Clint Black Net Worth, Famous American Country Singer

Clint Black is an artist with many professions or events, so it is not surprising that Clint Black net worth is currently estimated at 25 million dollars.

Are you curious where Clint Black net worth is reaching 25 million dollars? What are the jobs and careers he has run so far? Was there a work contract and investment that made him a very wealthy artist? Here’s a biography and answers to these most common questions about Clint Black.

Summary table
Stage Name Clint Black
Legal name Clint Patrick Black
Date of Birth February 4, 1962
Gender Male
Height 5′ 7″
Net worth $25 million
Salary / earning / income per year $400,000 per year
Profession Singer
Nationality American

Clint Black’s Background Information

Clint Black is a versatile artist and speaks multiple languages fluently. Black is a name for a country singer, musician, songwriter, record producer, and actor.

Clint Black seems to be gifted with a lot of talent and is an immensely popular figure. He has produced several hits such as A Better Man, Burn One Down, and Killin’ Time. His success in music has make many fans wonder about what Clint Black net worth is.

  • Legal Name & stage name: His real name is actually Clint Patrick Black. He changed his stage name to Clint Black while in the entertainment world.
  • Date of Birth: Clint Black was born in Long Branch, New Jersey on February 4, 1962. This means that so far, he’s been alive for over fifty-nine years.
  • Gender & Height: Clint Black is male and has a height of 5’ 7”.
  • Nationality: Clint Black is an American citizen.
  • What is Clint Black Best Known for?
    • Clint Black is known as a country singer. He also works as a songwriter, and is accomplished at creating electronic & hip hop music. Black people often play musical instruments that are typically considered to be white cultural traditions. Clint Black net worth and successful work as a musician is apparent by the many songs he has released.
    • Clint Black has developed a career in music, but as it turns out he is also an actor. He had already secured a contract for several films.

Early Days

early life of clint black

Clint Patrick Black is the son of G.A Black and Ann Black. He was born in New Jersey but he spent his childhood in Katy, Texas. Black has three older brothers named Mark, Kevin, and Brian.

Clint Black has always loved music, and he pursued it since childhood. He’s been active in the industry for over thirty years now, with his first album coming on the market when he was just eighteen. He learned to play the harmonica when he was 13 years old. Not only wind instruments, Black has learned to play the guitar. In fact, he composed his first song when he was 14 years old.

  • Education

There are some sources that discuss Clint Black’s major, but they don’t explain his education background. While he was originally expelled from school for constantly drawing in class, he still chose to develop his musical skills.

  • Personal life

Actress Lisa Hartman began a relationship with country musician Clint Black in 2015. They closed off their love life until they got married. Finally in 1991, they married in Katy, Texas.

Black and his partner, Lisa Hartman, have a daughter named Lily Pearl Black. Clint Black lives with his small family in Nashville, Tennessee.


clint black's career

His first job as an entertainer began with appearing in a number of nightclubs. He got his first contract from RCA in 1989. Sources don’t say how much Black’s first salary was.

The first album he released was titled Killin’ Time in 1989. After going on a hiatus and releasing new singles, the album was released with great success. He also released a song called A Better Man. The second album was released in 1990 with the title Put Yourself in My Shoes.

The third album, The Hard Way, experienced a delay in release due to Clint Black having problems with his manager. The fourth album, entitled No Time to Kill, was released in 1993. The next album, titled Tailights, was released in 1997.

Black albums tend to be popular and this shows that they sell well. Clint Black net worth is also quite high.

Black released his first song in 3 years. During his hiatus, he founded his own music label, named Equity Music Group.

Clint Black Greatest Hits

During his career, Clint Black wrote popular songs that rose to the top of the charts. Here are some songs by singer-songwriter Clint Black.

  • Like the Rain
  • Summer Coin
  • A Good Run of Bad Luck
  • State of Mind
  • A Bad Goodbye
  • A Better Man
  • Killin’ Time
  • We Tell Ourselves
  • Put Yourself in My Shoes
  • Wherever You Go
  • Life Gets Away
  • Desperado
  • Awards & Nominations

Clint Black is popularly known as country music’s most successful singer. The following is a list of the awards he has received.

Certified Platinum

Academy of Country Music of Killin Time album (one Top Male Vocalist, Album of the Year, Top New Male Vocalist, dan Single of the Year)

  • Horizon Award
  • Favorite Country New Artist dalam American Music Award
  • Male Vocalist of the Year dalam Country Music Association

Clint Black Net worth

clint black businesses

Clint Black net worth is estimated at 25 million dollars. This source of income mostly comes from contract salaries with music labels and album sales. Many of his songs became hits and popular in the world.

Clint Black net worth is over $150 million, most of which comes from the management jobs he runs. As already explained, Clint Black is a singer and has many other talents. And of course, he’s a producer. He also invests and does business by owning his own music label.

Clint Black also made Clint Black net worth or wealth via his acting profession. His filmography included a number of titles. Anthony also has a salary from his internet show. This is a testament to how versatile and talented Drake Black really is.

  • Income

Clint Black net worth or income in one year is estimated at around 400 thousand dollars. This income is from various sources, including his appearances on TV and album sales.

  • How does Clint Black make money?

Many people want to know how Clint Black made money so that Clint Black net worth and income could reach 25 million dollars. The artist’s income is gained through a combination of things including sold albums, contracts with music labels, and singing gigs.

In addition, Clint Black also works as a music producer because he already has a business investment in a music label called Equity Music Group.

What is Clint Black Concert at now?

  • Is Clint Black Retired?

Clint Black is currently in an incredible string of high Clink Black net worth and success, and he expressed no plans to retire from the entertainment industry anytime soon.

Clint Black has kept a pretty low profile lately. He is still active in the music world. He focused on being a producer for his label. No wonder Clint Black net worth is growing.

Clint Black is a country music artist and singer who currently lives with his two children in Nashville, Tennessee.