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Adam Carolla Net Worth – Radio Show Host, and Record-Breaking Podcaster

Many people are curious about Adam Carolla net worth. Thus, this page is the right place to get more about it.

Furthermore, we are about to reveal all of the information of his biography, wealth, earnings, and many more.


Stage Name Adam Carolla
Legal Name Adam Carolla
Date of Birth May 27, 1964
Gender Male
Height 6,2 ft (188 cm)
Adam Carolla Net Worth           $20 million
Profession Podcaster, Radio personality, Host, Comedian, Actor          
Nationality United States of America

Getting Familiar with Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla is a popular radio personality, TV presenter, actor, podcaster, and comedian.

He is famous due to “The Adam Carolla Show”. Also, it is the most popular podcast to download in the world.

Subsequently, this program was recognized by the Guinness World Records in the year of 2011.

Besides, many people also know him from several other shows such as “Loveline” and “The Man Show”, “The Adam Carolla Project”, and “The Car Show”.

Further, in 2008, he became one of the participants in “Dancing with the Stars”, a competition that was shown on TV.

Additionally, Adam Carolla released “In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks”. In 2010, this book was listed in the Best Seller list by The New York Times.

His second book also got the bestseller status. Then, he made many appearances as a guest on political talk shows.

  • Legal Name & Stage Name: Adam Carolla
  • Date Of Birth: May 27, 1964
  • Gender & Height: Male, 6,2 feet (188 cm)
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • What Is Adam Carolla Best Known For?
    • He is a famous host and co-host of several popular talk shows. Then, 10 years ago, the Adam Carolla Show was the most-downloaded podcast.
    • Before that, Carolla became famous for his hist radio show called “Loveline” and several other shows. Hence, all of those programs are what grow Adam Carolla net worth.

Life Story Of Adam Carolla

adam carolla net worth

Adam Carolla’s parents are Jim and Kriss Carolla. Then, his birthplace was in Los Angeles Country California.

However, when Adam was still young, his parents got divorced.


Adam Carolla attended Colfax Elementary School. Then, he continued his study at Walter Reed.

Furthermore, he was a member of the Football team for seven years while studying in high school. Adam loved sports because it saved him from his chaotic life at home.

He studied in North Hollywood High School before going to college at lost Angeles Valley community college.

There was also a time in the 90s when Adam Carolla studied improvisational comedy.

Personal Life

In 2002, Adam Carolla had a marriage with Lynette Paradise. After that, their twins, Santino and Natalia, were born.

However, they both divorced in 2021 after being married for 19 years.

Adam Carolla’s Career

It was in 1994 when Carolla helped Jimmy Kimmel to prepare for a boxing match in KROQ-FM’s morning program titled “Kevin and Bean”.

Likewise, he became friends with Kimmel and also a recurring role in the Radio program.

In 1995, Carolla co-hosted an evening radio call-in show called “Loveline”. After that, due to being the funny side of the show, the program made its debut on TV.

Finally, Adam Carolla hosted the “Loveline” on MTV from 1996 to 2000.

While hosting the program, he began a TV series on Comedy Central along with Jimmy Kimmel. The show is called “The Man Show”.

Further, it was broadcasted on the channel from 1999 to 2003. In 2005, Adam Carolla hosted a morning radio show.

However, it was only running for about 4 years. Then, he started his podcast named after the radio show “The Adam Carolla Podcast”.

Initially, on February 23, 2009, he released the first episode of his daily podcast. It became a huge hit.

Therefore, during the first and second week, they got downloaded by millions of people. It received an award by iTunes as the Best Podcast of 2009.

Moreover, from 2009 to the present, Adam Carolla took part in many kinds of shows and programs.

Carolla was one of the contestants in a reality show on TV. For instance, they are the Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars.

Besides, he even hosted several unique reality shows on cables. Thereupon, Adam Carolla net worth starts growing due to these jobs.

Adam Carolla Net Worth

We know that this man took part in many programs. His role in most of them is hosting. Likewise, Adam Carolla net worth could be quite high.

Moreover, according to data, it is around $20 million.

  • Adam Carolla Net Worth from Businesses

Adam Carolla has a podcast that uploads episodes every day. Thus, it belongs to his business.

Adam Carolla net worth mostly comes from his daily show. Therefore, he made a deal with the platform and advertisers that own the right of publishing his podcast.

On his website,, people can buy merchandise. That is also part of his business.

Meanwhile, appearing on other shows or events will gain him the earnings which fill up the Adam Carolla net worth.

  • Real Estate

Based on the Data on The Richest website, Adam Carolla owns a house in La Canada Flintridge. It is a property with a 2,300 ft land size.

Besides, it comes in contemporary style which is worth more than $7 million.

Within the same location, Carolla also has a 1950’s ranch-style house worth $1,8 million. Additionally, in Hollywood Hills, he owns a house that is listed for $4,8 million.

Still, probably, several other properties have not been revealed.

  • Vehicles

Adam Carolla hosted a car show. He is also a series car collecter. Further, this podcaster has over 20 cars.

That collection includes Lamborghinis, Aston Martin, Ferrari, and some rare cars. Those are definitely part of this year’s Adam Carolla net worth.

  • How Much Adam Carolla Make Per Year?

In 2019, Adam Carolla’s earnings are nearly $2 million. That is only the data from his Youtube earnings and the property assets.

Otherwise, there is no information for other possible salaries. In 2018 only, he purchased a house that is worth over $7 million.

  • How Does Adam Carolla Make Money?

Apparently, he is making money by producing podcast episodes, guest-appearing on shows, and other businesses that are going to grow Adam Carolla net worth.

Is Adam Carolla Still Around Now?

Adam Carolla is still an active podcaster. Hence, you can check his daily podcast show on iTunes and other platforms.

Moreover, his team always updates something on the website and social network.

You can check on Adam Carolla’s Youtube Channel. There will be new episodes. Then, you can watch the show and enjoy his conversation with guest stars.

So, what is he doing now? Well, he must be recording the show to fill up Adam Carolla net worth.