Camron Net Worth, Earning, Income, Salary, and Biography

Camron net worth – Cam’ron is an internationally renowned rapper and actor, who has only been in his career for a decade. Though not as widely known as his contemporaries, many people find Cam’s creative insight to be inspirational.

Camron net worth is estimated at $10 million, but where did the income come from? What kinds of business ventures are he involved in? What kind of personal life do you think he has? Take a look below for all the answers.

Summary tabel
Stage name Cam’ron
Legal name Cameron Ezike Giles
Date of birth February 4, 1976
Gender Male
Height 6’0” (185 cm)
Net worth $10 million
Salary/earning/income per year
Profession Rapper and actor
Nationality American

Camron / Cam’ron’s Personal Information

camron net worth

Despite the investments he made in his businesses, Camron’s life was interesting. He has been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years and still has a dedicated following.

  • Legal name & stage name: This rapper was born with the name Cameron Ezike Giles. But he used the name Killa Cam and later changed to Cam’ron until now.
  • Date of birt: Camron was born in New York February 4, 1976. Since childhood he was only raised by Fredericka Giles, his mother.
  • Gender height: Camron is 6’0” (185 cm) tall.
  • Nationality: The person was born in America, so he is reasonably certain to hold American citizenship.
  • Best known for: Camron’s most-prominent career is that of rapper and musician. He has also worked in acting & business. This contributes to Camron net worth.

Camron’s Early Years

camron net worth

Camron was born Cameron Ezike Giles in East Harlem on February 4, 1976. His mother Fredericka raised him alone. Although he dreamed of being like Michael Jordan and play pro ball, he had never even received a scholarship for basketball.

  • Camron’s Personal Life

Camron doesn’t want to reveal his personal life so much. He has a son with an unidentified woman, Cameron Ezike Giles Jr.

Camron and Juju have been dating since 2002. In 2007 they finally began to spend more time together often and almost never got hit by slanted issues.

In 2017 they both ended their relationship. And Juju reportedly died in 2019.

  • Camron’s Education

Camron net worth starts with his education & university. He studied at the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics, though he did not make it into the hall of fame as a basketball player because his grades were less than standard.

Then he went to college in Texas but dropped out shortly after. His life was quite dark after that because he had to sell drugs, write music. It was The Notorious BIG that brought Camron into the world of rap.


Camron was under contract with Sony/Epic Records and earned a lot of money from it. Having sold millions of albums worldwide, his works have always topped the charts for R&B and Hip-Hop.

But then, he left Epic Records and signed a contract worth 4.5 million dollars with Roc-A-Fella Records. His most successful album was released under this label, along with Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, and Kanye Wes.

After Camron net worth increased, he felt his label wasn’t promoting him well, so he left and joined Asylum Records.

Camron Net Worth


As an American rapper, Camron net worth of nearly $10 million is quite large and with more absurd figures, some may even be higher.

He has a pretty good record throughout his career and is considered as brave in his music or film choices. He’s performed in several films, including Paper Soldiers and Paid in Full.

How does Cam’ron make money?

Camron net worth is generated from multiple sources including both his professional career as a rapper and his hobby as an songwriter.

Camron also has albums with Gold and Platinum RIAA certifications. He is an active entertainer around the world.

He has a fashion line called Cape Line with Mark McNairy. He also released his own brand called Dipset USA.

  • How much does Cam’ron make per year?

Camron’s annual income isn’t known, but he once made USD 75,000 from his album with Vado. He also managed to make a record label in the past and get US$1 a year.

Given that there are multiple sources that contribute to Camron net worth and estimating his annual income is not easy, we still may be able to approximate what kind of income this individual has.

  • Real estate and Cars

Though it is unknown which property Camron owns, he spends most of his time in warm, sunny areas such as Mexico and LA. His followers on Instagram are probably well aware of the places he frequently hangs out.

Camron has many cars in his collection from both new and used lots, but he often commutes in a 2006 Lamborghini.

  • Businesses

Camron is an entrepreneur who operates several different sources of income, with his business as the biggest source of revenue.

On top of owning a fashion line called Dipset USA, Camron launched new fragrance perfume Oh Boy. There is also now cereal called Killa Crunch in partnership with Harlem.

Camron and friends make a drink called Sizzurp. Not only did he make several films, but Camron has a contract as a film producer that contributes to Camron net worth significantly.

Some Facts about Cam’ron

Some interesting facts you need to know about this famous rapper:

  • Before Camron decided to make this a career, he thought it was a joke. But Big L pushed him to give rap music serious consideration so Camron decided to take the chance.
  • Camron admired rapper Kool G Rap because he idolized him and also suffered from lisp as a child.
  • Biggie wanted to hire Camron as a professional artist. So Camron is actually asking for $250K if Biggie is serious.
  • Even his career with Un after Biggie died was also because Biggie had introduced the two.
  • Camron was barred from entering the Sony area due to problems with Epic executive officials.
  • When he was in high school, Camron was one of the best basketball players.
  • Camron experienced symptoms of a hernia and intestinal problems in 2000. He decided to change his lifestyle after finding that drinking to excess was making these problems worse.

Camron net worth is a difficult one to calculate because there is not much official data about him. However, this character has quite a few interesting things about his life and so it might be worthwhile to take note of him.