Roy Williams Net Worth: The Legendary College Basketball Coach

Roy Allen Williams is the legendary college basketball coach from the United States who has been recognized since his career in the early 1970s until 2021. Roy Williams net worth is calculated to be USD 12 million.

Summary Table
Stage Name Roy Williams
Legal Name Roy Allen-Theodore Williams
Date of Birth August 1st, 1950
Gender Male
Height 1.78 m
Net Worth USD 12 million
Salary / earning / income per year USD 2 million
Profession College Basketball Coach
Nationality American

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Introducing Roy Williams

We need to look deeper into the information surrounding Roy Williams net worth, personal journey, and professional life to understand who he is.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Roy Williams’s full name is Roy Allen-Theodore Williams.
  • Date of Birth: Williams was born August 1st, 1950.
  • Gender & Height: Roy Williams is a male with a height of 1.78 m.
  • Nationality: Born and raised in North Carolina, he is a Citizen of the United States of America.
  • What is Roy Williams Best Known for? Roy Williams is famous as the one and only college coach who won 400 games at two different schools throughout his basketball coaching career.

More Life Details of Roy Williams

There is not much to disclose about his early life, except the fact that Roy was raised by his single mother in North Carolina, and started to build attentiveness plus interest in basketball during high school. Starting from zero until the fact that Roy Williams net worth is considered great, he has always been a humble figure since his early life up to this day.

  • Education:
    • T.C. Roberson High School
    • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Personal life:
    • Roy Williams encountered Wanda Williams in 1972 and they got married a year after that. They remain together up to this day with two children and three grandsons in total. The lovely couple has been through thick and thin for many decades, including when Roy Williams had to undergo kidney surgery to omit a tumor.
    • Roy and Wanda are a kind of philanthropist couple who has done good deeds in their life. During the pandemic in March 2021, they provide a donation to the University of North Carolina for USD 3 million to help fund scholarships. In addition, Roy Williams provides USD 600.000 for some of the sports athletes.

Roy Williams’s Career

This part will reveal his career journey before we look deeper into Roy Williams net worth or wealth in general.

Long before every achievement, Williams was a player for the basketball team at the UNC for one year. Next, Williams’s coaching career began when he was a boy’s golf, basketball, and football coach in Charles D. Owen High School. After several years as coach, he take in charge as an athletic director for a couple of years and moved to the University of North Carolina (UNC) as an assistant for the basketball coach. He later moved to the University of Kansas Jayhawks as the head coach before making a comeback at UNC again.

Roy Williams Net Worth
  • Roy Williams Coaching Record: Apart from William’s achievement to recruit Michael Jordan for UNC, he has several records as well, including win loss at Kansas for 418–101, UNC for 485 – 163, and 79 – 27 (NCAA Division I).
  • Roy Williams Coaching Style: The main characteristic of Roy’s coaching style is always using a simple systematic method like filling much possession into forty-minute games and playing free of various set plays.
  • Roy Williams Win Loss Record: The total win loss record of Roy Allen Williams as a coach is 903-264.
  • Was Roy Williams the Coach of Michael Jordan?
    • Michael Jordan’s relationship with the former head coach of North Carolina Roy Williams is the strongest and most genuine kind of bond.
    • It all started when Michael Jordan played at North Carolina under the guidance of Dean Smith while Roy Williams was still an assistant at that moment. It was mentioned in an interview that Williams’s first impression towards Jordan was how he might be the best 6’4″ high school player.
    • Even long before Jordan joined the NBA, Williams and the late noble James Jordan had a wholesome-amazing friendship for decades.
  • Coach Roy Williams Book
    • The Former Head Coach Roy Williams released an autobiography with co-writer Tim Crothers titled Hard Work: A Life On and Off the Court. 
    • The book disclosed topics surrounding his life, early childhood, the ups and downs of his triumphant career as a coach, and the tough commitment in 2003 when he had to leave Kansas for North Carolina.

Roy Williams Net Worth

Firstly, he started as an assistant before turning into an outstanding coach and Roy Williams net worth went skyrocketed. Right now, Roy Williams net worth is calculated to be USD 12 million as mentioned above.

  • Businesses: There are no official reports whether or not he has investment or side business that contributes to Roy Williams net worth or income in general.
  • Real estate: The property investment that might be contributing to Roy Williams net worth or income is under review.
  • Vehicle: It seems that the information of Roy Williams net worth that comes from vehicles or cars is unavailable.
  • Annual Salary
    • The amount of Roy Williams net worth or annual salary he earned from UNC is approximately USD 2 million more or less. In 2020 he received around USD 4 million including USD 1 million which comes from marketing and multimedia rights.
    • The salary Williams garnered from UNC made him become one of the coaches in the NCAA with the highest compensation and Mike Krzyzewski on the top list.
  • How does Roy Williams make money? Roy Williams net worth or wealth comes from his career in the basketball industry for such a long period, including one year as a player and approximately fifty years as a coach.

Williams’s Retirement

It is hard for basketball fans to hear that one of the most renowned coaches has retired from his work after forty-eight years of work hard, perseverance, and support he gave to the talents he trained.

Roy Williams seems to do fine after his retirement by having quality time with family, occasionally making appearances to watch games, and presently chosen as an ambassador for the recent basketball match in North Carolina.