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Summary tabel
Stage name Ashton Meem
Legal name Ashton Meem
Date of birth September 6, 1987
Gender Female
Height 5’10”
Net worth $4 million
Sallary/earning/income per year
Profession Professional in advertising and insurance
Nationality American

Ashton Meem: Russell Wilson Ex Wife Bio

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Russell Wilson’s ex-wife’s name is Ashton Meem. Some people can build their popularity and wealth through hard work, but others can acquire it all through a dating relationship with a famous person.

It’s clear how lucky Ashton Meem was to have been married to Russell Wilson. We wrote a biography of Ashton Meem below:

  • Legal name & stage name: The full name of Russell Wilson’s ex-wife is Ashton Meem.
  • Date of Birth: This woman was born in Virginia on September 6, 1987.
  • Gender & Height: Ashton Meem is 5’10” (179 cm) tall and weighs 110 lbs (50 kg).
  • Nationality: Ashton Meem is an American citizen.
  • Best known for: This woman is widely known for being the ex-wife of famed American football player Russell Wilson.

Life Histories

Ashton Meem is the daughter of Lang Meem and Molly Meem. She was born in Richmond, Virginia. We don’t know much about her early childhood unfortunately. We are unable to provide any information about his siblings.

As teenagers, Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson attended the same high school, St Catherine. That’s where they met and began dating.

After graduating from St Catherine High School, Ashton continued her studies at the University of Georgia. But after studying there for a few years, he transferred to North Carolina State University.

  • Personal life
russell wilson ex wife net worth

As you know, Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson originally met when they were attending St. Catherine High School. They dated for six years and, in 2012, decided to get married.

However, they divorced in 2014. During their 2-year marriage, they did not have any children.

Ashton Meem And Russell Wilson’s Marriage

Even if two people have been together for a long time, it doesn’t mean they’ll be happy after getting married. Apparently these two split up after only two years.

Until finally, Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson announced their divorce in 2014. They cited no explanation as to the cause of their divorce.

  • Relationship with Russell Williams

After two years of marriage, Ashton Meem’s relationship with Russell Wilson worsened with no clear cause. Rumors are that she cheated on him, but both denied the rumors. It is unclear why they divorced.

Meanwhile, Russell Wilson married R&B singer Ciara, while Ashton Meem has been reluctant to let the media know anything about his personal life.


After graduating from college, Ashton Meem’s career began as an intern at Lewis Partners and McKinney. After getting enough experience during the internship, she got her first job as an Account Executive at Morton Consulting.

She worked for an insurance company for a few years but later decided to look abroad. She has had some luck, having acquired a contract with an advertising company recently. It seems like she is happy with his career choice.

Ashton got a good job with an excellent career, thanks to his advanced education.

  • Ashton Meem’s Education

Ashton Meem attended high school at Saint Catherine. Afterwards she continued her education at the University of Georgia before transferring to North Carolina State. Many suspect that Ashton transferred to college so she could be closer to her boyfriend, Russell Wilson.

Russell Wilson Ex Wife Net Worth

ashton meem and russell wilson

What’s the Russell Wilson ex wife net worth? Apart from her work income, Ashton Meem is also running some businesses, so her wealth is fantastic.

By 2021, Russell Wilson ex wife net worth is estimated to have reached $4 million. This wealth is obtained from work contracts, salaries, and also the business she is running.

The future Russell Wilson ex wife net worth, is expected to keep climbing as her career gets more and more successful. Currently, she works at an insurance company in America, but one can only imagine where it might take her next.

  • How much Russell Wilson ex wife make per year?

We could not find any reliable sources that mentioned Ashton Meem’s investments, personal fortune, or income.

The information we get about the Russell Wilson ex wife net worth has increased with a fantastic lift.

  • Businesses

There aren’t any sources that can review the business and investments undertaken by Ashton Meem. Even reliable sources only mention that he used to work in several companies.

She currently works as an Advertising Operations Assistant and Account Executive in an insurance company, where her salary is the main source of income.

Even though she only works, the Russell Wilson ex wife net worth can reach millions of dollars.

  • How does she make money?

Estimated Russell Wilson ex wife net worth from her work and professional career in advertising and insurance.

What is Ashton Meem Doing Now After Divorce?

After divorcing from Russell Wilson, Ashton Meem is yet to reveal his current love life. This is because she prefers not to talk about it in the media.

She’s going to keep going with the career in advertising and communications she developed in college.

Ashton Meem’s Quick Facts

The following are a few brief facts about Ashton Meem in this Russell Wilson ex wife net worth article.

  • Ashton Meem, Russell Wilson’s ex-wife
  • This woman was born in Richmond, Virginia on September 6, 1987. This puts her age at 34 years old.
  • Ashton Meem is a graduate of St. Catherine High School, University of Georgia and North Carolina State University.
  • Ashton Meem was married to Russell Wilson in 2012 and they divorced two years later in 2014.
  • There are a lot of rumors about this divorce. Some say that the reason for the divorce is Ashton Meem’s affair with Russell’s friend, Golden Tate.
  • Currently Ashton Meem works as an Advertising Operations Assistant in a insurance company.
  • Ashton Meem has never revealed her personal life to the media, so many speculated that she is in a relationship with Garrett after he changed his Instagram name from Ashton Meem to Ashton Garrett.
  • Russell Wilson ex wife net worth is $4 million.