Tika Sumpter Net Worth

Tika Sumpter is an American actress and producer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry and beyond. She’s been making waves since her breakout role in the hit movie ‘Stomp The Yard’ and has gone on to star in a variety of television series, films, and even voice work.

But what many people don’t know is that her success has earned her an impressive net worth. Let’s take a closer look at Tika Sumpter’s career and financial accomplishments.

As an actress, Tika Sumpter has starred in some of Hollywood’s biggest hits. From television appearances on ‘The Game’ to major motion pictures such as ‘Ride Along’ starring alongside Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, Tika has shown that she can bring an exciting energy to any role she takes on. Her range of performances have won her numerous awards and accolades from critics as well as fans alike.

It’s no wonder then that her career success has translated into an impressive net worth.

Tika Sumpter Net Worth – $6 Million

Tika Sumpter is a multi-talented woman who has amassed a fortune through her acting, production and brand endorsements. Her net worth is estimated to be in the region of $6 million, making her one of the most successful celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Sumpter has achieved fame not only through her acting and producing roles, but also through her philanthropic work and brand endorsements. She has been involved with many charitable organizations, including UNICEF and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. She also endorses numerous beauty products and apparel lines which have helped her build her wealth even further.

In addition to all this, Tika Sumpter also owns multiple properties around the US which certainly add up to her impressive net worth.

As an actress, producer and philanthropist, Tika Sumpter has proved herself to be a source of inspiration for many aspiring entertainers out there. She has certainly made the most of every opportunity given to her and will continue to do so in future years as well.

Early Life And Career

Tika Sumpter, the triple-threat actor, singer, and producer, has risen to fame in recent years – most notably known for her fashion choices and musical training. From humble beginnings to a net worth estimated at $6 million, Sumpter’s journey marks a remarkable story of determination and success.

Her career began with small roles on television shows such as Law & Order and Gossip Girl. She later went on to star in the romantic comedy Think Like A Man alongside Kevin Hart. Her role as Michelle in the Tyler Perry movie The Haves and Have Nots catapulted Tika into a household name. She also starred opposite Adam Brody in the hit Netflix series ‘The OA’.

Sumpter has also made her mark in the music industry. She released two albums titled ‘One Little Pill’ and ‘The Most Beautiful Ugly’. Her powerhouse vocals have earned her recognition from both fans and critics alike. In addition to that, she has been featured on numerous soundtracks including Sparkle, Think Like A Man Too, And So It Goes and more.

From small screen to silver screen, Tika Sumpter is an example of how hard work can pay off. Whether it be through her music or her acting gigs, this multi-talented artist continues to make strides towards greatness – all while maintaining an admirable level of elegance along the way.

Breakthrough Role In ‘Stomp The Yard’

In her pursuit of success, Tika Sumpter took up dance training and acting classes.

After years of hard work and dedication to her craft, her efforts paid off when she landed the role of April in the 2006 dance film ‘Stomp The Yard’.

This was a breakthrough performance which marked the beginning of Sumpter’s career on the silver screen.

The film was a box office hit and made $61 million worldwide, solidifying Sumpter as an actor with immense potential.

Her portrayal of April earned critical acclaim from fans and critics alike, with some calling it one of her best performances till date.

The role also propelled Sumpter into the upper echelons of fame, cementing her place among Hollywood’s A-listers.

With this role, Sumpter saw a significant surge in her net worth and helped establish her as a bankable star in Hollywood.

Television Roles

Tika Sumpter has been a successful television actress for over a decade now, and it’s no surprise that she’s increased her net worth substantially.

Her impressive career in television started with a casting process that would eventually lead her to the roles she is known for today.

She works hard to ensure that each of her characters are brought to life using her comprehensive understanding of different acting techniques.

Her ability to make each role believable has resulted in an impressive array of credits on shows like Gossip Girl and Southland, as well as movies such as Stomp the Yard, Sparkle and Get On Up.

Tika Sumpter is one of the most sought-after actresses working today, and her net worth reflects this.

With projects in both film and television, she continues to prove why she is so beloved by fans everywhere.


Tika Sumpter has become a shining star in the world of acting and entertainment. Her star power and acting chops have earned her a net worth that many can only dream of.

She stands out from the crowd with her unique combination of talent, skill, and charisma. Sumpter’s success is proof that hard work and dedication pay off.

From small roles to leading lady, she has been able to show off her impressive range as an actress. She continues to inspire her fans with her confidence, drive and determination to reach new heights in her career.

There is no doubt that Tika Sumpter will continue to be an inspiration for aspiring actors around the world for years to come.

Voice Work

Tika Sumpter’s career has been a journey of success, taking her from the heights of Hollywood movies to the world of voice-overs and celebrity endorsements. She is known for her versatile acting techniques and ability to bring characters to life in any role or medium.

Her talent has led to lucrative deals on both the large and small screens, with significant paycheques for feature films such as Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea Goes to Jail’, ‘Ride Along’, and ‘Southside with You’.

On top of her movie successes, she continues to make waves in the voice-acting industry with multiple projects like ‘The Lion Guard’, ‘Family Guy’, and ‘The Boondocks’.

Sumpter has solidified her status as an A-list celebrity with a number of high-profile endorsement deals from companies like Microsoft, American Express, and Coca-Cola.

She also uses her platform to advocate for causes that are important to her such as equal rights, education reform, and financial literacy.

Her hard work and dedication have paid off: Tika Sumpter’s net worth is estimated at $6 million.

Awards And Accolades

Tika Sumpter has enjoyed a remarkable career as an actress, model, and producer. She is admired across the world for her stunning beauty and fashion style inspiration.

But there’s much more to Tika than meets the eye – she is a philanthropic powerhouse with a net worth of over $6 million.

In her time on screen, Tika has received multiple awards and accolades for her critically acclaimed performances. In addition to her acting talent, she has earned praise for her tireless efforts in giving back to the community through various charitable initiatives.

From leading campaigns for Black Lives Matter to donating proceeds from her clothing line to underprivileged children, Tika’s philanthropic efforts are making a difference in people’s lives all over the world.

It’s clear that Tika Sumpter is an incredible talent who continues to use her celebrity status for powerful causes beyond entertainment. Her influence will live on for many years to come, inspiring others with her amazing work ethic and passion for helping those in need.

Business Ventures

Since making her debut in the entertainment industry, Tika Sumpter has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible.

Not only is she a successful actress, but she’s also taken on some impressive business ventures to expand her portfolio.

Most notably, Sumpter has used her success to invest in tech startups and pursue aggressive investment strategies to build her net worth.

From early-stage funding rounds to private investments, Sumpter has been involved in multiple facets of the business world.

She’s not just looking at the top-level financials; instead, she goes into every deal with an eye for detail and a desire to understand how each project can contribute positively to her overall portfolio.

In particular, her ability to recognize trends and make smart decisions when it comes to startup funding and investment strategy have resulted in lucrative returns that have put her net worth on the rise.

With no signs of stopping anytime soon, we can expect even more success for this powerhouse entrepreneur.


Tika Sumpter has achieved an incredible amount of success in her career, becoming one of the most recognizable names in the industry.

But despite her fame and fortune, she remains humble and down-to-earth.

With a net worth estimated to be around $6 million, Tika has shown that it is possible to achieve great success both professionally and personally.

She’s an inspiring role model for many aspiring actors and entrepreneurs who are looking to make their own mark in the entertainment business.