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Roger Stone Net Worth, Career, & Controversial Story

Roger Jason Stone is a famous lobbyist and political strategist from the United States of America. In spite of the fact that he has known to work with historical figures like Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, and Richard Nixon, Roger Stone net worth is considerably low.

Summary Table
Stage Name Roger Stone
Legal Name Roger Jason Stone
Date of Birth August 27, 1952
Gender Male
Height 5’11” (1.8 m)
Net Worth Around USD 50.000
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Lobbyist & Political Strategist
Nationality American

Table of Contents

Background Information of Roger Stone

Roger Stone is the man who deem by society as one of the most important figures that related to the political history of the United States. To understand who he is in the most uncomplicated way, we need to look deeper into his personal life, career, and Roger Stone net worth in particular.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Roger Jason Stone’s early name is Roger Joseph Stone Jr. which was given by his parents. Later on, the man who became the head of the Trump campaign is publicly recognized as Roger Stone.
  • Date of Birth: He was born in 1952 and celebrates his annual birthday every August 27.
  • Gender & Height: He is a male with a body measurement of 5 feet 11 inches.
  • Nationality: Stone is a US Citizen who was born in a part of Connecticut called Norwalk.
  • What is Roger Stone Best Known for?
    • Roger Stone is best known to work for Republican party politicians as their campaign consultant or lobbyist.
    • The astounding lists of the politicians he worked for are George W. Bush, Bob Dole, Jack Kemp, Richard Nixon, Donald Trump, and Ronald Reagan.

Early Journey of Roger Stone

Stone was born to a middle-class family with parents Roger J. Stone and Gloria Rose. He formed attentiveness and curiosity towards politics since secondary school. There are no further reports of Roger Stone’s early life.

  • Education:
    • John Jay High School
    • George Washington University
  • Personal life:
    • Roger Stone tied the knot with Anne Wesche in 1974 and they remain married until 1990.
    • The next marriage is with Nydia Bertran, whom he married from 1992 until these days.
    • Stone had two children named Adria Stone and Scott stone.

Roger Stone’s Career

Roger Stone started his career in the Office of Economic opportunity before joining Ronald Reagan’s campaign and became part of Young Republicans as their national chairman. After building his political firm, Stone joined the Arlen Specter’s campaign and the 1990s marked his first work or collaboration with Donald Trump.

Stone has been the face of any controversial campaigns in the US and the outside. Even his political consulting firm is famously known for being involved with Ferdinand Marcos, a Filipino dictator, and Mobutu Sese Seko, a Congolese dictator.

Stone has been famously recognized for his strategic dirty campaign and creating false rumors for their opponents, including Hillary Clinton’s rumor about having Parkinson’s disease, Ted Cruz’s affairs, mentioned racial slurs to journalists, and other scandalous attitudes.

Although working with Trump gained him such an extravagant amount of salary or wealth, it also leads a hard fall in his career. In 2019 his house was raided by the Feds and Stone was arrested immediately at his lavish estate in Florida. It happens because he was charged with several verdicts including, providing false statements five times, witness tampering, and obstruction. Stone was convicted with 40 months in federal prison and Donald Trump granted him by reducing Stone’s sentence.

Aside from discussing the staggering amount of Roger Stone net worth or salary he had before, he is also known for having tax debt of around USD 2 million and had suspicious transactions about the USD 140.000 that Stone and his wife obtained for paying a condominium down payment.

Roger Stone Net Worth

Roger Stone net worth at the moment is calculated around USD 50.000 because of his dwindling wealth due to legal issues he faced. If all the controversies and scandals did not occur, the estimation of Roger Stone’s net worth at the top of his career is between USD 5 million and USD 10 million. He had to spend approximately USD 2 million for his legal defense fees, while the crowdfunding only garnered him USD 100.000. To add more income, Roger opened a personal website to auction special shirts, posters, best-selling books with his autograph, and any personal belongings.
  • Businesses:
    • The notable business that Stone created is a lobbying and political consulting firm, which was also founded alongside his fellow Charlie Black and Paul Manafort.
    • The firm called Black, Manafort, Stone & Kelly, with its first work as a strategist of Ronald Reagan’s presidential candidacy.
    • Apart from this, we are unable to find whether or not he has side investment or business that contributes to Roger Stone net worth at present.
  • Real estate:
    • Before the FBI arrest, there was an approximately USD 2 million luxurious estate in Florida that contributes to Roger Stone net worth, alongside an unknown estate in New York City.
    • After paying the legal fees and going bankrupt, he had to move out to a minimalist condominium for USD 525.000.
  • Sport cars: Apparently, there are no details of how many vehicles ownership contributes to Roger Stone net worth.
  • Income:
    • There are no official reports of how much Roger Stone net worth or income per year is.
    • However, between the 1980s and 1990s, Stone triumphantly garnered USD 1 million per year.
  • How does Roger Stone make money?
    • Roger Stone net worth or wealth primarily comes from his work as a political consultant, lobbyist, and help the campaigns of political figures.
    • His most noteworthy earning was when he was involved particularly in the presidential campaigns.

Roger Stone Present Day Activities

It seems that Roger Stone still has an interest in continuing his career in US politics although he had previous scandals and legal issues.

No recent news of what Roger Stone is doing now. The last report given by the media is when Stone was being subpoenaed regarding his involvement in the 2021 Capitol attack. The news also reported that the controversial political consultant, Roger Stone, is prohibited to post anything on social media.

This marked the end of the discussion surrounding Roger Stone net worth, career, and controversial story as the famous political consultant and lobbyist.