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Juan Dixon Net Worth in 2022: Coppin State’s Head Coach

As a former professional basketball player, Juan Dixon net worth is estimated at $6 million in 2022. Here are some highlights you need to know about Juan Dixon net worth, wealth, career, and personal life.

Summary Table
Stage Name Juan Dixon
Legal Name Juan Dixon
Date of Birth October 9, 1978
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 3 in (191 cm)
Net Worth $6 million
Salary / earning / income per year $100,000
Profession Professional Basketball Player, Head Coach
Nationality American


Juan Dixon Personal Background

Juan Dixon Net Worth

Juan Dixon was a former American professional basketball player who played for some basketball teams like Washington Wizards, Blazers, and Toronto Raptors. After about ten years of career in basketball, he became a basketball coach for District of Colombia women’s basketball team and Coppin State men’s basketball team.

Before we get to know about Juan Dixon net worth, wealth, career, and personal life, let’s take a look at his basic information down below.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Juan Dixon is actually his real name. He never used any stage name all his career.
  • Date of Birth: Juan Dixon was born on October 9, 1978.
  • Gender & Height: Juan Dixon is a male with a height of 6 ft 3 in (191 cm).
  • Nationality: Juan Dixon was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and he is an American citizen.
  • What is Juan Dixon Best Known for? Juan Dixon is well known as the former basketball player for the Washington Wizards and as a coach of Coppin State.

Juan Dixon Earliest Ages and Marriage

Juan Dixon is the son of Juanita and Phil Dixon. He was born and raised in Maryland. He started to actively play basketball during high school. Juan Dixon’s parents both died when he was seventeen due to AIDS. He then had been raised by his grandparents in Baltimore.

Juan Dixon attended Lake Clifton High School and transferred to Calvert Hall where he joined and actively played basketball. Juan Dixon later attended the University of Maryland while he started his collegial career.

Juan Dixon was married to Robyn Bragg in 1996. They were blessed with two children. Juan Dixon and his wife were divorced in 2012. However, they were reportedly still living together and decided to remarry in 2019.

Later in 2016, Juan Dixon found that his father, Phil Dixon, was not his real father. His biological father was proven to be Bruce Flanigan and is still alive. While Juanita Dixon was separated from Phil, Flanigan had an affair with her, and a blood test verified his fatherhood. Dixon and Flanigan reunited and grew a close relationship.

Juan Dixon’s Career

Juan Dixon Net Worth

Juan Dixon started his career as a basketball player shortly after he arrived at the University of Maryland. He played 34 games for Maryland Terrapins, or the Terps, and was selected for the 1999-2000 All-ACC team. His career with the team was incredibly leading the team to push some records in the National Championship and NCAA.

In 2002, Juan Daxon was drafted to play the 2002 NBA with the Washington Wizards. After playing for three seasons with the team, he signed a contract with Portland Trails Blazers in 2005. He played with Blazers for 76 games and successfully increased his assists and shooting percentage considerably. In 2007, he was traded to the Toronto Raptors but a year later he got himself transferred to Detroit Pistons. Shortly, Juan Dixon was signed for partially guaranteed one-year deal with Washington Wizards and then left it a year later to play with Atlanta Hawks.

After his career journey in Europe, Juan Dixon decided to start his coaching career by joining the coaching staff at the Maryland Terrapin in 2013. In 2016, Juan Dixon was hired as head coach for UDC women’s basketball team for a year. Later, he is hired as men’s head coach at Coppin State in 2017.

During his career, Juan Dixon has received about 11 awards as the NCAA Champion in 2002, Senior CLASS Award in 2002, there times First-team All-ACC in 2000-2002, and Chip Hilton Player of the Year in 2002.

Juan Dixon Net Worth

Juan Dixon net worth is currently estimated at $6 million. After he decided not to continue his career as a professional basketball player, his income gradually decreased. Here is some information related to Juan Dixon net worth and wealth.

  • Mansion:
    • Juan Daxon net worth was reportedly related to his mansion in Maryland which he sold in the process of his divorce.
    • After some bankruptcy issue and remarried, he and his wife are spotted looking for a new house and plan to buy a house for $1.6 million.
    • There is no further information if the couple decide to buy the house.
  • Income Details:
    • The latest sources said that Juan Dixon net worth was coming from his annual income of about $990,000.
    • However, Juan Dixon and his wife filed for bankruptcy during their divorce process.
    • The couple rumored to dismissed their debt in 2014.
    • Juan Dixon net worth is accumulated from his career as a professional basketball player for about ten years.
    • Currently, his income is sourced from his work as head coach.

How much did Juan Dixon make in the NBA?

During his career in NBA, Juan Dixon reportedly had earnings of about $12,3 million. The amount was accumulated from his plays with Washington Wizards, Blazers, Toronto Raptors, and Detroit Pistons. His highest salary came from his contracts with Toronto Raptors and Detroit Pistons of about $2,5 million.

How much does he make as Head Coach at Coppin State?

Juan Dixon Net Worth

Juan Dixon net worth currently comes from his profession as head coach of Coppin State. He earned about $100,000 annually.


Juan Dixon retired from his career as a professional basketball player and decided to pursue a career in coaching.

Juan Dixon is currently focusing on his career as head coach at Coppin State. He started to be a head coach there from 2017 until now.