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Rhett and Link Net Worth, Famous Youtubers

Rhett & Link net worth, bio and personal info

Rhett and Link are the most successful youtubers of all time and their success continues to climb. Even with a million subscribers and 50 million views, they are estimated to have Rhett and Link net worth of US$25 million as of 2021.

Rhett and Link net worth grows year by year because of the size of their youtube channel. Here we will explore Rhett and Link net worth, biography, and career paths, as well as their investments & other income sources.

Summary table
Stage Name Rhett and Link
Legal name Rhett James McLaughlin; Charles Lincoln III
Date of Birth October 11, 1997 (Rhett); June 1, 1978 (Link)
Gender Males
Height 6′ 5″ and 6′
Net worth $25 millions
Salary / earning / income per year $5,000,000 per year
Profession Youtubers
Nationality American

Profile of is Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link are two famous YouTube stars known for their success on their Youtube channels. They are entertainers that have a lot of Youtube money to show for their work.

They have Rhett and Link net worth that is in the spotlight. They are an inspiration for anyone who wants to get rich with contracts, jobs and other types of exciting careers as well.

  • Legal Name & stage name:
    • Rhett James McLaughlin, also known as Rhett James, is a YouTube comedian and video producer who started performing with his longtime friend Charles Lincoln III.
    • Together they formed the duo known as “Rhett and Link”. They are very successful and popular, particularly on YouTube.
  • Date of Birth:
    • Rhett James McLaughlin “Rhett” was born on October 11, 1997 (43 years old) in Georgia. While Link was born in North Carolina on June 1, 1978, one year younger than Rhett.
  • Gender & Height: Rhett and Link are male. Rhett is 6’ 5” tall while Link is 6’.
  • Nationality: Rhett and Link are American nationals with Rhett and Link net worth that mostly comes from assets and investments in the United States.

Famous For

Rhett and Link is one of the best-known Youtubers on the internet. They are included in the ranks of rich Youtube celebrities, Forbes reported.

Although they might have a smaller number of subscribers, their videos are greatly popular because of their consistently funny content and viral advertising.

Zoella and Alfie Deyes have been doing great work for some time now and they also have a lot of fans who love them. Leaving their jobs to audition on YouTube, they are now one of the four richest YouTubers in the world with quite Rhett and Link Net Worth. They ranked at #32 in Forbes 10th annual World’s Richest Self-Made Women list.

Forbes have recently announced that Rhett and Link have now reached the coveted figure of 20 million US dollars. Their contract offers are flexible and not too binding leaving a lot of space for them to develop their own business.

Previous Years of Rhett and Link

early life of rhett and link

Link, who had a difficult life due to his father’s work, soon befriended the young Rhett after he moved down an old passage way. Due to their close friendship, Rhett and Link have been able to continuously help each other and gain experience for many years.

They graduated from the same grade school (Buies Creek Elementary) and they graduated from the same university, North Carolina State University. Link majored in industrial engineering while Rhett majored in civil engineering.

After graduating from college, they spend a few years at tech company Black & Veatch before finally deciding to invest in creating YouTube content in 2006.

  • Education

Rhett and Link both graduated from the same campus, namely North Carolina State University. Rhett has a bachelor’s in civil engineering & industrial engineering.

  • Personal life

Rhett James McLaughlin is the son of Jim and Diane McLaughlin. Rhett has an older brother, Cole. On the other hand, Link is the only child of Charles Lincoln II and Sue Capps.

  • Rhett and Link’s spouse and kids

Rhett married to longtime girlfriend Jessie and had two children with her: Locke & Shepherd. Then his friend, Link married Christy Neal in 2000, and they have 3 children: Lily, Charles IV and Lando.

Rhett and Link’s Career

rhett and link's career

Rhett and Link have been actively creating content since 2006. They started out as college students, then became employees at a big tech company, and then became entrepreneurs to serve their fans. Whenever Rhett and Link release a new Internet show or movie, they also release a Youtube charity. They have brought on more success since their first hijinks on Youtube.

Known as a comedy Youtube channel, Duo Rhett and Link provide entertaining content on their videos. Here is the Youtube Channel that Rhett and Link run:

  • Rhett and Link (5 million subscribers with 342 videos)
  • Good Mythical Morning (17.3 million subscribers with a total of 2795 videos)
  • Mythical Kitchen (1.81 million subscribers with 240 videos)
  • Good Mythical MORE (4.03 million subscribers with 1715 videos total)
  • Ear Biscuits (400k subscribers with 304 videos)

Rhett and Link have over one million subscribers on YouTube, which is a really impressive number. it’s easy to see why they receive quite a bit of Rhett and Link Net Worth and income from any ads that accompany their videos.

Rhett and Link also get high pay for being Celeb endorsers. They are known to make advertisements and do promotions for several well-known companies such as: McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Rush T Shirts, Taco Bell etc.

Rhett and Link Net worth

They are the richest YouTubers in the world according to Forbes magazine, so it’s not really a surprise. They’ve got enough Rhett and Link Net Worth and wealth that is not kidding.

In 2020, Rhett and Link from their profession as YouTube stars reached $20 million. In the meantime, based on the latest sources, Rhett and Link net worth is currently at $25 million.

Businesses and Mansion

rhett and link businesses

Rhett and Link are entertainers who have a pretty good level of success in their work and how they started. They have worked with Youtube to create a platform where they can thrive.

Rhett and Link are focused on making both videos and television in order to launch a career for themselves. As Youtubers, the duo make content that is interesting and entertaining, which can provide a means for them to take contracts from various companies within the entertainment world

Rhett and Link are one of the most sought-after celebrities in 2017. They have worked with many companies such as McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Bacardi, Charmin and more.

In 2015, real estate mogul Rhett Jordan bought a $1.4 million mansion in Los Angeles with his wife Brittany. The house is modern traditional style with hardwood floors and granite countertops.

The house has quite a few features for entertainment. There’s a basketball court, swimming pool, and spa–just relax and enjoy!

Income Detail

With a Youtube Channel that has over 17 million subs, Rhett and Link are in the #4 position of richest Youtubers with high Rhett and Link Net Worth. Forbes projects they will become the third richest by 2025. Rhett and Link are worth $25 million now, which is up $5 million from last year.

If you compute this over a day, Rhett and Link would get a salary of $13500 from his “Good Mythix Morning” Youtube channel. It’s great for Rhett and Link Net Worth and wealth as it continues to grow. So Rhett and Link have made $5 million in revenue over the last year.

  • How does Rhett and Link make money?

Good Mythical Morning YouTube viewer base is the widest, according to statistics on the platform. They contribute to their income and salary with Rhett and Link. They have a second channel, “Good Mythical MORE” called this and they also have a lot of subscribers to it.

Is Rhett and Link Out of The Job?

The Good Mythical More YouTube channel, which is managed by Rhett and Link, has reached 4.3 million subscribers, who have been watching more than 1 billion people in total.

From this channel, Rhett and Link can earn $2000 per day. On the other hand, they will earn about $730,000 per year from this video show that is uploaded every day. And their third youtube channel “Rhett and Link” has been incredibly successful selling over 5 million subscriptions on Youtube.

  • What is Rhett and Link Doing now?

By looking at the data, we can see that Rhett and Link is indeed a Youtuber who has been successful and is estimated to have Rhett and Link net worth of over 24 million dollars. While Rhett and Link are still actively pursuing their passion, Rhett and Link net worth will continue to grow.

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