Sofia Franklyn Net Worth in 2022: The Host of ‘Call Her Daddy’

Sofia Franklyn is a well-known American internet star known for his popular podcast ‘Call Her Daddy.’

Are you curious about Sofia Franklyn net worth? This article will discuss not only Sofia Franklyn net worth but also her career and personal life you need to know.

Summary Table
Stage Name Sofia
Legal Name Sofia Franklyn
Date of Birth July 21, 1992
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Net Worth $1.5 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year $500,000
Profession Social Media Star
Nationality American


Who is Sofia Franklyn? (Biography)

Sofia Franklyn Net Worth

Sofia Franklyn is an American social media personality, radio host, podcaster, and blogger who gained popularity as an internet celebrity.

Legal Name & Stage Name

She is widely known as Sofia Franklyn. However, her legal name still remains unknown.

Date of Birth

Sofia Franklyn was born in 1992 and celebrates her birthday every July 21.

Gender & Height

The social media personality is a female with a height of 5 ft 5 in tall.


She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and she is an American citizen.

What is Sofia Franklyn Best Known for?

She is widely known for being the co-host of a trending podcast called ‘Call Her Daddy’ together with a website personality, Alexandra Cooper.

Early Life of Sofia Franklyn

Sofia Franklyn is quite private about his personal life. Her parents’ names are kept private from the public while everyone only knows that she was raised and lives in Utah.


Sofia Franklyn graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Personal Life (Family, Spouse, Kids)

In 2019, Sofia Franklyn publicly announced her engagement with Peter Nelson, a former HBO executive. She often refers to him as ‘Suitman’ in some of her podcasts.

Sofia Franklyn’s Career

Sofia Franklyn Net Worth

After graduating from college, Sofia Franklyn built her passion in entertaining stories of sexual encounters which made her start blogging. Later, she worked for Barstool Sports to write Barstool blogs in 2018. At the beginning of her writing career, she covered popular sports, pop culture, and several topics from the latest news updates. But her career came into the spotlight when she began to write about her sexual exploits in her hometown, Utah.

Her popularity led her to make her own podcast with Alexandra Cooper, also a social media personality, when she met her during a vacation in Texas. Both were making a podcast titled ‘Call Her Daddy’ in 2018.

Podcast Host

After the girls talked in a bar and decided to record a podcast about sex education and sexual relationship, Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper captured people’s attention and appreciation. They created the podcast channel called ‘Call Her Daddy’ which was distributed by Barstool Sports and became a great turnaround for Sofia Franklyn career.

Once a week, the two hosts produce a podcast in which they discuss various personal topics while also providing advice. After getting huge success, in 2020, the podcast has been on hiatus due to its dispute with Barstool Sports following Alexandra left from the podcast.

In 2021, the podcast has been taken by Spotify with a deal of over $60 million that would exclusively be streaming online through the platform. Meanwhile, Barstool Sports is still handling the merchandising.

Sofia Franklyn Business Career

Following her success as a social media personality and podcaster, Sofia Franklyn opened her own business selling some merchandise dedicated to her podcast which has been additional income for Sofia Franklyn net worth. She sells hoodies, sweatpants, crewnecks, necklaces, and even phone cases.

Sofia Franklyn Net Worth

Sofia Franklyn net worth is estimated at about $1.5 million in 2022. Here is some information about Sofia Franklyn net worth and the wealth you need to know.


Sofia Franklyn net worth is associated with her own business selling some merchandise dedicated to her podcast. She sells some products like hoodies and phone cases with some popular quotes from her podcast. There is no further information about how much money she gained from the business, but it seems that this business is quite a great idea to promote some updates about her podcasts as well.

Real Estate (Mansion / House / Home / Apartment)

There is no information we could find regarding any real estate related to Sofia Franklyn net worth. However, Sofia Franklyn has been reported to stay mostly in New York due to her podcast which mostly has been recorded there.

Sport Cars / Yacht / Vehicles

There is also no information about any car possession related to Sofia Franklyn net worth. However, on an interview, Sofia said that she is currently saving money to buy a new car for herself this year. Let’s wait to see what car she might be interested in buying next time.

How Much Sofia Franklyn make per Year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

Sofia Franklyn net worth is accumulated from her annual salary of about $500,000. That amount was based on the contract she signed with Barstool Sports for her podcast. Later, after the dispute, her podcast was taken over by Spotify with a contract worth $60 million.

How does Sofia Franklyn make money?

Sofia Franklyn Net Worth

Sofia Franklyn net worth primarily comes from her profession as a social media personality, podcaster, and blogger. Other than her receiving a $500,000 base salary from her podcast, she also gained additional income from her own business, even though we could not know how much money she gained from this.

Don’t forget to mention her podcast YouTube channel which has more than 11 million views on her podcast. An incredible amount of money must be flowing into her purse as well.

Is Sofia Franklyn Retired?

No. Sofia Franklyn is currently still active in the podcast industry. After leaving ‘Call Her Daddy’, she planned to make her own podcast called Sofia with an F. The podcast will discuss more modern women’s issues and her youth in her hometown.

What is Sofia Franklyn Doing Now?

As she is still active in making her podcast, Sofia Franklyn is currently busy with her job making records for her own podcast. Other than that, Sofia Franklyn also enjoyed her life living together with her boyfriend, Peter Nelson. She is quite active on social media, particularly Instagram and Twitter, where she reveals details about her life and thoughts. You can check her latest updates on life on her Instagram account.