The Full List of Shirley Temple Net Worth

Shirley Temple is a popular actress who was successful at twelve years old. Shirley Temple’s net worth was $30 million at the end of her life.

Her early success in Hollywood has allowed her to be recognized as one of the most important figures in American Cinema. Shirley retired from film at the age of 27. Her early success has allowed her to be remembered forever and she is a popular actress today.

Despite being an actress, Shirley Temple also served as an ambassador in the United States government in 1974 – 1992. Shirley Temple’s success did not end here, she also served in several international companies at the age of twenty-one.

Want to know more about Shirley Temple’s biography? also see how Shirley Temple’s net worth has accumulated to millions of dollars and what assets she has.

Summary Table
Stage Name Shirley Temple Black
Legal name Shirley Temple
Date of Birth: April 23, 1928
Gender: Female
Height 157 cm
Net worth $ 30 million
Salary / earning / income per year $ 544 thousand per year
Profession Actress and ambassador
Nationality American

Shirley Temple’s Background Information

  • Legal Name & stage name: Shirley Temple’s real name is Shirley Temple Black.
  • Date of Birth: Shirley was born on April 23, 1928 in Santa Monica, California.
  • Gender & Height: Shirley Temple is a woman with a height of 1.57 m.
  • Nationality: Shirley is an American national.
  • What is Shirley Temple Best Known for? Shirley Temple is a successful woman as a film star, singer, corporate leader and in politics.

The Beginning

shirley temple black early life

Shirley was born to parents who worked as bank employees. Since childhood, her mother had advised him to practice dance, dancing and acting skills. So he was educated at Moglin’s Dance School in Los Angeles. She attended various schools, including the LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts), the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and the University of California at Irvine.

Through these education, Shirley Temple could support herself financially through her career in Hollywood. Shirley Temple’s net worth grew since she was the highest-paid entertainer, within her career spanned six decades, before World War II, and was one of the top five box office draws in that decade.

  • Personal Life
shirley temple and her personal life

Shirley Temple was born on April 23, 1928 in Santa Monica, California. She is credited as the first child star to be given a long-term contract with a studio. Before turning twenty years old, Shirley Temple net worth was huge since she became the actress starred in over 100 films.

In 1934, Temple married United States Army officer John Agar. She was pregnant with their first child, Linda Susan. Temple had a very difficult time with John’s absence during World War II.

Shirley remarried with Charles Alden Black, who is an assistant to the President of a multinational company and is included as the richest young man in California – 2 kids: daughter, Jane, and son David.

Although Shirley Temple net worth, wealth and career was so impressive, but her happiness was snatched away when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1972. But she managed to recover until her death at the age of 85 on February 10, 2014.

Shirley Temple Net Worth at the time of her death

shirley temple net worth, salary and career

Shirley Temple net worth at the end of her life reached $30 million . As an actor, singer and diplomat, Shirley Temple net worth is simply amazing. However, Shirley Temple’s income is indeed very well deserved. Shirley is a figure who is loved by many people, because her appearance is very entertaining in every show she stars in.

The abundance of Shirley Temple net worth and wealth did not make him complacent and instead made him more brilliant in pursuing a career. It was Shirley Temple’s work as an actor, which made him famous, that pushed him to run for Congress in the United States, though he failed.

But in the end he became the ambassador of Ghana and Czechoslovakia. Shirley Temple’s work of course also affects the increasing of Shirley Temple net worth.

How much did Shirley Temple make as a child?

Shirley Temple net worth was enormous because he began her career when she was just six years old. By age 14, she had made child actor history by earning $22,000 and by the time she was 14 years old her contract had reached $40,000. Shirley Temple went on to have a successful acting career that spanned from the 1920s to the 1970s and earned herself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1961.

Source of Wealth: How does she make money?

Shirley temple net worth is supported by many sources. Shirley Temple earns the most from Shirley Temple’s salary as an actress. By the time she was in her teens, Shirley Temple’s contract was already in the tens of millions of dollars. It doesn’t stop here, Shirley Temple’s wealth continues to accumulate from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per week.

As a child who was known throughout America, Shirley’s fans were automatically all over America. This is exploited by the toy company Ideal Toy and Novelty Company in New York. Shirley Temple dolls and other accessories were sold at fantastic values. As a model, Shirley Temple earned more than $300,000 in royalties. In those days, almost all toy markets were filled with Shirley Temple dolls and accessories.

The news of Shirley Temple net worth increasing didn’t even stop even after she died. Because diamond collectors have bought Shirley Temple’s Blue Diamond – from a gift from her father – for an estimated $25-$35 million.

  • How much does he make per year?

After knowing Shirley Temple net worth, it is also interesting to see her salary. The total salary of Shirley Temple for starring in 50 films is estimated at $ 43 million. So for approximately 79 years of a career in the world of film, the total annual income of Shirley Temple is $ 544 thousand.

Businesses and Belongings

Shirley Temple net worth is also supported by the businesses she runs. Shirley had the opportunity to lead many companies including Del Monte Foods, National Wildlife Federation, The Walt Disney Company, Bank of America and many more.

Shirley Temple net worth, career and achievements were truly groundbreaking. Her life journey as a woman deserves appreciation. She was able to act, run a business, and be a politician at the same time.

  • Real estates

Shirley Temple net worth can also be seen from the home ownership in Woodside, California. The house was where he lived for decades until the end of her life. The asset value of the house is estimated at $5 million.

  • Cars

Shirley Temple is a legendary actress from her youth to adulthood who has appeared in more than 50 films. As a popular actress Shirley Temple net worth is not too much diverted to owning other types of possessions such as vehicles. Moreover, as her status in government, of course he uses more state-owned vehicle facilities, for her comfort and safety.

From some of the information we got, Shirley Temple net worth included cars such as the Mercedes-Benz 400SE and the Buick Limo. Both cars are considered a type of classic car.


shirley temple net worth and career

Shirley Temple’s career began when she was recruited as a child player in the film Stand Up and Cheer! Shirley’s first contract was $150 per week in 1993 -different from the current nominal-. Since this time, Shirley Temple net worth has started to soar even though she is still young.

Shirley Temple then continued her acting journey in feature films, skits or musicals. Sherly is widely praised for her stunning appearance, so she also often gets awards.

Apart from television, Shirley Temple net worth still increased since her career was also active in the diplomatic field. She joined the California Republican Party in 1967. Shirley has served as ambassador and adviser to the president several times.

In 1974, Shirley Temple’s wealth grew by serving as the US ambassador to Ghana. Then in 1976 he was recorded as the Head of the National Diplomatic Protocol.

Shirley Temple’s career seems to have always been brilliant, both in the world of entertainment and politics. Shirley Temple was a world-famous actress who also served in the government under President Carter and President George Bush.

  • Awards & Achievements

Shirley Temple was a famous actress and dancer in the 1920s. She received many awards during her lifetime, including the Juvenile Academy Award, Kennedy Center Honors and many other awards, Beside Shirley Temple net worth was quite interesting to talk, she was also America’s sweetheart and has achieved many awards throughout her lifetime.

What Makes Her Successful?

Shirley Temple was one of the most successful child actors of all time. One of the reasons for Shirly Temple net worth and her career success were her willingness to always do whatever she could to help. In 1934, she served as a delegate for the American Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland. Shirley only made one movie in which she didn’t play a child, her last film in 1944 when she was 16 years old.