Mattress Mack Net Worth: The Success Story of the 71 Years Old Businessman

Known as the owner of the famous retail chain in the US, Gallery Furniture, Mattress Mack net worth has reached a fantastic amount in 2022.

Mattress Mack net worth is not the only thing interesting about the energetic businessman. Find out further details about his story below.

Summary table
Stage Name Mattress Mack, Jim McIngvale
Legal Name James Franklin McIngvale
Date of Birth February 11, 1951
Gender Male
Height 5′ 8 ” (174 cm)
Net worth $300 million
Salary / earning / income per year $10 million
Profession Businessman
Nationality American

Who is Mattress Mack? (Biography)

Who is the real name of the Mississippi born who often bets his fortune on sports games and gives the money back to people? Here is some information regarding his background.

Legal Name & stage name

Mattres Mack was born with the name James Franklin McIngvale. He is known better as Jim McIngvale or Mattress Mack.

Date of Birth

He was born on  February 11, 1951.

Gender & Height

Mattress Mack is a 5′ 8 ” (174 cm) male.


Born and raised in the US, Mattress Mack is an American.

What is Mattress Mack Best Known for?

Mattress Mack is best known for his business endeavor in furniture retail. He is the owner of Gallery Furniture, which now already has three stores. Besides his business, his philanthropic endeavor is also what turns the public’s attention to him. With the amount of Mattress Mack net worth, he used his wealth to make bets in sports games and use the money won to make discount promotions at his stores.


Early life of Mattress Mack

Mattress Mack originated from Starkville, Mississippi, and live in Texas throughout his life since he was a kid. He later developed his business also in Texas.


Matters Mack went to a high school in Dallas, Texas (Bishop Lynch High School). He continued further education both at North Texas State University and the University of Texas and played football during 1969-1970 and 1972-1973 for those universities.

Personal life (family, spouse, kids)

Matters Mack married his wife Linda in Texas. Together they have four children. His family is quite involved with his business. In 1992, both he and his wife became the executive producer of an action-comedy film starring Chuck Norris.

Out of their four children, Matters Mack and Linda had six grandchildren named Sydney, Eden, Olivia, James, Caleb, and Brody.


Mattress Mack donations

Despite Mattress Mack net worth proving his success in the business, he never forgets to give back to society. He has a passion for doing philanthropy acts and making donations to those who need it.

Among his contribution is during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, when he opened the doors of his store to those who were impacted by the flood in Houston. He repeatedly provides shelter in times of natural disaster. He also helped Houston initiate the Mobile Stroke Unit, which became the first-ever in the USA.

Mattress Mack on Houston wrestling

Long before Mattress Mack net worth get to a staggering amount like now, he once appeared in commercials on a Saturday night TV show with Paul Bosch to promote his furniture. His catchphrase that became trademark was “Gallery Furniture saves you money!”.

Mattress Mack’s Career

Mattress Mack started to work at a convenience store after he graduated from university, but not long after his contract as an employee was terminated. He then found another work at a furniture store, where he got the inspiration to one day open his own furniture store after absorbing the technical aspects of the business.

He developed Gallery Furniture from his own pickup trailer for only $5000, around 1981. The company first started as a low-end specialized furniture brand. After booking Saturday night tv commercial spots, his company started to get more attention from people.

Over the years, Gallery Furniture has become one of the high-end furniture retails in the USA. Between 2005 and 2015, the revenue of the company is estimated to be around $150-$200 million. The success greatly impacted Mattress Mack net worth.

Mattress Mack bet on Astros

Besides being known as a businessman and a philanthropist, Mattress Mack is also an avid fan of the Houston Astros baseball team. He often made an extraordinary amount of bets on the team that include promotions at his store. In 2017, he refunded customer purchases of around $10 million due to Astro’s victory in the World Series.

After facing a $13 million loss because the Astros lost the game in 2019, he is still up to bet his money for the team. In 2021, he placed a bet that will win him around $22 million, which he intended to use to cover mattress promotions in his store.

Mattress Mack net worth also encouraged him to make the 2022 Super Bowl Bet. He made the largest mobile wager bet via Caesars Sports Book App on the Cincinnati Bengals to beat the LA Rams.


Mattress Mack Net worth

There are different resources that state how much Mattress Mack net worth is currently. It is estimated that Mattress Mack net worth as of 200 is around $300 million.


Mattress Mack net worth is mainly generated from his furniture chain store, Gallery Furniture.

Real estate (Mansion / house / home / apartment)

With the fantastic amount of Mattress Mack net worth, no wonder he owned several luxurious properties and real estate. In 2008, he sold one of his homes in Pine Lake Trail, Houston, with a price range between $940,000 to $1,080,000.

Sport cars / yacht / vehicles / private jet

Although Mattress Mack net worth is probably also come from his vehicle ownership, the details regarding this are still unknown.

How much Mattress Mack make per year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

With the total amount of Mattress Mack net worth, it is estimated that he earned at least $10 million annually.

How does Mattress Mack make money?

To sum up, Mattress Mack net worth and wealth are generated from his career as a self-made entrepreneur in the furniture industry.

Is Mattress Mack Retired?

Mattress Mack is still running his business up to now.

What is Mattress Mack Doing now?

Besides taking care of his business, he still does some voluntary work to help people in Houston. Mattress Mack is also still placing bets in sports games, although his large bet on Super Bowl LVI made him lose $9.5 million. also actively endorsed political candidates and help them win the election.