Dame Dash Net Worth – How Much His Wealth Now?

Dame Dash net worth – Anyone who likes Hip Hop music know the iconic Dame Dash. However, the biographical information you find on Dame Dash can provide insight into where his fame came from & how much money he’s made over the years.

However, Dame Dash is a popular person and there is a high chance that there will be many fans. Fans are always curious about famous people’s personal lives especially for the fanatical group of fans.

Summary tabel
Stage name Dame Dash
Legal name Damon Anthony Dash
Date of birth May 3, 1971
Gender Male
Height 5′10″ (178 cm)
Net worth $2 million
Salary/earning/income per year
Profession Entrepreneur, actor, director, screenwriter
Nationality American

Profile of Dame Dash

dame dash

It would be nice to know more about him before getting to know Dame Dash net worth. His success has made many people curious about his life and starting with the date of birth, nationality, and reason he is famous are a good place to start.

  • Legal Name and Stage Name: Damon Anthony Dash is better known by his stage name, Dame Dash. He has an interesting story and the nickname has its own meaning for him.
  • Date of Birth: On May 3, 1971, Dame Dash was born in Harlem, NY.
  • Gender and Height: Dash is male and has a height of 5′10″ (178 cm). This shows that he is a tall man.
  • Nationality:
    • Dame Dash is an American who was born in Harlem, New York City and had his mother die from asthma when he was 15 years old.
    • The same year, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and lost weight. Dame Dash net worth includes a boon to her.
  • Best Known For:
    • Dame Dash is one of the most talked about people around the world because of his success. Dash gained fame through his music label, Rock-A-Fella Records, and has been a staple in the hip hop industry since then.
    • Despite encountering many difficulties, Dash and Jay-Z stayed focused on their goal & achieved success. Dame Dash net worth was a testament to that.

Dame Dash’s Young Age

dame dash net worth

Dash knew what it meant to work hard and came from nothing, like his previous explanation mentioned. This is why he starts from the bottom- or in this case, the floor – and reaches for success.

Then in 1999, his glory started to be seen as one of the founders of record labels. Income earned also reached $19 million dollars. Clearly, Dame Dash net worth was at its peak. However, due to some financial problems involved, eventually his wealth also decreased.

He had 2 problems that befell him; the first occurred in 2004 when Def Jam bought Rock-A-Fella Records and their relationship with his colleague was severed.

In 2014, Dash experienced a Blind Debit problem. This included the application developed by White. This is what made Dame Dash net worth decrease. The reason is because they are linked to a lot of debt.

Dame Dash’s Personal Life

Dame Dash’s life has been very interesting and in some cases, it’s not even over yet; like so many other people. If you want the full story, feel free to read on.

  • Relationship

He met Aaliyah in 2000, at a time when Dame Dash net worth was still very robust.

On August 25, 2001 Aaliyah had a fatal plane crash during a commercial flight. At that time, Dash and Aaliyah were not engaged yet. In an interview after their split, Dash revealed they had been contemplating marriage.

In 2005, Dash married Rachel Roy, a fashion designer. Dash dated her before having a relationship with Aaliyah. Later on, they met again while Dash was an apprentice at Rocawear. Dame Dash net worth began to fluctuate because of their relationship did not last long.

Rachel only has 2 daughters named Ava and Tallulah who were born in the relationship. Apart from Rachel, Dash & Cindy Morales have a son named Lucky as well.

  • Dame Dash’s Education

Dame Dash used to attend boarding school and later continued on with education growing up. He eventually gained street credibility, which was then questioned. Who would have thought that proving the point is not a significant issue. The evidence is that Dame Dash net worth has peaked

Dame Dash’s Career

In 2000, Dash is the CEO of Rock-A-Fella Records, the hottest rap label. The artists who work with him are also talented and have good qualities. These include Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Kanye West, DJ Clue, Beanie Sigel, and Juelz Santana.

Dash was incredibly famous and successful, making more than $350-$450 million dollars annually. Dame Dash net worth is unquestionable- that’s not enough! Dash has been trying to break into the film industry.

When viewed from the career path, Dash should already have a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars. With all the conflicts that happened, Dash felt like he had really fall short on expectations.

Dame Dash Net Worth

dame dash net worth

Despite losing a significant amount of wealth, Dame Dash is still very successful with many fields of expertise and remains in high demand. Currently, Dame Dash net worth is at about 2 million dollars. However, with the recent news of his large and piling debts, it is not certain whether it is enough or not.

  • Dame Dash’s Houses

Dash always rents luxury apartments at a price of $15,000 per month. However, after he had a debt on rent of as much as $162,000, he had to leave.

  • Dame Dash’s Cars

Dame Dash’s cars are very unique, to put it plainly. He drives a Range Rover equipped with diamonds and a Maybach.

  • Source of Wealth

Dame Dash has built a successful business and is an accomplished producer and music entrepreneur. He is also a talented actor, director, screenwriter in his own right.

  • Financial Problem

Rapper Curren filed a lawsuit for $1.5 million against Dash in 2012 for copyright infringement, and he had to pay $50k for Boogie’s mother. Apart from that, he has many financial demands that have decrease Dame Dash net worth.

  • Dame Dash’s Earnings per Year

Dame Dash is most popular when his net worth was at its peak. It’s not possible to know exactly how much he made each year, though.

  • Business of Dame Dash

Dame Dash once did business with two clothing lines and became a popular brand at that time. His companies’ price can reach hundreds of millions of dollars. Dash has become successful in various fields and is exponentially expanding his business. From the success in business, it’s no surprise that Dame Dash net worth is also high.