David Jeremiah Net Worth

Finding peace in a very distracted life is a dream of many people. Some find them through a change of lifestyle, some need to move to different places and environments, and many find it through religion. 

If you are a Christian, other than John Hagee, whom we discussed before, you must know the name David Jeremiah, an evangelical Christian author and the founder of Turning Point ministry.

In this article, our main discussion is about David Jeremiah net worth, a summary of his personal life, and how he developed his career. 

Who is David Jeremiah? (Biography)

David Jeremiah is an American evangelical Christian author, a senior pastor, the founder of Turning point radio and television ministry, and also the founder of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California. 

With this introduction alone, we can already predict how David Jeremiah net worth can grow during his career. Here is some info about him before we continue discussing his net worth.

Summary table
Stage Name David Jeremiah
Legal name David Paul Jeremiah
Date of Birth February 13, 1941
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 6 (about 1.7 m)
Net worth $50 Million
Salary More than $1 million
Profession Pastor, Founder, Author
Nationality American

Legal Name & stage name

Jeremiah’s real name is David Paul Jeremiah, and as everyone knows it, his stage name is David Jeremiah.

Date of Birth

He was born on February 13, 1941, in Toledo, Ohio, turning 81 in 2022. His father’s name was James T. Jeremiah, a Emmanuel Baptist Church pastor, and Cedarville College president.

David Jeremiah net worth

Gender & Height

Jeremiah is obviously a male, and his height is about 5 ft 6 in (about 1.7 m)


Born, work, and living in America, Jeremiah’s nationality is American. David Jeremiah net worth is also accumulated in this country.

What is David Jeremiah Best Known for?

David Jeremiah is best known for the founding turning point we have explained above. Even if we go to his personal website at davidjeremiah.org, we will find much content about the turning point. After all, it might be the highest contribution to David Jeremiah net worth.

Early life of David Jeremiah

Jeremiah was born in Toledo, a county seat of Lucas County, Ohio, United States. He moved to Dayton, Ohio, when he was eleven with his siblings. The reason for moving was because his father became the president of Cedarville University (previously known as Cedarville College)


He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cedarville College, where his father was the president, in 1963. Four years later, in 1967, he got a master’s degree in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and completed additional graduate work at Grace Seminary in 1972. 

His alma mater, Cedarville College, gave him an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in 1981.

David Jeremiah net worth

Personal life (family, spouse, kids)

Jeremiah married his college sweetheart, Donna Thompson, the same year he graduated from his first college. Their marriage blessed them with four children and twelve grandchildren. Their oldest, David Michael, is Turning Point’s president and the radio program’s anchor voice.

David Jeremiah’s Career

He spent much time during his career studying, from 1959 to 1972. his notable career started in 1969 when he with Donna started a church plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

The name of the church he founded was Blackhawk Baptist Church. At first, only seven families came to church, but it grew to 1300 families during Jeremiah’s service as the pastor. 

He founded Blackhawk Christian School in 1973, where he first learned about using mass media to share the gospel. This experience later contributed to tremendous growth in David Jeremiah net worth.

David Jeremiah’s works

Jeremiah is a senior pastor at Scott Memorial Baptist Church (now Shadow Mountain Community Church and considered one of the largest churches in San Diego county ). He also works as an author of some best-selling books about Christian teaching. Sometimes, millions of dollars can be gained from selling books to increase David Jeremiah net worth even more.

David Jeremiah Net worth

So how much was David Jeremiah net worth currently? Our sources found that David Jeremiah net worth is about 50 million in 2022. It was the wealth he earned from many sources of income, but primarily by the successful growth of his popularity and turning point, which later helped increase his audiences and book readers.

David Jeremiah net worth

David Jeremiah Net worth from Businesses

Turning Point for God, a multi-media broadcast ministry, can be considered one of David Jeremiah’s businesses, and it has become an international leader in the world of broadcast ministry. It broadcasts radio and television programs. Jeremiah might also earn some salary for serving on the board of Turning Point Ministries.

Investment Real estate (Mansion / house / home / apartment)

Jeremiah bought a $2-million condominium on Coronado Island in January of 2010. It was a resort community overlooking the Pacific Ocean near San Diego. The building is now worth more than $2.4-million and hasn’t been sold since Jeremiah’s contract purchase. 

Sport cars / yacht / vehicles

We couldn’t find any information about his ride cars. Usually, with the amount of David Jeremiah net worth now, he can drive many expensive cars. But we cannot find any clues about his vehicle use, not even an image of his using any cars.

How much did David Jeremiah make per year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

we couldn’t pinpoint the precise amount of salary Jeremiah gets from his work. We also don’t know about the possible income he gained from his investment. But we can assess his yearly income is much higher than $1 million. 

We can be sure about the estimated salary because he is part of the National religious broadcaster (NRB), which requires the member to donate at least $1 million per year. His salary also reflects on the current David Jeremiah net worth.

David Jeremiah net worth

How does David Jeremiah make money?

He got most of his money from his work as a founder and author. He can get millions by his book sales alone, regardless of the profit-sharing in the contract. The turning point has also become very popular and earning much wealth in their broadcasting business. 

There are also possibilities of David Jeremiah net worth increase by donations from the public, but we are not sure about this yet.

Is David Jeremiah Retired?

He hasn’t retired yet, even after turning 81 years old this year. His work spirit earned him many rewards, including the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Hall of Fame Award and the NRB President’s Award in 2020.

What is David Jeremiah Doing now?

He still acts as the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, as we find no information about the changes in position. He also wrote many books, the last one titled “Where Do We Go From Here? How Tomorrow’s Prophecies Foreshadow Today’s Problems” in 2021. Jeremiah also plans a cruise ship vacation with him and his wife at the end of the year.