Finneas Net Worth in 2022 and Highlights You Need to Know

Finneas net worth is incredibly increased following his popularity.

Finneas is currently popular for his talent to produce music and songs. He got more recognized after winning numerous awards in 2019 together with his sister Billie Eilish for his songs ‘Bad Guy’ and ‘No Time to Die’.

With his potential bright future in the music industry, how much is Finneas net worth right now? Before knowing Finneas net worth, here are some facts you need to know about him.

Summary Table
Stage Name Finneas O’Connell
Legal Name Finneas Baird O’Connell
Date of Birth July 30, 1997
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 0 in (182 cm)
Finneas Net Worth $5-20 million
Salary / earning / income per year $600.000 – 750.000
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Actor
Nationality American


Finneas’s Background Information

Finneas Net Worth

Although now more commonly known as a songwriter, singer, and studio producer, Finneas began his career as an actor. He actively played roles in various films such as Bad Teacher in 2011, Life Inside Out in 2013, Modern Family, and even appeared in a popular musical drama TV series Glee in 2015.

Later, he successfully produced songs for numerous artists and received 13 awards such as Apple Music Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Grammy Awards, and the MTV Video Music Awards for his favorable songs ‘Bad Guy’ and ‘No Time to Die’, both are sung by his sister Billie Eilish.

Finneas achievement and career in the entertainment industry are still growing with potential success in the future. In his 10 years of profession, many resources reported different approximately on how much Finneas net worth is. The latest reports in this year say that Finneas net worth is approximately between$5-20 million.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Finneas legal name is Finneas Baird O’Conner. He is using the stage name Finneas or Finneas O’Conner but is more commonly known by the mononym FINNEAS.
  • Date of Birth: Finneas was born on July 30, 1997.
  • Gender & Height: Finneas is a male with a height 6 ft (183 cm) tall.
  • Nationality: Finneas was born in Los Angeles, California, U.S, and his nationality is American.

What is Finneas Best Known for?

Finneas net worth

Finneas is commonly known using his mononym name as Finneas. Before he got popular after his successful songs in the music industry, especially the songs brought by his sister Billie Eilish. This is why currently Finneas always being associated with Billie Eilish.

Before that, he already got pursued an acting career which some appearances in some films and TV series. This includes roles he played with his mother, Maggie Baird, in a film titled ‘Life Inside Out’ in 2013.

Life Beginnings

Finneas is the son of actress and screenwriter Maggie Baird and actor Patrick O’Connell. His parents are also musicians, so he has already been familiar with music since a child. Finneas only has one younger sister, the currently popular singer, Billie Eilish.

Finneas interest in music already started a he was a kid. He even took a songwriting class at age 12 and started producing and writing songs.

  • Education

The information about where he graduated and the school attended is kept private. But, Finneas said that he wrote one of the songs for his rock band Slightlys, ‘Ocean Eyes’ during his attendance in high school.

  • Personal life

Finneas currently lived in Los Angeles and reported that he has been in a relationship with Claudia Sulewski, an active YouTuber since 2018.

Finneas was written a single titled ‘Claudia’ as an expression of his love story with his girlfriend.


Finneas’s career began in 2011 when he took roles in some films and TV series. He is also active in songwriting and singing in 2016. Many of his successful songs gave him a good recognition and potential booming project that will lead to a tremendous income for Finneas net worth in the future.

Songwriting and Producing

Finneas produced his first song in his single debut ‘New Girl’ in 2016. In the same year, he also released an album ‘Don’t Smile at Me’. This album also became a debut extended play for Billie Eilish which peaked on US Billboard 200.

There are more than 70 songs that have been produced and written by Finneas. Most of his songs are written for Billie Eilish, but there are also multiple songs that he wrote for various artists with great success as well such as The Knocks, Evalyn, Rebecca Black, Selena Gomez, Halsey, Trevor Daniel, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, and Camila Cabello.

Finneas Solo Work

Finneas also has a solo career as a singer. He is the lead singer and of course, the songwriter for his own band The Slightlys. The band was actively playing in Wraped Tour in 2015.

Finneas released his first debut single ‘New Girl’ in 2016. In the following year, he actively produced many singles like ‘I’m in Love with You’ in 2017, ‘Heaven’ and ‘College’ in 2018, ‘Angel’ and ‘Claudia’ in 2019, ‘What they’ll Say about Us’ in 2020, and ‘Till Forever Falls Apart’ in 2021.

Finneas Acting Career

Finneas’s acting career was started before he is focusing on music production and songwriting. In 2011, he joined his first cast in the movie ‘Bad Teacher’ as a student named Spencer. He then actively continued to play many roles in films and TV series such as ‘Life Inside Out’, ‘Modern Family’, ‘Glee’, ‘Aquarius’, and more. He even played to give voiceover in a video game Fallout 4 as Liam Binet.

Finneas Favorite Songs

It was undeniable that Finneas is getting more attention through his current successful work with his sister Billie Eilish. There are some of his written songs that have been successful and hit the billboard several times like ‘Bad Guy’ and ‘No Time to Die’ both sung by Billie Eilish.

Finneas Net Worth

Many sources speculated Finneas net worth with approximately between $5 – 20 million. Most of the income to Finneas net worth is primary comes from his career as a singer, songwriter, producer, and actor.

But how about the other resources of Finneas net worth? Does he have luxury possessions as Finneas net worth and a successful profession now? Here is some info about it.

  • Properties

Finneas reported buying a mansion in Los Angeles for $2.7 million in 2019. In the next year, he bought a luxury home with a great ocean view in Malibu for $5.2 million in 2020.

  • Vehicles

Finneas is several times spotted driving a Tesla with his girlfriend, Claudia Sulewski. In Claudia YouTube channel, she several times showed the cars that she often used with Finneas. There is no detailed information about who is exactly owns the car or its relation with Finneas net worth.

  • Income

Finneas approximately earning $600.000 – 750.000 per year, sum up a tremendous amount for Finneas net worth and wealth.

  • Finneas Studio

In 2020, Finneas built his home studio in his house in Los Angeles. This studio is used together with his sister, Billie Eilish, for daily work now.

  • How does Finneas make money?

Finneas net worth is primarily from his career in producing songs, music, and singing as well. But covering his YouTube channel with 1.3 million subscribers, many sources say that he also earned about $270.000 per year.

What is Finneas Concern at Now?

Finneas is not retired. He still actively producing music and songs. His latest work is an album ‘Happier than Ever’ released in 2021.

Finneas net worth

Finneas still focusing on his career in producing music. He currently lived in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and is still active on his Youtube channel as well.

  • Is Finneas related to Billie Eilish?

Yes. Finneas is Billie Eilish’s older brother. They are successfully working together since 2016 until now.