Marlo Thomas Net Worth – A Famous Star in “That Girl”

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Stage Name Marlo Thomas
Legal Name Margaret Julia Thomas
Date of Birth 21 November 1937
Gender Female
Height 5,4 ft (162cm)
Marlo Thomas Net Worth           $150 million
Profession Actress, Social Activist                    
Nationality American

Who Is Marlo Thomas?

marlo thomas net worth

Marlo Thomas is an American actress that is famous for her acting in the popular sitcom “That Girl”. Then, the show was on television from 1966 to 1971.

For her works in the Television industry, Marlo Thomas has received several important awards. Likewise, she got a total of four honors.

Further, they were three times Primetime Emmy Awards, one-time Daytime Emmy Award, one Peabody Award, and a Golden Globe.

Additionally, she has a great successful career in the TV industry as an author, a producer, and a social activity.

Meanwhile, her name is in the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame for her astonishing work in the industry.

Therefore, it affects Marlo Thomas net worth at all costs.

  • Her legal name is Margaret Julia Thomas.
  • She was born on 21 November 1937.
  • Marlo Thomas is a female actress and her height is 5.4 feet (162cm). Meanwhile, she weighs 123 lbs (56 kg).
  • Marlo Thomas is American.
  • As mentioned, Marlo Thomas is best known for her performance on a popular sitcom from 1966 to 1971. Then, she received a Grammy Award for a children’s album she released.

Early Life Of Marlo Thomas

Margaret Julia Thomas was born in Detroit. Then, she was raised in Beverly Hills. She was the daughter of Rose Marie Cassaniti and Danny Thomas.

Furthermore, Marlo Thomas’ brother is Tony Thomas and her sister is Terre.

When she was a child, Marlo was supposed to be called “Margo”. However, many people mispronounced it as “Marlo”.

Subsequently, she got her stage name, Marlo Thomas.

Margaret attended Marymount High School. Then, she graduated from Southern California University.

Personal Life

Firstly, Marlo Thomas was in a long relationship with Herb Gardner. Otherwise, in 1980, she married Phil Donahue, a TV Talkshow host.

They both met on the show when Marlo appeared as the guest.

From the previous marriage, Donahue has 5 kids. Thus, that made Marlo Thomas a stepmother of five. Otherwise, in an interview, she chose to be their friend.

Finally, the friendship went stronger throughout the years.

Marlo Thomas’s Career

As the big part of Marlo Thomas net worth, she has had a great acting career since his youth. Likewise, in her early career, Thomas appeared in many TV programs.

For instance, her programs included Bonanza, Ben Casey, Arrest and Trial, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, and many others.

Furthermore, in 1965, she was among the main cast of Barefood in the Park. It is the London production of Neil Simon.

Marlo Thomas Acting Career

When Marlo Thomas starred in a pilot in 1965, she got the attention of network programming executives.

After they met, she gave them a story idea for a series. Then, the concept evolved into the sitcom “That Girl”.

Moreover, Marlo Thomas played Ann Marie, the main character that struggles to be an actress. It became the first TV show that focused on a single woman who works and lives by herself.

Further, it paved a way for many similar things to come.

The series aired a total of 136 episodes (1966 to 1971). Afterward, the TV ratings were so good and solid at that time.

However, she decided to end the show in 1971. Indeed, the decision is made by herself because she was the producer.

After “That Girl”, she continued to grow Marlo Thomas net worth. She also starred in a TV movie. Besides, Marlo Thomas released a children’s book in 1972.

After that, her career in the industry is more about guest appearances in many series and movies. Meanwhile, as an author, she published 7 best-selling books throughout the years.

Marlo Thomas Movies & Tv Shows

Some of the most notable Marlo Thomas appearances in Movies and TV Shows are Jenny (1970), Starstruck (1999), The Female Brain (2017), and Ocean’s 8 (2018).

Meanwhile, the others were 10 Episodes in The Joey Bishop Show (1961 – 1962), All Episodes in That Girl (1966 – 1971), and Nobody’s Child (1986).

She was nominated for Golden Globe Award for her performance in “Jenny”. Besides, Marlo Thomas became the Outstanding Lead Actress in the series “Nobody’s Child”.

It was from the Primetime Emmy Award. In addition, there are several other awards and nominations she received.

Marlo Thomas Net Worth

According to records, Marlo Thomas net worth has reached $150 million this year. Indeed, that is a combined wealth with her husband, Phil Donahue.

However, her own net worth would be around $40 million.

  • Besides acting and producing, Marlo Thomas net worth is from her businesses. Hence, her book royalties and appearances in shows affect her earnings. Furthermore, she actively manages her father’s research hospital.
  • With her husband, she sold a house in Westport, Connecticut. Furthermore, the price went over $28 million in the market. Currently, they still live in Beverly Hills mansion.
  • In Marlo Thomas net worth, she would make at least $35 million per year.
  • Indeed, the St Jude hospital that she is currently running will receive about $2.6million in funding every day.
  • She still makes money by appearing in shows and events. Meanwhile, for her hospital, Marlo gets it by fundraising.
  • She is still active as a Social activist. Thus, Marlo Thomas net worth would still be growing.
  • Marlo Thomas is doing great now. Likewise, she is still in an active mode to raise funding for the St Jude Children’s research hospital.