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Judge Mathis Net Worth, The Popular Court Show Presenter

Judge Gregory Ellis Mathis is formally known in public as Judge Mathis, a former Michigan 36th District Court Judge, and television star. Judge Mathis net worth is calculated to be around $20 million.

Summary Table
Stage Name Judge Mathis
Legal Name Gregory Ellis Mathis
Date of Birth April 5, 1960
Gender Male
Height 5’9″ (1.80 m)
Net Worth $20 million
Salary / earning / income per year
Profession Judge, Presenter, Writer, and Actor.
Nationality American

Read this article further to know more about Judge Mathis net worth and his story before the popular TV show.

Getting Familiar with Judge Mathis

  • Legal Name & Stage Name:
    • Judge Mathis’s legal name is Gregory Ellis Mathis.
    • However, his stage name in public is Judge Mathis.
  • Date of Birth: Judge Gregory Mathis was born in Michigan, US, on April 5, 1960.
  • Gender & Height:
    • Gregory Ellis Mathis is a male television presenter and judge.
    • His body measurement is 180 lbs with a height of 5’9″.
  • Nationality: Born in a part of Michigan called Detroit, Mathis’s nationality is American.
  • What is Judge Mathis Best Known for?
    • He is publicly known as the presenter of Judge Mathis show.
    • However, he is also best known to be the youngest elected judge in the history of Michigan and being in the first position of any African American presiding as a court show judge.
    • Further, he is behind Judge Judy in terms of the second position of the longest-serving television arbitrator.

Story life of Judge Mathis

The early life of Judge Mathis is somewhat difficult. Born in Michigan, his parents are Charles Mathis and Alice Lee Mathis. Judge Greg Mathis is the last child of four brothers. He and his other brothers were taken care of alone by his struggling mother after the divorce. Growing up tough, he was a delinquent teenager and became a member of one of the Detroit gangs. Subsequently, he was arrested several times during the 70s. During his serving time in prison, he was told by his mom that she was diagnosed with cancer. This is the turning point in life that truly changed him afterward.

  • Education

After he was released from prison, he continued going to school while working in a fast-food restaurant. Thereupon, he attended Eastern Michigan University and became curious about public administration and politics. For other activities, he joined campus activists and organized many demonstrations against Apartheid policies. Later on, he attended the University of Detroit Mercy to study Law.

  • Personal life

Judge Mathis’s marital status is married to his beloved wife, Linda Reese for 25 years. They met shortly after his mother passed away. The couple had four children named Greg Jr., Jade, Camara, and Amir Mathis. The two of their children, Camara and Jade followed their father and studied law.

Judge Mathis’s Career

Over the course of his career, Judge Mathis received a salary or income from his work in a television show and court. However, his story began a long way before that. Following his graduation from Eastern Michigan, he began studying law at the University of Detroit and was recruited as an assistant to a city council member. In 1988 Mathis successfully finished law school and passed the bar exam. By then, he was still involved with activism and became the co-founder of Young Adults Asserting Themselves (YAAT) to guide at-risk teens to find jobs.

Judge Mathis’s career started to escalate when he became an attorney in 1993. A year later, he run for a position on the bench of the 36th District Court, where he also became the youngest elected judge in the history of Michigan. His achievement is becoming an inspiration to all the black children that they can achieve what they want. Spending three years as a judge, his motivational story inspired a musical play called Inner City Miracle. 

In 1998, Judge Mathis was offered by Warner Brothers Domestic TV for his show that debuted on some stations across the US a year later. Plaintiffs in Chicago’s small-claims court were given the chance to allow Judge Mathis to decide their case on TV. Thereafter, Judge Mathis, the reality-based court TV show, became the only one with an hour’s length for the duration. Throughout his career, he received Daytime Emmy and NAACP Image Award. Every achievement, accolades, and success that exist contribute to Judge Mathis net worth. As he became the prominent role model, he was honored with a street that was named after him, Mathis Avenue.

Judge Mathis Net Worth

Judge Mathis net worth is estimated at roughly $20 million.

  • Businesses

Judge Mathis net worth from business is indeterminate because he does not own any side businesses besides his current occupation.

  • Real estate

Judge Mathis net worth from real estate is $1.9 million, which he bought in 2011. It was such a huge estate with six bathrooms and five bedrooms in 6.400 square feet.

  • Vehicles

Even though there is no report about Judge Mathis net worth from cars or any vehicles, it was reported that he own a Rolls-Royce in 2019.
  • How much Judge Mathis make per year?

Unfortunately the information about Judge Mathis net worth per year is unavailable at this point.

  • How much does Judge Mathis make per episode?

There is no official information about Judge Mathis net worth or salary per episode. Nevertheless, it was reported that his estimated net worth is $5 million per year for his performance on the court show “Judge Mathis”.

  • How does Judge Mathis make money?

Judge Mathis net worth or wealth came from his work in the court since his early career. However, the majority of his wealth was from the show, Judge Mathis. 

What Is Judge Mathis Concern now?

There is a rumor back in 2018 about Judge Mathis plan to leave the TV show and run for congress. Despite that, he is not retired at the moment and still running the 23rd season of the Judge Mathis show.

He is living his life with his beloved wife and the family, watching his kids following his successful steps, and continuing the TV show that brought his name around the country. In addition, he still actively communicates with people through social media.