10 Most disliked video on YouTube, You Won’t Believe Number 4

Having millions or billions of views on a particular video on YouTube doesn’t always mean it’s good or all love it. It can be the opposite of like- dislike. Yes, videos with a high number of views are also to be despised. You will be surprised to know that some have the most elevated views simultaneously, the most disliked views.

Let’s not keep calm anymore and directly dive into the lists of top disliked videos on YouTube.

1. YouTube rewind 2018

How can a video consisting of an amalgamation of 2018 YouTube videos go wrong and get 18.67 million dislikes? Topping that, it has a dislike rate of 86.35%. It is shocking, but there is no logic to disagree. The reason is that the video was unnecessarily lengthy and very disorganized. The storytelling concept was everywhere with no balance. It was more of a mixture of cringe, cheesy and predictable scenarios.

2. Sadak 2 Trailer

Although the 1991 original film Sadak garnered much love and appreciation, sadly, Sadak 2’s movie trailer didn’t happen. This movie trailer indeed got all the attention but in the wrong way. Sadak 2 movie trailer became the second most disliked video with more than 13.35 million dislikes. It also got the highest dislike rate of about 94.88%. Why so much hate? Call it bad timing or blame the stars, Sadak 2 trailer released during August 2020, and around that time, nepotism in Bollywood was the hot topic. Hence, we now know why so many haters.

3. Baby- Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris

While the Beliebers may not be happy to see this list, we can’t ignore the fact that this video has 11.94 million dislikes. This music video got a dislike rate of 44.72%. Baby debuted in 2010, and there have been so many parodies and remixes made over it. It is hard to debate why this video got so much hate as it also got so many likes. Maybe some people love to hate. Well, I will leave that to the individuals to decide.

4. Baby Shark Dance- Pinkfong! Kid’s songs and stories

Baby Shark is a popular campfire song for children. When a South Korean education company came into the limelight, Pinkfong turned it into a music video. Pinkfong’s version hit YouTube in 2016, and since then, it went viral around all social media platforms.

Baby Shark Dance is an exceptionally infectious song that did not even spare the adults. There is no specific information about why it received 10.79 million dislikes with a dislike rate of 31.32%. We tried to reason with many possibilities as to why it has so many dislikes. Finally came to an assumption that it’s the adults who are perhaps tired of listening to the song continuously. All thanks to the children around them.

5. YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record

It looks like YouTube has its ears and eyes open and did a thorough evaluation of why they got so many dislikes for YouTube Rewind 2018. YouTube Rewind 2019 indeed had significant improvements with the better theme, a better storytelling and presentation method.

The video had a shorter duration with good attention-grabbing content, and thankfully they avoided using cringe content. But after all these efforts, why did it garner 9.32 million dislikes? Guess the saying is right, “First impression is the last impression.”

6. Johny Johny Yes Papa- LooLoo Kids

It will be a lie if some of us refuse to have never heard of this song. Johny Johny Yes, Papa, was every kid’s go-to rhyme song, which everyone loved. There is a saying, “Too much is not good,” which must have happened to this song. Since it is very catchy, it must have gone to the repeat mode, making it not so favorable, especially to adults’ ears. Hence, this song’s fond memories turned into tragedy with more than 6.60 million dislikes and a dislike rate of 40.03%.

7. Learning Colors Multi-Colored Eggs on the Farm- Miroshka TV

The intention behind making this video may be right, but many viewers surely didn’t get the message. This Russian cartoon video is an educational video for children to teach them about colors. The video indeed did the job, but it is the animation that needs some reasoning.

The animated objects are cartoon eggs with creepy smiles, which can give even adults nightmares. One can’t ignore the weird choreography the eggs were doing, along with smashing themselves against each other. No wonder this video received 6.97 dislikes along with a dislike rate of 39.92%.

8. Bath Song- CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Is it a personal thing that most of the dislikes are towards children-oriented videos? In defense, this song has the same music tune as Baby Shark, which explains the dislikes. Watching this video is like watching a film. In the beginning, everything seems smooth, but when you reach the climax, it’s a copy-paste of another movie. It is a buzz kill. This video was released in May 2018 and gathered 5.60 million dislikes with 39.77% dislike rates.

9. Vitão, Luìsa Sonza- Flores

This Brazilian music video was out in June 2020 and accumulated more dislikes than likes. It received a total of 5.4 million dislikes and a dislike rate of 68.98% for this video. The video consists more of twerking rather than the song. We finally came to a common conclusion that the dislikes are from those who are not a fan of twerking or can’t twerk.

10. Can this video get 1 million dislikes?- PewDiePie

If you are a massive fan of PweDiePie, you have contributed to making his wish come true by hitting the dislike button. The title of the video itself explains the whole idea behind making this video. This video has gathered not1 million but 5.14 million dislikes with a dislike rate of 93.78%. All the fans of PewDiePie out there deserve a pat. I hope that you liked reading our content and not dislike it, “pun intended.”