Steve Nash Net Worth: The Basketball Legend without Any NBA Trophy

As one of the legends in the National Basketball Association (NBA), it is understandable if many people are interested in Steve Nash net worth.

Moreover, aside from his net worth, here is more about records, salary, personal life, and other things related to Nash that you would love to know.


Stage Name Steve Nash
Legal Name Stephen John Nash
Date of Birth 2 February 1974
Gender Male
Height 6 ft. 3 inches (191 cm)          
Steve Nash Net Worth USD110 million
Salary / earning / income per year              USD8.7 million
Profession Basketball Player
Nationality Canadian

Profile of Steve Nash

He is a former basketball player that played in the point guard position. Thus, Steve Nash has achieved several individual titles.

Therefore, those titles turn him into a living legend in the NBA.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Stephen John Nash is his full name. Meanwhile, many people know him as Steve Nash.
  • Date of Birth: Nash was born on 7 February 1974 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Hence, his star sign is Aquarius.
  • Gender & Height: Before discovering Steve Nash net worth, you should know that this former basketball player is 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm) and 178 lb (81 kg).
  • Nationality: Steven Nash holds both Canadian and British citizenship despite being born in South Africa. His father is English, whereas Nash’s mother is Welsh.
  • What is Steve Nash Best Known for?
    • Since you are here wondering about Steve Nash net worth, you probably have known that he is a living legend of the NBA.
    • Nevertheless, he never won any championship during his career.

Education and Personal Life

Before growing today’s Steve Nash net worth, this former NBA player spent most of his early life in Victoria, British Columbia.

Then, an 18-month-old Nash was moved to Regina, Saskatchewan with his parents, John Nash and Jean Nash, before the family stayed in Victoria.

Indeed, he was graduated from Santa Clara University. Otherwise, it was a single American college that was not popular for its basketball competence at that time.

However, it did not stop Nash to get recognized by the national radar. In 1996, the Suns picked him to be the 15th overall in the NBA.

In 2011, Nash got divorced from Alejandra Amarila after being together for about six years since their marriage in 2005.

After five years of his last marriage, Nash got married to Lilla Frederick. Thus, they have five kids named Bella, Lola, Joel, Ruby Jean, and Luca Sun.

Aside from his current family, Nash also has two siblings named Joann Nash and Martin Nash.

Steve Nash’s Career

steve nash net worth

Although he never gained any NBA title during his professional career, Steve Nash net worth is still growing as he often receives individual awards and achievements.

Furthermore, he got a consecutive MVP title that made him similar to the all-time greats Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, and Bill Rusell.

  • College basketball player

Nash played for Santa Clara University. After that, he became the all-time leader in assists with 510 scores. Likewise, his name currently remains third on the college’s record scoring list as well.

Further, with 862 free throw percentages and 263-656 three-pointers made and attempt, Nash became a legendary player after finishing his study and his career in college.

  • Professional basketball player

Firstly, he started his professional career with the Phoenix Suns in 1996 and joined the Dallas Mavericks after two seasons.

Then, Nash came back to the Phoenix Suns in 2004. Hence, playing for eight seasons with the squad has developed Steve Nash net worth.

However, he decided to join the Los Angeles Lakers in 2012 and announced his retirement in 2015.

  • Steve Nash coaching career

It was in 2020 when the Brooklyn Nets announced Nash as the head coach of the players.

Additionally, in the 2021 NBA champions, the squad got down to the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

  • Awards & achievements

In 2005, Nash got Lou Marsh Trophy and was crowned as the NBA Most Valuable Player in the same year and 2006 (during the contract in the Suns).

Besides, he became the NBA All-Star eight times.

However, as a team, he should be satisfied with receiving the All-NBA Second Team in 2008 and 2010. Meanwhile, in 2002 and 2003, his team finished as the All-NBA Third Team.

Steve Nash Net worth

The former Canadian basketball player is currently reported to have USD110 million net worth that is mostly acquired from salary and endorsements.

For instance, they are from various products including vitamin water, computers, and watches.

  • Businesses: Aside from basketball, Nash also has an ownership stake and investment portfolio in some businesses, including Meathawk Productions (a film production) and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC.
  • Mansion: 
    • Additionally, it was reported in 2020 that Nash invested USD5 million for a five-bedroom Brooklyn townhouse.
    • Also, he ever owned a USD3.175 Arizona mansion as well.
  • Vehicles:
    • Furthermore, Steve Nash ever did a commercial for Toyota Prius.
    • Besides, he is reported to own a 46-ft steel waterline sailboat.
  • Income Details:
    • Each year, Steve Nash makes around USD8.7 million due to his current position as the Brooklyn Nets head coach.
    • Indeed, salary and endorsements are the primary sources of Steve Nash net worth. In addition, he made his highest income of USD13.1 million in the 2009-2010 Season.
    • Moreover, it comes with a total of approximately USD147 million of salary earnings during his 18-year career as an NBA player.

Steve Nash Rookie Card Worth

In addition to Steve Nash net worth, people also look for the values of this basketball player’s rookie cards.

Further, some may cost several thousand dollars like the 1996/97 SkyBox Premium Autographics Steve Nash RC.

Meanwhile, the 1996/97 SP Steve Nash Rookie Card #142 is somehow affordable since it costs around several hundred dollars like the 1996/97 UD3 Steve Nash Rookie Card #15.

Iss Steve Nash In Job Now?

As he retired from his profession as an NBA player, Nash now strives for another career as a head coach. It is Brooklyn Nets that hires him in 2020 although the legend has no previous coaching experience.

Before being the head coach, Nash worked as a part-time consultant for the Golden State Warriors soon after retiring from professional basketball in early 2015.

To sum up, you can check the following table for Steve Nash net worth and other essential information about him.