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Sinbad Net Worth in 2022, Wealth Growth After Bankruptsy

It is not easy to be a celebrity. It is always accompanied by an unexpected economic circle; Sinbad was one of them. He lost most wealth because of increasing debt. But he tried to rise again, Sinbad net worth was said to be growing again, and he had paid off his debt. 

Continue reading to find new news about Sinbad, Sinbad net worth, and the story behind his wealth accumulation. 

Who is Sinbad? (Biography)

So who is Sinbad that we are talking about? He is a comedian and an actor. Please take a look at some summaries of his identity below.

Summary table
Stage Name Sinbad
Legal name David Adkins
Date of Birth November 10, 1956
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 4 (about 1.95 m)
Net worth $4 Million
Salary $192,000
Profession Comedian, Actor, Host, Producer
Nationality American

Legal Name & stage name

His actual name is David Adkins, and his stage was Sinbad. Why Sinbad, though? He chose the name because he admired Sinbad the sailor, a fictional mariner and the hero from the Middle East. 

Unfortunately, it looked like he encountered the same adversity in life as the hero when Sinbad net worth crumbled from debt. 

Sinbad net worth

Date of Birth

Sinbad was born November 10, 1956, in a city in Berrien County named Benton Harbor. It was located in the US state of Michigan.

Gender & Height

He was male with 6 ft 4 in height (about 1.95 m). His figure was pretty good, allowing him to join the United States Air Force after finishing college. 


Born and living his life and work in the USA, he is an American citizen.

What is Sinbad Best Known for?

Sinbad was known for many things. Among them was “the Sinbad shows,” an American sitcom about a bachelor taking in two orphaned children. It was made possible by the investment made by Fox. 

At the time, Sinbad had become popular, and Sinbad net worth had already accumulated a lot. 

Fox canceled the show after one season because of a low rating. But some rumors said it was caused by “institutional racism” because fox also canceled many other shows featuring black people simultaneously.

Sinbad was also known for losing so much money by debt, causing the loss of Sinbad net worth. At that time, he claimed to have only some thousand dollars net worth left from millions he had before. It was the exact opposite of Dan Aykroyd, a comedian who accumulated so much wealth during his career.

Early life of Sinbad

Sinbad was the son of Louise and the Baptist Rev. Dr. Donald Beckley Adkins. His father was a baptist, a member of Protestant Christians characterized by baptizing professing Christian believers only. 

We don’t know whether Sinbad shared the same faith as his father, but his comedy style was known for lacking in profanity, which means he used better language contrary to some other comedians. Looking at his family background, it looked like Sinbad net worth growth in the future was not related to his family at all. 

Sinbad net worth


He was a graduate of the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. Because of his excellent physic, he played for the basketball team during his study, but only for two seasons. Later, he experienced a knee injury and could no longer participate in sports activities.

Personal life (family, spouse, kids)

Sinbad married Meredith Fuller, also a producer known for The Girl With No Brain (2018). The marriage first happened in 1985, and they are blessed with two children, Paige Adkins, and Royce Adkins. Sinbad and his wife divorced once in 1992 but remarried in 2002.

Sinbad’s Career

Sinbad’s career, which was later related to Sinbad net worth, was divided into some parts. Here is a short summary of every part of his career.

Sinbad Movies

He was credited for more than 40 roles in movies. Among them was “Houseguest, 1995,” a comedy film starring him and Phil Hartman. He also played at “Jingle All the Way (1996)” along with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rita Wilson. 

Sinbad TV Shows

Other than The Sinbad Show, he also appeared in several Tv shows. He took part in A Different World for 4 of all six seasons and appeared once on Saturday Night Live in 1992.

Awards & Nominations

Sinbad won the Blockbuster Entertainment Award in 1997 as a Favorite Supporting Actor for the film Family Jingle All the Way (1996). He was nominated for every role every year from 1995 to 1998. Receiving awards and popularity following that was one of the factors to improving Sinbad net worth. 

Sinbad net worth

Sinbad net worth

Back to the main topic, how much of Sinbad net worth in 2022, and what is the story of Sinbad net worth loss caused by debt? 

Amount of Sinbad net worth in 2022 is about $4 million. Among the sources who claimed that amount was celebritynetworth. Owing this money means he could pay off all his debt with his current income. 

Sinbad net worth from businesses

his main business is his work as a producer. This also related to why he broke and filed for bankruptcy twice during his career. Some argue that it was caused by lavish living, but it is actually the opposite. 

The debt increased the expenses for his business. Even though he has produced some programs, such as Stompin’ and Coda and many more, the business still lacked jobs, and he could not land a movie role. 

All the money back then went to his company’s equipment, facilities, and salaries. Sinbad net worth only amounts to $131000 back then. 

Other than his own company, he also signed a business contract with CBD Wellness Company Life Pack Organics, Inc to become their brain ambassador. That happened in January 2020, about a year before Sinbad suffered from a stroke in November 2020.

Investment in Real estate (Mansion / house / home / apartment)

Sinbad needed to sell one of his houses at 5950 Spring Valley Rd, Hidden Hills, CA, because of bankruptcy. The house was for sale at $3 million in 2010.

Sport cars / yacht / vehicles

Among the cars Sinbad owned was a black Lincoln Navigator, a four-door SUV produced by Ford Motor Company. The price of the vehicle was about $58,000. We don’t have other records about other cars or vehicles in his possession.

How much does Sinbad make per year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

Around the time when he was broke, Sinbad’s salary was only about $16000 a month, or about $192000 a year. That amount was actually more than enough for the ordinary family but considered lacking for some. (US average gross wage is around $70 thousand a year)

How does Sinbad make money?

Sinbad’s sources of income are primarily from salary or a contract for a film and tv show appearance. Of course, it was mostly from his act as a comedian.

Sinbad net worth

Is Sinbad Retired?

Sinbad is still active even now. You can still check his social media account and will find the contact for booking his service or making a contract with him. Another way to hire Sinbad was through, where Sinbad put among the clean comedians.

What is Sinbad Doing now?

The news and his social media account said he was recovering from a stroke and still rarely appeared in show business. Sinbad net worth has regained a lot to finance his life. But we can find many posts from his about his political views about his country.