Mozzy Net Worth and Controversy of The Famous Rapper

For a fan of the rapper, the topic of Mozzy net worth would be very interesting. How much does he make? We are about to know about it and more.

So, how rich is he this year?


Stage Name Mozzy
Legal Name Timothy Cornell Patterson
Date of Birth               24 June 1987
Gender Male
Height 5.7 feet (174 cm)
Mozzy Net Worth $1 million
Profession Rapper, Musician, Entrepreneur             
Nationality American

Who Is Mozzy?

mozzy net worth

Mozzy is an American rapper that comes from Sacramento, California. He started his career with a different name, “Lil Tim”.

Otherwise, in 2012, he began to use “Mozzy” as his stage name.

Thus, the rapper became famous because of his 2015’s album. Likewise, the “Bladadah” made it to the 22nd best rap album in 2015.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Mozzy’s legal name is Timothy Cornell Patterson.
  • Date Of Birth: Mozzy was born on 24 June 1987.
  • Gender & Height: Mozzy is a male and he is 5.7 feet (174 cm). Meanwhile, his weight is 143 lbs (65 kg).
  • Nationality: Mozzy was born in Oak Park, Sacramento, California, United States. He is American.
  • What Is Mozzy Best Known For?: The album “Bladadah” in 2015 is the one that made him famous until now. Hence, that is what made Mozzy a successful rapper until today. Additionally, it gives a major effect on Mozzy net worth.

More About Mozzy’s Life

genius.comMozzy grew up in Oak Park, Sacramento, California. However, he was raised by his grandmother. Furthermore, his grandma became a member of Black Panther. She also owned several properties.

  • Education:
    • Mozzy studied at Sacramento High School, California. However, he dropped out of school. Then, he earned a GED (General Education Development).
    • Before pursuing a music career, a young Mozzy worked various local jobs.
  • Personal Life:
    • Mozzy is married. However, this man has a really private personal life. Therefore, he keeps it away from the media.
    • Further, with his family, Mozzy lives in Los Angeles.

Mozzy Controversy

This rapper launched a track titled “I’m Just Being Honest” in 2004. The song also sparked a feud with Lavish D, the local rapper.

Well, it was an ongoing feud between them that started in Sacramento.

Subsequently, Lavish D’s gang did an ambush on Mozzy’s gang from Oak Park. During the incident, there are eight shootings.

Then, the Police found the incident to be linked with the two gangs.

Mozzy Legal Issues

From 2005 to 2008, Mozzy got arrested three times by the Police in Sacramento. The crime includes Illegal possession of guns and evading police. Then, police arrested him again in 2014.

After he got out of the San Quentin State Prison, Mozzy decided to focus on his music solely. Finally, this rapper launched 4 solo albums in 2015.

Because of probation, he cannot perform across the US or worldwide despite getting offers. Moreover, in 2018, he was arrested once again for gun possession.

Mozzy’s Career

The only career Mozzy is in the rap music industry. Then he started at a young age alongside his uncle.

Eventually, he had a successful career after years of getting only a little attention. Apparently Mozzy net worth started to grow higher after he got his major fame.

Mozzy Music Career

When Mozzy was 16 years old, he started rapping with his uncle Genaro Patterson which was known as GP the Beast.

In addition, Mozzy launched his initial song “U Ain’t Really Like ‘Dat”. Thus, it was his first release as a musician.

Moreover, in 2016, Lil Tim created “Lil Timothy N Thingz. However, all the songs were recorded in 2008. This was the starting line of Mozzy net worth.

Mozzy Solo Work

Mozzy’s largest success is his mixtapes called “Bladadah” which was released in 2015.

Actually, his solo work started with the release of a solo mixtape in 2011 “Money Means Mozzy”. In total, he already released 11 mixtapes until 2016.

Moreover, Rolling Stone magazine also recognizes his mixtape as the 22nd best rape album of 2015.

Meanwhile, Mozzy moved to Los Angeles, California, in 2016. His 2016’s mixtape called “Mandatory Check” was number 7 on the Rap Albums chart of Billboard.

Mixtapes after mixtapes, he finally released a studio album.

Mozzy’s first studio album “1 Up Top Ahk” was released in August 2017. Then, the second one “Gangland Landlord was also released a year after.

Furthermore, his second studio album was at number 57 on the Billboard chart. Some other tracks also made it to the billboard 200 chart.


Besides, Mozzy also made collaborations with his fellow rappers and musicians. As part of Mozzy net worth, it could really grow his wealth.

Indeed, his first notable collaboration was in his solo album “Goonbody Embodiment”.

The track titled “I’m Just Being Honest” in the album caused serious gang incidents and a longstanding controversy.

Mozzy was also featured in several other projects.

Mozzy Net Worth

Most of Mozzy’s earnings come from his music sales, show appearances, and tours. Thereupon, Mozzy net worth is around $1 million this year.

  • Mozzy Net Worth from Businesses
    • Besides music, Mozzy got his wealth and salary from Youtube advertisements and LIVE performances.
    • Mozzy also owns a merchandise store that sells many kinds of clothing items like hoodies, backpacks, beanies, tees, joggers, and some others.
  • Sport Cars
    • As part of Mozzy net worth, he owned several powerful cars. For instance, three of them are Mercedes Benz, Maserati SUV, and a Lamborghini.
    • Hence, those are some lavish cars.
  • How Much does Mozzy Make Per Year?
    • Furthermore, from the record sales and appearances fee, he can get a lot of money. Then, based on sources, his income per year is about $500,000.
  • How Does Mozzy Make Money?
    • Indeed, as a rapper, Mozzy net worth mostly comes from his music. He can also make money from advertisements and his clothing brand.

What Is Mozzy Doing Now?

    • Moreover, Mozzy is quite active in the social network. Thus, you can be part of his activities on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.
    • Therefore, it is still growing Mozzy net worth.