Rick James Net Worth: A Famous Singer and Songwriter Who Troubling His Life

As a popular singer and songwriter, Rick James net worth is not a joke. Firstly, he started to sing in the 1970s.


Stage Name James Ambrose Johnson Jr.
Legal Name Rick James
Date of Birth 1 February 1948
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 11 inch (180 cm)
Rick James Net Worth USD 250,000
Salary / earning / income per year           USD 400,000
Profession Singer, Songwriter, and Music Producer          
Nationality American

Basic Information of Rick James


Rick James reached his career from the bottom. Then, his mom already introduced James to arts and music when he was still a kid.

After that, he began playing music and even joined a local jazz group in New York. Further, with his brilliant taste in music, Rick James net worth increased as his popularity increased.

Hence, the public recognized him as a multitalented singer who also worked as a record producer and songwriter.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name:
    • This singer was born as James Ambrose Johnson Jr. However, after he fled to Toronto, he changed his name to Ricky James Matthews.
    • It was to avoid being detected by the US Military.
    • Regarding his stage name, Stevie Wonder recommended he shorten it to Rick James. Therefore, this was how the famous singer was known by the public until now.
  • Date of Birth: While his dad worked as an autoworker, his mom’s profession was a numbers-runner and dancer. Then, they were blessed with the birth of James on February 1, 1948.
  • Gender & Height: Rick James was a male. Then, this singer was 5 ft 11 inches (180 cm), whereas his weight was 181 lbs (82kg).
  • Nationality: Rick James’s nationality was American.
  • What is Rick James Best Known for?
    • Rick James was best known for his work. Thus, the most popular one was U Can’t Touch This and more songs for other singers.
    • James was also known for his controversies that made him face legal issues.

Rick James Journey


After his dad disappeared when he was only 10 years old, James and his seven siblings lived with his mom. Before grabbing his success, Rick James has an interesting journey in life.

Although Rick James was known as a popular singer and songwriter, he was also known for the troubles in his life.

  • Education:
    • Rick James did not finish his study in both Bennett High School and Orchard Park High School.
    • It was because he dropped out due to several vices and drugs.
  • Personal life:
    • James’ relationship was kind of complicated. Through his relationship with Syville Morgan who was a singer and songwriter, they were blessed with two kids namely Tyenza and Rick Jr.
    • Meanwhile, Linda Blair was his next girlfriend whom he dated for two years since 1982. Then, she became pregnant but decided to do an abortion.
    • Moreover, after breaking up with Blair, James met Tanya Hijazi in 1989. Later on, they had a child together named Tazman.
    • In 1996, James and Tanya decided to get married and created a perfect family. However, they divorced five years later.

Rick James’s Career


Rick James had had various legal issues since before he reached his fame. Likewise, he was already introduced to drugs since he was in middle school.

As a result, he had been busted for committing a burglary at a young age.

The legal issue in his life continued even after he got his fame and wealth. It has been reported that some percent of Rick James net worth was spent on legal troubles.

In the end, he spent millions and even multi-million-dollar settlements for the case of a woman’s assault.

Music career

James’ career in music began when he fled to Toronto in 1964 after he was not required to attend Navy Reserves sessions.

After that, he got the chance to gather with Levon Helm and Ronnie Hawkins. Rick James then could join the Toronto Music scene thanks to these two.

Rick James music group

Mynah Birds is James’ soul and rock band. It was formed in Toronto and also recorded its music with Columbia Records.

Further, the Mynah Birds got the opportunity to do a recording with Motown Records.

In a moment, Motown announced that they would not release more music until James straightened out his troubles with the US Military.

Rick James greatest hits

1978 is the year of James’ first solo album entitled “Come Get It!” released with Motown Records.

Likewise, this was a kick start of his stardom. He gained more popularity through his fourth and fifth album, Street Songs.

Afterward, these albums became his bestselling album.

This hit album included Super Freak. Thereupon, with his success, Rick James net worth was increasing day by day.

In addition, he continued his career as a producer.

Awards & nominations

In 1990, Rick James won a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song towards U Can’t Touch This. Also, he got Favorite Soul/R&B Album for Street Songs in American Music Award in 1982.

Besides, his song was nominated for the American Music Award Grammy Award in the 1980s to 1990s.

Rick James Net worth

rick james net worth

Further, through his success in the music industry, Rick James net worth was pretty high. Subsequently, he lived lavishly and even spent almost USD 7,000 a week on cocaine.

  • Businesses:
    • Nonetheless, there is no report if Rick James net worth had come from his business. Likewise, during his life, he was only focused on the music industry.
    • Additionally, he was a singer, songwriter, and producer.
  • Real estate: In Burbank, California, James was residing in one of the city’s modest apartments until his last breath.
  • Cars:
    • Still, it has not revealed what James used for his vehicle.
    • In the end, no more information besides his scandals and works.
  • Income per year? Although Rick James net worth is almost USD 250,000, James had an income of around USD 400,000 in a year.
  • How does Rick James make money?
    • Rick James net worth was from his works in songs.
    • Finally, he got copyright and other prizes for his works.
    • He also traveled for his concert even right after he started his career as a singer.
  • What was Rick James highest net worth?
    • Still, it was not revealed if Rick James had investment for his net worth. Moreover, his finances are not that bad.
    • However, he had a windfall with the rise of streaming services of his songs. Rick James net worth is high, but his bad habit did not give him enough net worth.
    • Therefore, some estimated that Rick James would have a net worth of around USD 35 million if he was not in trouble.
  • Rick James net worth when he died
    • Since James always lived a lavish lifestyle, Rick James net worth only has USD 250,000. Then, this number is revealed by the court document after his death.
    • Although his wealth is unsatisfactory, he still left the copyright which will be worth more.

Rick James Cause of Death


Indeed, Rick James died on August 6, 2004. At that time, his caretaker in Los Angeles found his death.

It was due to complications of his existing condition causing pulmonary heart failure (based on the autopsy result).