Peter Cancro Net Worth and All You Need to Know About Him

Peter Cancro is one of the richest businessmen in the United States. If you want to know Peter Cancro net worth, here you can find various information related to this successful entrepreneur.

This article will discuss a brief biographical summary of Peter Cancro, his life, education, work before success and how he was able to run a business from scratch to have a fantastic amount of wealth.

Summary tabel
Professional name Peter Cancro
Legal name Peter Cancro
Date of birth May 15, 1957
Gender Male
Height 5’8″
Net worth $400 million
Sallary/earning/income per year $9 million per year
Profession Businessman
Nationality American

Lets Know More About Peter Cancro

peter cancro net worth

Before discussing Peter Cancro net worth, let us discuss a brief biography of him.

  • Legal name & stage name:
    • This entrepreneur’s full name is Peter Cancro. His professional name is also the same as his full name, Peter Cancro.
  • Date of birth:
    • Peter Cancro was born on May 15, 1957 in New Jersey, United States.
  • Gender & height:
    • Peter Cancro’s gender is male.
  • Nationality:
    • Peter Cancro is an American citizen.
  • Best known for:
    • Peter Cancro is the fourth owner of a sandwich restaurant called Jersey Mike’s Subs.
    • This restaurant even has 1910 outlets in the United States.

Life Histories

Peter Cancro was born in New Jersey in 1957 and grew up there throughout his childhood. He, too, has a younger brother called John Cancro.

Peter graduated from high school at 17 and married Linda Concro. After 10 years of marriage, they decided to divorce. They had 2 children in this marriage.

After that, Peter married Tatiana Voevodina Cancro and had one child.

  • Education

Peter Concro graduated from Point Pleasant Beach High School.

  • Peter Cancro’s Personal Life

Peter Cancro first married Linda Cancro, from which they had two children. Their marriage ended and he remarried Tatiana Voevodina with whom they had one child.


peter cancro net worth

Peter Cancro began his career working part-time at Mike’s Subs sandwich shop. He is currently a cashier there. With the help of a coach, he has since bought the sandwich shop.

His story is less conventional, but through hard work, he was only an employee at a sandwich shop. But by driving the company to thousands of US branches by his work, he rose to the top of the business industry.

After a successful career owning a sandwich shop business, in 2012, Peter Cancro tried to start creating content on YouTube. He made the videos as a promotional medium and added income from the Mike’s Subs sandwich business.

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Initially, Peter Cancro named the sandwich shop he bought after the shop’s original name, Mike’s Subs. However, in 1987, he added the word Jersey in front of Mike’s Subs to signify that this store is based in New Jersey.

Jersey Mike’s Subs makes a specialty of crafting their sandwiches from high-quality ingredients. Their breads, meats and cheeses are prepared on the same day, ensuring that they’re as fresh as possible.

That’s not surprising – the sandwich is pretty delicious, and it has an amazing franchise system which means we can open as many as we want and still feel like we’re on the hands-on side of things.

Peter Cancro Net Worth

peter cancro

From various sources, we know that Peter Cancro net worth is $400 million. This wealth was obtained by pursuing a career to develop his sandwich company.

Jersey Mike’s Subs now has 2,000 stores. They can be franchised or managed under a contract agreement

Besides his many acquisitions, Peter Cancro net worth has also increased through his YouTube channel Jersey Mike’s. This established business milestone has made it possible for him to flourish online.

How does Peter Cancro Make Money?

Peter Cancro net worth was generated through his sandwich store, Jersey Mike’s Subs. This popular restaurant generates around 2 billion dollars in revenue each year.

Jersey Mike’s Subs company is even growing rapidly, but they never forget to give back to the community. Currently, they are donating about $5-7 million.

  • How Much Peter Cancro Makes Per Year?

To calculate Peter Cancro’s net income (this is income, not Peter Cancro net worth):

  • Annual revenue: 9 million dollars
  • Monthly income: 750 thousand dollars
  • Weekly income: 173 thousand dollars
  • Daily income: 24 thousand dollars
  • Hourly earnings: 1 thousand dollars

With his fantastic income, Peter Concro’s net worth is increasing each year.

Earnings as an entrepreneur

Peter started working at Mike’s Submarine part-time when he was younger. The salary he gets is not so big, but at that time Peter was working as a cashier with a salary of 1.75 dollars per day.

However, in 1975, Mike’s Subs was sold to Peter Cancro for the sum of 125,000 dollars. The new owner eventually franchised Mike’s Subs in 1987.

He found success in the sandwich business and eventually he had 35 stores in 1991. Peter experienced bankruptcy, but he did not give up and has since been successful.

Within one year, he managed to save his business. Mike’s Subs Shop is doing well. As of 2014, the store has 750 branches. Additionally, 650 stores are currently in development.

Peter Cancro’s sandwich shop had developed to have thousands branches by 2015. Even now his Jersey Mike’s Subs has around 1900 stores across America.

With his business expansion to 3 sandwich shops in Queensland and 2 stores in Canada, it’s no wonder Peter Cancro net worth is increasing.

Peter Cancro’s Businesses

Remember that Peter Concro’s income doesn’t come just from his business. He also has a Youtube channel that was established back in 2012.

This Youtube channel is called Jersey Mike’s. Although they may not have many subscribers, they sure are popular – their videos are watched by more than 56 million people.

There’s 159 videos uploaded to the Jersey Mike’s Youtube account and we estimate that they got around $12,000 – $194,000 per year in revenue from ads on their videos through Youtube.

The YouTube channel also has boosted Peter Cancro net worth.

  • House

Peter Canco has invested in a four-bedroom house that is located in New York City, USA. The investment price of the property is 15.68 million dollars.

Given the investment in this high priced home, Peter Cancro net worth continues to grow each year.

How Peter Cancro Grew the Business Into the Huge Company That It is Today?

Peter Cancro, the founder of Jersey Mike’s

Peter Cancro net worth comes from running a business. Peter Cancro opened up his first sandwich shop with one restaurant, however he never gave up and continued to invest by developing his business until he managed to set up a second shop in just one year.

This business and investment continues to grow and thrive with the contract or franchise system. Even today, there are more than 1900 stores in the United States. Peter Cancro also opened Jersey Mike’s Subs in Ontario, Canada and Queensland to serve people who like this food.

With the chain of sandwich shops is thriving, and for good reason. Peter Cancro net worth is also in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Quick Facts and Information on Peter Cancro

To give you some basic info on Peter Cancro, here are a few things about him:

  • Peter Cancro began his career as a cashier at Mike’s Subs when he was just 14 years old.
  • Peter Cancro’s first salary was $1.75 per day.
  • He managed to buy his first store for 125,000 dollars.
  • Peter Cancro successfully expanded his sandwich shop and now has 2000 branches worldwide.
  • Peter Cancro net worth is $400 million and it’s growing.