Ricki Lake Net Worth, Personal Life, and Career Highlight

Ricki Lake is a well-known American actress who became popular since her first debut in a film titled “Hairspray” in 1988. At that time, she was only 19 years old. Still, nevertheless, she got nominated among five best female leads in the independent spirit award, a nomination held annually for actresses who delivered an outstanding lead performance in an independent film.

After her first debut, she made many appearances in many other films and other sub-type of show biz like television and even documentaries. Her role as host in Ricki Lake show also gave her more popularity in this industry.

With over 30 years of working in entertainment, Ricki Lake net worth must have accumulated a tremendous amount. But there are always variables in wealth accumulation that can turn into unexpected outcomes.

This article will discuss Ricki Lake net worth in general, her past income and current income, salary, and short stories about her personal life experience.

Summary table
Stage Name Ricki Lake
Legal name Ricki Pamela Lake
Date of Birth 21-Sep-68
Gender female
Height 5 ft 4 in / 1.62 m
Net worth $20-$25 million
Salary 2.69 million
Profession Actress, Talk show host, Producers
Nationality American

Lets Know More About Ricki Lake

It is already mentioned above that Ricki Lake was a popular name in the entertainment industry or show business. She worked as an actress, on television as a host, and producer for a few documentaries. Before discussing Ricki Lake net worth, In the text below, there is some personal information about her.

  • Legal Name & stage Name:
    • Ricki Lake’s real name is Ricki Pamela Lake, but she was more popular being called just Ricki Lake in her career.
    • Her talk show was even named after this name.
  • Date of Birth:
    • She was born on September 21, 1968.
    • She is turning 53 this year.
  • Gender, Height, and Weight:
    • Ricki Lake’s gender is female, and her height is about 5 ft 4 in or 1.62 m.
    • There have been many changes in her weight throughout her career.
    • She needed to be fat for her first role appearance with about 200 pounds.
    • But along the way, she also experiences a tremendous weight loss in her lifetime, which take 100-140 pounds of her body.
    • Ricki Lake net worth was indeed obtained by hard work.
  • Nationality:
    • Ricki Lake nationality is American as she was born in New York and had never been changing citizenship.
    • All Ricki Lake net worth was acquired as she work in the U.S.
  • What is Ricki Lake Best Known for?
    • She might be best known for hosting the Ricki Lake show that lasted for ten years since 1993.
    • She was the youngest person to host a daytime talk show at that time.
    • One of her many achievements is the daytime Emmy for outstanding talk show host in 2013.

Life Histories

Ricki lake was born in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, U.S. Her Father, Barry Lake, worked as a pharmacist, and her mother, Jill Lake, was only a housewife. But she said to be brought up by her grandmother until age ten years old instead of her parents. Ricki Lake net worth nowadays can not be compared with her family’s past net worth.

  • Education

The only education Ricki Lake has regarding the entertainment industry is Ithaca College, a private college located in Ithaca, New York. She attended the campus for only one year and is considered one of the outstanding alumni. Moreover, the college itself was well-known for many famous alumni, which in turn might be helping in the accumulation of Ricki Lake net worth in the future.

  • Personal life

Ricki Lake married two times. The first time was with Rob Sussman from she got her two sons, Milo Sebastian Sussman and Owen Tyler Sussman, who was born in 2001 and being filmed by Ricki Lake for her documentary.

Her second marriage was with jewelry designer Christian Evans in 2012. Unfortunately, their married crumbled three years later. Christian Evans died in 2017, two years after their divorce.


Here are some highlights about Ricki Lake career

  • Ricki Lake Movies

Ricki Lake’s first debut in movies was as Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray. The film was written and directed by John Samuel Waters Jr in 1988. She also appeared in “Cry-Baby” in 1990 that starred Johnny Depp as the main lead character.

Some of the movies she starred in the past are “Cecil B. Demented” in 2000, Serial Mom in 1994, “Mrs. Winterbourne” in 1996, and many more. It was not clear how much of each movie’s contract accumulated into Ricki Lake net worth. But considering the number of films she starred in, the amount must be quite large.

  • Ricki Lake TV Shows

Ricki Lake has hosted a talk show named after herself since 1993. The show theme was a discussion with and about the invited guests. Audiences in the studio were also allowed to ask questions or comment about the topic.

Ricki Lake’s show lasted for a decade and aired its last episode in 2004. The reason for contract determination was caused by Ricki Lake wanting to spend more time with her family. Ricki Lake wanted to bring back the show in 2012, but the show only lasted for one season.

  • Awards & Nominations

Ricki Lake won Daytime Emmy Award for the revived version of the Ricki Lake show in 2012. Ricki Lake also got a nomination for the best female lead in the independent spirit award.

Ricki Lake Net Worth

The latest information about Ricki Lake net worth shows a figure of about $20 to $25 million this year. It comes from her past career in the entertainment industry for about 34 years. There is also some speculation that Ricki Lake net worth only amounts to 1 million. But considering her work data, that speculation was hard to trust.

In her career, she spends more time in television shows, whether as a host or in other roles, compared to her time in films. As a result, a big portion of Ricki Lake net worth is more likely obtained from tv shows careers.


Ricki Lake net worth from Business

All her income was derived from her work as an actress, presenter, or producer. In addition, she made her own documentary film with the title “the business of being born,” which made its first debut on January 18, 2008, in limited markets. Ricki lake’s main reason for making the film is to educate people about their childbirth choices.

And later on, the documentary was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was released in New York, LA, and sans Francisco in October. Lake and the director of her documentary, Epstein, also launched an online social network named MyBestBirth.com for the same reason. This documentary also contributed a lot in accumulating Ricki Lake net worth. There is no data regarding Lake’s other investments except for documentaries so far.

Real estate

One of many Ricki Lake net worth comes from a house she planned to sell in 2013 for $8.75 million. The home is located in the ritzy Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Initially, she bought the house for $5.6 million in 2002. The house is rumored to have been sold in 2014.

The last information said that Lake lived in Malibu with his two sons in the house she has with his second husband when they were still together. The house was bought for $3 million back then. There is also news that she lived in a small apartment building that rented for only $3k a month in the past. But that decision was more likely caused by personal reasons, not by lack of money.


Her Twitter account said she bought a new Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid for her sons in 2017. However, while there are many photos of her in cars, there is no clear info about her vehicle’s brand.

Usually, celebrities who love sports cars show them on social media, but it’s not found in her social media account. It is also the same with other luxury vehicles like yachts or luxury cars. Because the price of ordinary cars is usually not so high, the cars she currently uses might not represent Ricki Lake net worth at all.

Income Per Year

The only data about Ricki Lake salary is about $2.5 million a year. But considering Ricki Lake’s latest career highlight, which shows so few activities in the entertainment industry, the number might be used to be in the past in her prime career. there is also no record of any passive income of an investment.

But considering her activities with her documentaries, it can be said that her salary today is not so small either. At least, Ricki Lake net worth won’t be cut down because of her lack of income. Celebrities usually have many more ways to make income in today’s economy as they are more popular and known by more people.

  • How does Ricki Lake make money?

Her wealth most likely comes from her work as a presenter in tv shows and roles in films many years earlier. Other sources of income she currently might be her work as producers of documentaries.

Ricki Lake net worth

Present Days Activities

Looking at her appearance in films last few years and considering her age that has come to 53 this year, it can be said that she might have retired as an actress. But Ricki lake keeps making an appearance in many television shows, even for the last two years. So it can be guessed that her work as an entertainer is not yet over.

Ricki lake’s current highlight activities revolve around her work as a producer for documentaries. Ricki lake can also be seen in many talk shows. In one of the talk shows, she gave motivation to audiences “always be present the moment and appreciate each day, not wasting time thinking about future problems.”