Strictly Dumpling (Mike Chen) Net Worth

Information Details
Real Name Mike Chen
Stage Name Strictly Dumpling
Net Worth $3 million
Date of Birth December 9, 1984
Place of Birth New York City, New York, USA
Profession YouTuber, Food Blogger
Best Known For Food and travel videos
Nationality American
Gender Male
Residence Los Angeles, California, USA
Relationship Status Married
Recent Activity Creating food and travel content
Social Media Accounts YouTube

Mike Chen Net Worth – $3 million

Strictly Dumpling is a famous Chinese/American YouTuber who is extremely popular all over YouTube, his real name is Mike Chen. Strictly Dumpling has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He has accumulated a YouTube following of 3.48 million on his main channel, along with 705 million total views. Plus, the other channels are running on millions and thousands of subscribers as well. All these views and subscriptions are adding to his net value every day. And the fact that he makes about $3,500 per day on his main channel alone is quite promising.

Strictly Dumpling has multiple YouTube channels, including the viral channel of paranormal activities and mystery called “Beyond Science” and his main channel “Strictly Dumpling.” He also has additional channels that are all successful with a loyal following.

Aside from his 3.48 million subscribers on his main channel, Strictly Dumpling also has a net worth of $3 million today. He was able to generate this massive net value from his multiple YouTube channels with diverse video content. Strictly Dumpling is living his best life by earning money from reviewing different food items in numerous cities worldwide.

Mike Chen (Strictly Dumpling) Age, Birthday, Height, Daughter, Girlfriend

Net Worth $3 million
Real Name Mike Chen
Age 40 years Old
Birthday December 22, 1980
Tall / Height 5.35 feet / 166 cm
Live In Middletown, New York, United States
His Wife / Girlfriend No one know exactly if Mike Chen have a girlfriend or if he is married.
Strictly Dumpling Personal Info

Strictly Dumpling was originally born as Mike Chen on December 22nd of 1980 in Xi’an, China. However, Mike was raised in the United States and currently lives in Middletown, New York. The first state he lived in a while coming to the US was Tennessee. It was before he went on to reside in four different Midwest states.

Mike got his degree in accounting back at the Truman State University to work with the FBI someday. But that dream was short-lived, and he went to work under Morgan Stanley and later for the New Tang Dynasty Television.

Mikey does the content on different topics such as Asian culture and traditions, traveling, mysteries, paranormal activities, but his main content centers around food. The YouTube community knows him for his love for food, where he cooks and reviews them. By posting food videos consistently on YouTube from 2013, he started gaining a significant following. In this way, he was able to secure his platform and also create other opportunities for himself.

How Mike Chen Start His Career?

Strictly Dumpling Worth

Strictly Dumpling joined YouTube on October 28th of 2013, where his main channel has over 3.48 million subscribers with a total view of 705 million. In this channel, he takes you around the best places to eat and reviews the food.

He also shares awesome recipes with his audience and guides them throughout the entire process with his content. Mike isn’t backing down when it comes to providing more diverse content and securing his coins. He has five other additional YouTube channels with different contents.

His 2nd channel is called “Cook with Mikey,” with 176K subscribers and 7 million total views. The 3rd channel is called “Eat with Mikey,” with 150K subscribers and 8 million combined views. His 4th channel is titled “Mikey Chen,” with 1.22 million subscribers and 203 million total views. The 5th channel is titled “Beyond Science,” with about 2.08 subscribers and a total view of 344 million. Lastly, the 6th channel is called “The Chen Dynasty,” with 448K subscribers and a combined view of 61 million.

How Much Does Mike Chen Earn From Strictly Dumpling Youtube Channel?

Strictly Dumpling additional income

Strictly Dumpling receives over 650,000 views every day on his channel from various sources. All of his videos, both new and old, receive thousands of views every day. It should help him accumulate an estimated revenue of $3,200 every day. This daily sum helps generate a yearly income of over $1.1 million. He receives the money from all the advertisements that make appearances on his videos. He is already sitting on a net worth of $3 million, so with all these increasing views and subscriptions, imagine what his next value will be.

There is a payment of $2-$5 for every monetized 1000 views. YouTubers get this payment only after YouTube obtains its fair share. The range of monetized views is from 40% to 60% of the complete views. Various factors influence monetization, such as content type, ad engagement, ad inventory, number of ads that the watchers are skipping, ad count on a video, watcher’s location, the playing device, etc.Also, an advertisement view’s cost depends on an auction between the advertisers, all based on the views. Here, advertisers require to pay a bidding sum of $0.01 per view at a minimum.

How Much Side Earnings Does Strictly Dumpling Makes?

Strictly Dumpling's YouTube Channel

It is no surprise that Strictly Dumpling is already making a lot of money through his primary YouTube channel. But what most people don’t realize is that he is pulling additional income from his secondary channels. All of his secondary channels are super successful, with the loyal viewers tuning in all the time. The viewers enjoy watching him because he delivers content on Asian culture, different traditions, exciting traveling vlogs, and also dips in the pool of paranormal stuff.

From all the secondary channels combined, including the videos, Strictly Dumpling is easily raking in almost a million views per day. In this way, he can obtain his side income. He also has merch store apparel, homeware, and unique accessories for his fans.

Fans shop from his store because all of his products aren’t just for display, but they come in quite handy. As a food fanatic, many well-established companies promote their products through him, bringing in more revenue.

Mike Chen Strictly Dumpling Interesting Fact

Strictly Dumpling has over 510 videos on his main channel alone. Mike centers his content mostly around vlogging and takes his viewers worldwide to try many new recipes of different cuisines. His two most popular videos include “Eating BRUNCH at Taiwan 7-Eleven” and “Brunch at 7-ELEVEN VS LAWSON in Tokyo Japan,” with 19 million and 15 million views, respectively.

Surprisingly, Mike’s first-ever video wasn’t about food but the myths of Chinese dragons. It was titled “Understanding Chinese Dragons – Also, Are They Real?” with over 334K views today.

Mikey also has a strong following of 352K on Instagram, where his fans get all the latest scoop from him daily. One of his most popular documented travels include visits to countries like Mongolia and Japan.