these characters to life on screen, giving audiences an extra level of engagement they wouldn’t get from just watching cartoons alone.

Kenny’s three decades of work in the entertainment industry have paid off handsomely; not only has he achieved an impressive net worth but he’s been able to entertain generations of fans worldwide with his unique brand of humor and creativity.

Whether it’s writing or directing, Tom Kenny continues to bring joy to people all over the world with his works.


As an actor and comedian, Tom Kenny has managed to amass a net worth estimated at $8 million. This success can be attributed to his consistent presence in the entertainment industry for decades, along with his various merchandise collaborations and product placements.

Tom Kenny’s success is owed in part to his numerous successful merchandise collaborations. He has been involved in products such as Funko Pop figures of him as SpongeBob SquarePants, T-shirts and hoodies featuring him as a variety of characters from the show, and even several vinyl figures of him dressed up as other characters from the show.

Additionally, he has had numerous product placements on big platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, allowing fans to get more familiar with his work.

Overall, Tom Kenny’s net worth is due largely to his impressive acting career and involvement in merchandise collaborations and product placements over the years. His work continues to entertain fans worldwide while also providing them with opportunities to show their admiration through apparel or collectibles.

In this way, Tom Kenny has become a beloved figure in pop culture, who will be remembered by generations for years to come.


Tom Kenny’s investments are nothing to sneeze at. Having made millions throughout his career as the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants, he has invested those earnings wisely in a variety of stocks and venture capital opportunities.

His stock portfolio is an example of what can be achieved if you know where to put your money and when to take risks. He has taken advantage of the current bull market, investing in tech companies and emerging markets with great success. His portfolio also includes investments in traditional stocks, such as energy and utilities, which offer steady returns.

He has diversified his portfolio by investing in a variety of asset classes, including real estate and bonds. With careful analysis and keen insight into the markets, Tom Kenny is able to achieve impressive results with his investments.

All in all, Tom Kenny’s investment strategies are proof that financial success can be attained through smart decision making.


Tom Kenny’s net worth has also been bolstered by a variety of endorsement and speaking engagements.

His most notable endorsement deal was with the popular video game franchise, ‘Crash Bandicoot,’ which he has been an ambassador for since 2017. He’s also done ad campaigns for companies like McDonalds, Microsoft, and Verizon Wireless. On top of that, he’s appeared in numerous radio shows and podcasts around the world.

In addition to these endorsement deals, Tom Kenny has earned significant income from speaking engagements at various events ranging from fan conventions to corporate conferences. His ability to engage audiences with his trademark humor and quick wit have made him a popular choice for many organizations looking for a keynote speaker or panel moderator.

The fees he commands reflect this high demand and have added another impressive source of income to his already substantial net worth.


Tom Kenny has made a wide range of philanthropic contributions throughout his life, donating both his time and money to charitable causes. His generosity goes beyond simply writing checks; he also volunteers with various organizations and donates his time to fundraising events.

Kenny’s charitable giving is extensive:

  • He has donated to the Children’s Health Fund for years, helping provide medical care for low-income families.
  • He was an active supporter of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for many years, contributing financial resources as well as volunteering at fundraisers and other events.
  • Kenny also regularly donates to non-profit organizations that help homeless veterans get back on their feet.
  • His volunteer work includes participating in beach cleanups and other environmental protection initiatives.

Kenny deeply cares about the communities in which he lives and works, showing immense commitment to improving the lives of those less fortunate than himself. His dedication to helping others is unparalleled and serves as an inspiration to all who know him.


In conclusion, Tom Kenny has established himself as one of the most successful voice actors in the industry. With a career spanning over three decades, he has accumulated immense wealth and recognition. He has made a fortune through his voice acting work, live-action roles, writing and directing projects, merchandise deals, investments, endorsements and philanthropy.

His passion for entertainment shines through in all of his work and it is no surprise that he has been able to ‘seize the day’ and capitalise on all these opportunities.

Tom Kenny’s estimated net worth is an astounding $20 million dollars – a figure which speaks volumes about his success as an entertainer. It is clear that he will continue to remain at the top of his game for many years to come.

His contributions to the industry are invaluable and it is safe to say that Tom Kenny is truly living the American dream!

From rags to riches – Tom Kenny’s story is one that serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists around the world. His longevity in show business proves how hard work and dedication can pay off in the end.