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Peter Popoff Net Worth – How Rich is This Televangelist Actually?

Peter Popoff net worth – One of the best-known healers in history, Popoff’s name was booming because he created a unique healing method and went against some norms to heal people. His life is also quite interesting and has been reviewed by many people.

With an estimated Peter Popoff net worth of $12 million, he is a wealthy televangelist. We will review his life in this article and learn more about how he earned his fortune.

We will went on to discuss his personal life, career, and other interesting things to review.

Summary tabel
Stage name Peter Popoff
Legal name Peter George Popoff
Date of birth July 2, 1946
Gender Male
Height 6’2″ (187 cm)
Net worth $12 million
Salary/earning/income per year $9 million
Profession Televangelist, debunked clairvoyant, and faith healer
Nationality American

About Peter Popoff

peter popoff net worth

Peter Popoff was born in East Berlin, Germany. He has been investigated by media outlets for conducting healing sessions that have been called “nonsense” by some people but he is still very popular & beloved because of his connection to God.

So, before moving on to more about Peter Popoff net worth, here is a quick summary of this one character.

  • Legal name & stage name: Popoff was born as Peter George Popoff. For his life and his pioneering career, he only used the name Peter Popoff.
  • Date of birt: Popoff was born in East Berlin, Germany, on July 2, 1946. His parents were named George and Gerda Popoff.
  • Gender & height: Popoff is a man that has a height of about 6’2″ (187 cm).
  • Nationality: Although he was born in Germany, Popoff has American citizenship.
  • Best known for: He is widely known as a televangelist and reality TV character.

Peter Popoff’s Early Stage

peter popoff net worth

Peter Popoff was born in Germany but later moved to America with his family. His father had been attending church revival events for a long time, which helped to get him into the spotlight.

Of course this made Popoff more familiar with various roles. He even admitted that he was born in West Berlin where the bomb was made. He was saved from a Siberian prison and he acquired the ability to heal others.

Popoff has a lot of awesome stories that he tells to make money, but his gift is really asking for too much charity.

  • Peter Popoff’s Education

At the beginning of his US journey, Popoff attended Chaffey College and then transferred to the University of California, where he graduated.

Personal Life

Not only is Peter Popoff net worth interesting to take a closer look at, his personal life is also very intriguing.

  • Wife and children

He married Elizabeth in 1971 and has three children. They both live in Upland, California, and started their television business claiming to be able to cure various illnesses.

Popoff & his wife always maintain that every illness or problem people have is related to demonic interference. Because of this, Popoff was very popular and he was getting more and more contracts from national television.

Despite his advice and confession, many people still ignore medical drugs. They threw away the drugs they had been taking to follow Popoff’s way.

Popoff was quite wealthy, which allowed him to pay his wife for working with him- about a million dollars a year. Pretty good, right?


Popoff used his abilities to gain a career rather than just relying on mainly just healing abilities. Some were believers and others were simply ignoring him.

Peter Popoff Net Worth

peter popoff

How much is Peter Popoff net worth?

Peter Popoff net worth is estimated at $12 million today. Where did he get his wealth? What is he doing now?

Here, you can read more about Popoff’s personal life and career. You should be sure to check this section out!

  • How does Peter Popoff make money?

Popoff is known to have been controversial during his lifetime, being called a fraud by some.

His followers regard Popoff as a messenger of God. But there are many more who are against it as well, even for his claims to be able to cure many ailments. It also contributed to Peter Popoff net worth.

  • How much does Peter Popoff make per year?

The figure, of course, cannot be disclosed clearly. In 2003, a reliable source said that he could earn up to $9 million in a year. And it seemed like the achievement in 2005 was USD 23 million.

Popoff even paid his wife an annual salary of a million dollars and another 180,000 for each of his four children. But after he turned his department or association into a religious group, there has never been another wealth report by the Popoffs.

  • Real estate and cars

In addition to Peter Popoff net worth, you may also be curious about the house or residence of this character who has a lot populated followers. Popoff lives in a $4.5 million house and we don’t know where else he owns properties either.

Popoff is known to have been a very rich guy who drove Porsche and Mercedes Benz.

  • Businesses

It’s not known whether Peter Popoff was mainly investing his earnings in other investments until he had made a fairly solid amount of wealth.

His followers believe that Popoff is indeed a messenger of God who was given the power and trust to heal many people. Of course the things that are public bullshit and lies have been exposed by other people.

He has written books over the years and they have helped to contribute to Peter Popoff net worth.

  • How Did Peter Popoff Get So Rich?

His job is to heal with the help of God. Many people, however, believe he is a fraud.

Popoff’s lies were exposed after a radio owner who was on his show at the time. Regardless of the truth of this, Popoffs wealth was largely derived from his healing practice after 25 years.

Investigation by James Randi

Popoff’s healing practice has sometimes raised many questions, but he continues to rise in ministry. He even asks for regular contributions from people that are believed to contribute to Peter Popoff net worth.

James Randi uncovered that Popoff was receiving messages from his wife via earphones. Working together, Popoff and his wife wiretap the people who attended his seminars so that whatever he said would sound accurate.

Popoff denied that initially, but in the end he admitted his wireless earphones and his wife’s occasional advice.

Is Peter Popoff Still Active?

Popoff has been absent from TV screens. It’s not really clear how Popoff and his family managed to build their fortune again, but it’s been proven that he does spend a lot of time on his television show.

Thus information about Peter Popoff net worth and his life is very interesting to tell.