Kimbo Slice Net Worth: A Fighter Scarier than Mike Tyson

Kimbo Slice net worth is still interesting to talk about even though this fighter has passed away. Additionally, some of you might do not know him.

However, for martial arts lovers, it is obvious that everyone knows who he is.

Not because of his achievements, he is remembered. But, where Kimbo Slice came from, people always talk about it.

So, keep on scrolling down for further explanation.


Stage Name Kimbo Slice
Legal Name Kevin Ferguson
Date of Birth February 8th, 1974
Gender Male
Height 6 ft  (188 cm)
Kimbo Slice Net Worth           $500 
Profession Martial artist, professional wrestler, boxer, and actor          
Nationality Bahamian 

Who is Kimbo Slice? (Biography)

kimbo slice net worth

Well, martial arts lovers must have known that Kimbo Slice is not only famous for a mixed martial artist but also as a skillful boxer and wrestler.

In addition, it turned out he has starred in several Hollywood movies including Blood and Bone (2009), Circle of Pain (2010), Locked Down (2010), and others.

Thus, Kimbo Slice net worth was increasing because he was also an actor apart from a fighter.

Legal Name & Stage Name

Legal Name: Kevin Ferguson

Stage Name: Kimbo Slice

Date of Birth

February 8th, 1974

Gender & Height

Male, 6 feet (188 cm)



What is Kimbo Slice Best Known for?

Kimbo Slice who kept his body to be truly shredded and imposing size supported him to get a job as a bouncer.

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From all the jobs he did, he got paid and this was where he started to accumulate Kimbo Slice net worth.

As ABC News stated, in 2003, in a video Kimbo Slice appeared beating up a neighborhood bully in the outside boxing fight.

In addition, his pal positioned the video up on the net and it became a viral hit. It was not lengthy earlier than these taped fights had become a regular aspect for him.

Furthermore, because of the accidents that he would provide his warring parties, his fans began calling him “Slice”.

Thus, the name “Slice” was taken by him and mixed with the nickname that he had already gotten since he was a child.

So, the complete name became “Kimbo Slice”. In short, he was a great guy who had a code of honor that he would observe to a tee.

Moreover, if we look at the matches and championships he had gone through, it’s no surprise, Kimbo Slice net worth was on the rise.

Early life of Kimbo Slice

Kevin Ferguson is also known as Kimbo Slice was born in Nassau. Additionally, he and his family decided to move to America together.

In addition, he attended numerous schools. Furthermore, his first fight happened at the age of thirteen, when he needed to protect a pal.

After all, he once made some jobs such as limousine motive force, bodyguard, and a nightclub bouncer.

Thus, these jobs also helped add to Kimbo Slice net worth coffers.


Firstly, Kimbo registered at Bel-Air Elementary School. Then, he studied in different places for his middle level.

Initially, he joined Cutler Ridge Middle School.

Besides, Kimbo Slice attended the Richmond Heights Middle School.  After graduating, he studied at Miami Palmetto.

Additionally, at Miami Palmetto High School, he played football as a middle linebacker.

Further, after this fighter finished his study at the University of Miami, he joined Bethune-Cookman University.

Personal Life (Family, Spouse, Kids)

Well, Kimbo Slice was in a relationship with Antoinette Ray. In addition, they had blessed six children before their special day happened.

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They had been planning to get married; but, Slice passed away earlier than the wedding might want to take place.

Kimbo Slice’s Career

Kimbo Slice started his career by taking component in an unofficial mutual fight street fight.

Initially, he got the name “Slice” because, in a stage of combat, he left a scar on his opponent’s right eye.

Therefore, the fight went viral on the internet at that time.

After he evolved a liking for MMA, in 2005, he started his martial arts schooling at the Freestyle Fighting Academy.

Meanwhile, his first fight was against Ray Mercer.

This fight was held on June 23rd, 2007. In addition, Kimbo Slice defeated Ray Mercer in the first round.

After all, Slice repeatedly appeared to defeat his opponent and held the title as the winner.

Gradually, his fan base began to grow.

Football Career

Kimbo Slice became a professional boxer. However, when he was at school, he used to play football so was at college.

Kimbo Slice Boxing Career

Well, in August 2010, Kimbo Slice first revealed his dream to be a competitive boxer.

Roy Jones agreed to fight against him before everything however later said Kimbo might want several expert boxing suits earlier than dealing with him.

On 13th August 2011, he first did his professional boxing debut versus James Wade.

Meanwhile, on 15th October 2011, he then completed a win against one of the best boxers, Tay Bledsoe.

Moreover, on December 30th that year, he finished victory towards Charles Hackmann through a unanimous choice.

Kimbo Slice UFC

UFC invited Kimbo after EliteXC stopped its operations. Kimbo then commenced practicing beneath former UFC opponents, Quinton Jackson, and Rashad Evans.

Soon after, he made his debut towards Roy Nelson, no matter being the primary choice for all the judges of UFC.

Additionally, on December 5, 2009, he fought against Houston Alexander in the catch-weight category.

All in all, he won the match via unanimous decision.

After that, on May 8, 2010, he did his first PPV debut at UFC 113 heavyweight versus one of the victorious UFC fighters, Matt Mitrione.

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He misplaced the match in the 2d round. On the very subsequent day, UFC released him alongside Paul Daley.

Kimbo Slice Net Worth

As a fighter, he earned a terrific quantity of earnings. Kimbo Slice net worth is about $500 thousand.


Apparently, he did not run any business during his lifetime.

Real Estate (Mansion/House/Home/Apartment)

Furthermore, this fighter lived in a house for $525,000 in Coral Springs Florida. Hence, it was a part of Kimbo Slice net worth.

Sports Cars / Yacht / Vehiclesthe

There is no valid information that Kimbo Slice’s collection of cars, but a source stated that he once was homeless that slept on his car before turning into a legendary.

How Much Kimbo Slice Make Per Year? (Salary / Earning / Income)

  • Kimbo Slice Net worth: $500
  • Salary: to be updated
  • Source of Income: martial artist, professional wrestler, boxer, and actor

How did Kimbo Slice Make Money?

After reducing his football profession, Slice started the use of his length and strength for other jobs.

Besides, he became a bouncer and a bodyguard before he began making outdoor brawling films.

The payment from these jobs was also a part of Kimbo Slice net worth.

Then Slice turned into no longer the handiest dominant fighter whom simplest had one recorded loss on the time.

However, he turned into additionally an up-and-coming promoter as well.

Kimbo Slice Net Worth when He Died

By the time that he died, Kimbo Slice net worth was approximately $500,000.

Is Kimbo Slice Retired?

If he was still alive, perhaps he would still continue the career he used to do in his lifetime.

What Is Kimbo Slice Doing Now?

Unfortunately, Kimbo Slice was reportedly passed away on June 6th, 2016 due to heart failure.

He just turned 42 years old when he passed away.

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