SwaggerSouls Net worth, Age, Height, Facts – Update 2021

SwaggerSouls Net worth – $1.5 Million

Eric Vivian Mathew, also known as SwaggerSouls by his fans, is a YouTuber, social media personality and a pro-gamer from America. As of 2021, SwaggerSouls has an estimated net worth of over $1.5 million. He shares all his interactions while gaming with his fan base. His game-play content consists of games like CS: GO, Sellout Souls, Rust, etc. 

With over 4.6 million subscribers in his channel, SwaggerSouls is increasingly becoming more popular as times goes by. 

SwaggerSouls Real Name, age, height, relationship 

Net worth$1.5 Million
Real NamesEric Vivian Mathew
Age27 years old
Birth dateFebruary 24, 1994
Born inIdaho
Height5 feet, 8 inches
Lives inIdaho
Relationship StatusSingle
SwaggerSouls biography

SwaggerSouls’ entire fan base knows him for his faceless feature, always wearing some kind of helmet and showing live-action skits on Twitch and YouTube. Because of his most noticeable feature, the facelessness, he is quite popular among the younger generation who fit the niche audience.

He created his YouTube channel called SwaggerSouls in 2015. Apart from hiding his face, this YouTuber is also great at hiding his personal information. Nothing about his family, not his history, is known, including his love life, so we assume he must be single. 

SwaggerSouls has chosen to hide his face and identity from the rest of the online world to enjoy anonymity, even if he has a massive following on almost all the social media platforms.

Even without showing his face, SwaggerSouls has acquired quite the following on Instagram and Twitter, where he has more than one million followers for both. 

How did SwaggerSouls start his career?

SwaggerSouls salary and earnings

In 2006, SwaggerSouls started playing Runescape online and then switched to Maplestory in 2007 till 2012. He is best known for his game-play in the original Legend of Zelda. He gained his initial popularity through live streaming on Twitch, where he has amassed over 500,000 followers. After this initial breakthrough online, he moved on to YouTube, where he became a hit among gamers and other viewers. 

His first video was a streaming of him playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which he titled “casual Shout casting”, which has 324,000 views. After this first video’s success, he consistently uploaded his videos online, which propelled his YouTube career further. What makes this even more fun for the viewers is his humour in these videos. Along with the quirky, mostly medieval outfits he would wear to play these games, SwaggerSouls is a delight to watch.

From the beginning, SwaggerSouls always had something oh his head to conceal his identity. In a brief period, he established himself as one of the prominent pro-gamers and streamers on the platform, thanks to his creativity and innovation.

How much money does SwaggerSouls make on YouTube?

SwaggerSouls youtube income

Since 2015, SwaggerSouls has been a part of the YouTube community. His channel quickly became one of the most-watched gaming channels after its launch. SwaggerSouls has more than 4.6 million subscribers and a total view count of over 400 million views. These statistics show that YouTube is one of his primary sources of income.

His videos get an average view count of more than 240,000 views every day from various sources. This view count estimates that SwaggerSouls earns around 1,200 per day, totals to about 440,000 dollars from your videos’ ad revenue.

As of 2021, SwaggerSouls has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Since YouTubers in America get paid around 2 dollars to seven dollars per 100 monetized views, they still have a high cut, with the advertisers bidding a minimum of 0.01 dollars per view.

How much side income does SwaggerSouls earn?

Apart from his YouTube fame, SwaggerSouls also has his podcast called the “misfits”, where he is also the show’s host. He runs this podcast. He has a great team that consists of Zuckles, iNotorious, Fitz, McCreamy and Tobyonthe Tele. His podcast is hilarious and unique, making it one of the most listen0yo podcasts. The Misfits podcast has more than 7 million loyal listeners across the globe.

Like many YouTubers and social influencers, he has sponsorships, partnerships, and endorsement deals along with ads revenue that adds to his monthly income. 

As a twitch streamer, SwaggerSouls is one of the most followed channels.

 Every day, SwaggerSouls streams at least once. Because of this consistency in interacting with his audience, he has many subscribers who follow him for quality content. This twitch channel has also grown to gain about 1 million followers. 

SwaggerSouls is also known to add comedic bits in his videos and live streams. He makes all the games he is playing look as enjoyable as possible, with the professional skills that he already possesses. 

He also uses his platform to invite random people to play with him and sometimes even compete. The best streaming competition he is known for in the community is where he competes with Fitz. His easy-going, open attitude towards hid fan base makes him one of the most likeable and relatable personalities on the platform.

Not only this, but he also works as an online marketer or an influencer, taking up the deals and endorsing products that are in line with what he does as a streamer and a YouTuber such as technology. 

Interesting facts about SwaggerSouls

  • He creates an average of 3 videos every month. 
  • The most-watched video on SwaggerSouls’s channel is titled: The Face Reveal,” however, he doesn’t reveal his face. Instead, it is a compilation of different, prominent streamers wearing the same type of helmet.
  • Through his online shop, he sells his merchandise and ships to all the countries that have USPS connections. 
  • SwaggerSouls claims that he has never shown his face publicly for safety purposes. 
  • When SwaggerSouls reached 1 million subscribers, he uploaded a titled, “One million subscribers special.” In this video, his friend tries to take off his helmet to reveal his face but confuses the viewers by showing more people’s faces wearing the same clothes.

After this whole ordeal, SwaggerSouls later told that one of the faces that popped p on the screen was his, but no one knows which one it is.