Jesse Itzler Net Worth – Success Story of a Brilliant Entrepreneur

You may only know this rapper and entrepreneur at glance. But, you do not know Jesse Itzler net worth.

Furthermore, this page is going to present detailed information about Jesse Itzler’s success story.

Summary Table:

Stage Name Jesse Itzler
Legal Name Jesse Eric Itzler
Gender Male 
Date of Birth 22nd August 1968
Height 6 feet (183 cm)
Net Worth $250 million
Salary/ Earning/ Income per year                  $ 5 million
Profession Rapper, Songwriter, Entrepreneur                     
Nationality American

Who is Jesse Itzler?jessie itzler net worth

24life.comJesse Itzler is widely known as a rapper and successful entrepreneur. Instead of his popular music work, the public also recognizes him because he owns many companies.

  • The real name of this rapper is Jesse Eric Itzler. But, people call him Jesse Itzler.
  • Jesse Itzler was born in 1968. Then, he celebrates his birthday every 22nd August.
  • Jesse Itzler is a male. He is 6 feet (183 cm) tall. Besides, his weight is 167 lbs (76 kg).
  • Since Jesse was born in Roslyn, New York, his nationality is American.

What is Jesse Itzler Best Known for?

Jesse Itzler is famous as a leading entrepreneur. Besides, he becomes part of various business ventures.

For instance, some of them are Sheets Energy Strips and Alphabet City Sports Records. In addition, he owns an NBA team named Atlanta Hawks.

Furthermore, Jesse is a famous rapper and producer. Likewise, his career in music is so amazing.

Thus, due to his success in business and music career, many people are curious about Jesse Itzler net worth.

Early Life of Jesse Itzler

Jesse Itzler was raised in a Jewish family. His father is Daniel Itzler, an innovative person. Meanwhile, his mother is Elise Itzler.

There is no information about Jesse Itzler’s high school. However, he attended the American University.

In 2008, Jesse Itzler married Sara Blakely who is an entrepreneur. Then, they have four kids.

Jesse Itzler’s Career

While starting his career, Jesse Itzler got his first contract from Delicious Vinyl. Otherwise, this man used Jessey Jaymes as his stage name when he released the first album.

Besides, his entrepreneurship career was begun in 1996. Thereupon, he can achieve success and fame in these career fields.

No doubt, Jesse Itzler net worth can grow bigger.

Jesse Itzler Music Career

Jesse Itzler released his first album, Thirty Footer in Your Face in 1991. Then, in 1992, he successfully launched a single entitled Shake it Like a White Girl.

He also wrote songs for the NBA team, New York Knicks. Hence, this song was so popular that Jesse can achieve more recognition.

Subsequently, he created some songs for other sports teams.

For instance, several NBA songs written by Jesse Itzler are I Love This Game and Inside the NBA. Jesse can receive Emmy Award for this song.

Instead of writing a song campaign for Coca-Cola, he created another one for Foot Locker. Therefore, his success as a songwriter and producer increases Jesse Itzler net worth.

Jesse Itzler Entrepreneur Career

His career as an entrepreneur was started in 1996. He was the co-founder of Alphabet City Sports Records.

However, he sold this firm in 1998.

Then, in 2001, he established Marquis Jet. This firm was very successful as the top private jet company.

Otherwise, in 2009, Berkshire Hathaway bought Marquis Jet. Meanwhile, in 2015, Jesse Itzler was the owner of Atlanta Hawks, an NBA team.

Moreover, considering his success as an entrepreneur, it is not surprising that Jesse Itzler net worth is fantastic.

Jesse Itzler Net Worth

Indeed, regarding his accomplishment in music and entrepreneurship career, Jesse Itzler net worth is estimated at $250 million.

Likewise, this wealth amount is fair as he has worked hard in establishing a career in the music and business industry.

Therefore, since he becomes one of the most brilliant entrepreneur in music, it is not shocking that Jeese Itzler net worth is so big.

Further, his talent and passion for the music industry bring success to him. No doubt, his success story is so inspiring for the public.


Running some businesses increases Jesse’s income. No doubt, the salary he got from business can be the main source of Jesse Itzler net worth.

This man was the owner of Sheets Energy Strips. In addition, he was also the founder of Marquis Jet, 100 Mile Group, and Alphabet City Sports Records.

This brand partnered with Zico Coconut Water. But, in 2012, Coca-Cola purchased this company.

Besides, Jesse Itzler owns a professional basketball team, Atlanta Hawks.

Real Estate

As the amount Jesse Itzer net worth is impressive, it is easy for him to have property investment.

Subsequently, this entrepreneur has a luxurious house in the Boca Raton community at Andrews Country Club.

He also has a primary residence in Wurtsboro, New York.

How Much Jesse Itzler Make per Year?

Indeed, Jesse Itzler can earn $5 million in income per year. Still, this huge income is from the companies he owns.

Thus, with the incredible salary he earns, no doubt Jesse Itzler net worth can skyrocket.

How Does Jesse Itzler Make Money?

Jesse Itzler net worth

Jesse Itzler accumulates his net worth from several sources. Furthermore, he is a great rapper and music producer.

Besides, he becomes a successful entrepreneur. Hence, from these professional sectors, he can earn millions of dollars per year.

Additionally, his collaboration with famous brands such as Coca-Cola and Foot Locker also contributes to Jesse Itzler net worth.

Is Jesse Itzler Retired?

Jesse Itzler may be retired from the entertainment industry. Still, nobody knows about his next music project.

However, he is still active in running his business.

Moreover, Jesse Itzler often appears as a keynote speaker and coach in various workshops. Then, he shares his success story to motivate other people.

The aim of his coaching program is not only to improve the business but also to enhance mindset and well-being.