Pepe Aguilar Net Worth – The Successful Mexican Singer

If you are a follower of Mexican music, you might be familiar with Pepe Aguilar. The popular mariachi musician’s career is currently stretched over more than four decades. He also has earned multiple Grammy awards and Latina Grammy Awards for his works. Generated from his worldwide success, no wonder that Pepe Aguilar’s net worth now reaches a quite fantastic amount.

Do you want to know how much Pepe Aguilar net worth is and what is he doing right now? Read along to find the answer.

Summary table
Stage Name Pepe Aguilar
Legal Name José Antonio Aguilar Jiménez
Date of Birth August 7, 1968
Gender Male
Height 6′ 5″ (1.96 m)
Net worth $10 million
Salary / earning / income per year $1.74 million
Profession Singer, songwriter, actor
Nationality Mexican

Pepe Aguilar’s Background Information

Before discussing Pepe Aguilar net worth and his recent activities, let’s take a quick look at his profile.

  • Legal Name & stage name: Born as José Antonio Aguilar Jiménez, the son of Antonio Aguilar is know better as Pepe Aguilar.
  • Date of Birth: Pepe Aguilar was born on August 7, 1968.
  • Gender & Height: The Texas-born musician is a 6′ 5″ (1.96 m) male.
  • Nationality: Although he was born in the U.S., Pepe Aguilar is a Mexican citizen.
  • What is Pepe Aguilar Best Known for?
    • Pepe Aguilar is known for his music, which is a mix between Mexican regional music and modern popular sound. He has developed a significant style in the Latin music scene. Besides music-making, Pepe Aguilar net worth is also generated from his career as an actor in Mexican films.

Early Days

Pepe Aguilar came from a musician family. His father and his mother, Flor Silvestre, were multi-talented artists who regularly did musical tours. Pepe Aguilar was born in San Antonio, Texas, during one of their tour.  He then continued to grow up in Zacatecas, Mexico, and occasionally tag along with his parents in their tours.

His family influences had shaped his love for music and performing, although at first, he is more interested in rock music. Later on, he started to pick up more traditional music and record some mariachi songs.

  • Education

Since his family spent most of their time on the road, Pepe Aguilar is mostly tutored by a teacher who traveled with them on tours.

  • Personal life

The 53 years old artist is currently married to Aneliz Alvarez-Alcala. They have been married for almost 25 years by this year and together they have 3 children, Aneliz, Leonardo, and Angela.

Before his marriage with his current wife, he briefly married Carmen Trevino in 1991. They had a son together named Jose Emiliano Aguilar, who in 2017 was arrested for smuggling illegal migrants to the U.S.



Pepe Aguilar had made a stage debut at the early age of three. When he was five years old, he already sang in front of thousands of people at Madison Square Garden alongside his father.

During his teenage years, he formed a rock band named Equs and released an album called Equinoccio. After their first and last album, the band broke up and Pepe Aguilar started his career, which leaned towards traditional music.

Since late 1989 to this day, Pepe Aguilar has produced 29 albums under his name that have been sold over 12 million copies. The last album he released was 0n 2016, titled Cuestión de Esperar. He had won multiple Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards.  His most celebrated work was his 2005 album Historias de Mi Tierra, which won the 2016 Grammy Awards and the Latin Grammy Awards at one blow.

With such extensive career and achievement, no surprise that Pepe Aguilar net worth has reached a staggering amount today.

Pepe Aguilar Albums

Here are a few of his award-winning albums that have contributed to Pepe Aguilar net worth:

  • Por Una Mujer Bonita (1999), won a Grammy for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album in 2000.
  • Historias de Mi Tierra (2005), won a Grammy for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album and a Latin Grammy for Best Ranchero Album in 2006.
  • 100% Mexicano (2007), won a Grammy for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album in 2007.
  • Más De Un Camino (2012) won a Latin Grammy for Best Ranchero Album in 2012.
  • Lastima Que Sean Ajenas (2013) won a Latin Grammy for Best Ranchero Album in 2014.

Pepe Aguilar Net worth

Compare to another Mexican decent artist, Pepe Aguilar net worth made him belong to the high-income group.

Other than productively making music and appearing in movies, Pepe Aguilar also has other sources of income that contribute to his wealth.


Pepe Aguilar owns quite a successful business in the music industry. Since he does not sign any contract under any music label, he founded his own record label named Equinoccio Records. The company also owns recording studios at the most forefront of technology in Latin America.

Surprisingly, apart from music, he also starts dabbling in the fashion industry. He created his own fashion brand in 2019, called Pepe Aguilar Linea de Calzado. He also collaborated with Warehouse Shoe Sale retailer in the U.S., to launch his signature collections.

Properties and Cars

With the abundant amount of Pepe Aguilar net worth, the musician was able to make various investments in real estate. One of the properties that he owned is in Los Angeles, California, where a lot of Hollywood stars resided.


As of now, Pepe Aguilar and his family live on a farm in Charo, Mexico.

As a part of a musician dynasty, Pepe Aguilar surely owns multiple luxurious cars. However, there are no records that said what type of cars he owned. Clearly, one of them is the one that his daughter used in one of her viral videos.

Income Detail

Pepe Aguilar net worth is accumulated from his annual salary which is around $1.74 million.

In summary, Pepe Aguilar net worth is generated not only come from his singing-songwriting and acting career, but also from his business in the music industry.

What is Pepe Aguilar Concern At Now?

  • Is Pepe Aguilar Retired?

As of this year, Pepe Aguilar is still actively touring and performing alongside his daughter and son.

For 2022, Pepe Agular and his family have been booked for several upcoming shows. With such popularity, it is likely that there will be an increase in Pepe Aguilar net worth later in the future.